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Session Start: Sun 30-Jul-2006 20:36:16
[20:36] now talking in channel #ed
[20:36] Topic is 'It is Spectaculaire! Associating sex appeal,
productivity, talents of hakor and social aptitudes and in social science.
Girlvinyl ensures a management of quality, assisted by are team
sorted on the shutter.'
[20:36] Set by ajt at Sun Jul 30 19:38:49 2006
[20:36] <ajt> mostly
[20:36] <Sheneequa> logan: yes, otherkin are EVEN crazier
[20:36] <ajt> Samsara: wb
[20:36] <nets_awesome> thankfully i got over it
[20:36] <Samsara> Furries amuse me when they edit the furry article
[20:36] <Riboflavin> Samsara: Typhon is here
[20:36] <Typhon> You used something with out permission to make your
case, when your own website says you remove articles that do.  Since you
folks do not do that your all hypocrites and worse then how you make
out anyone to be.  You want to prove your point show better moral
[20:36] <Sheneequa> logan: see their article
[20:36] <Sheneequa> s
[20:36] <nets_awesome> but now im diagnosed with terminal otakukin
[20:36] <sherrod> logan: they are both deserving of being
systematically destroyed, so yes.
[20:36] <Samsara> Typhon we steal lots of pics
[20:36] <ajt> Typhon: please provide links
[20:36] <ajt> Typhon: please provide links
[20:36] <ajt> Typhon: please provide links
[20:36] <Speedycat> Typhon: O noes, gonna call an E-Lawyer?
[20:36] <logan> oh, i know an other kin irl
[20:36] <Riboflavin> ARE FURRIES NOTABLE?
[20:36] <logan> its baddddddd
[20:36] <Sheneequa> YOU'RE
[20:36] <Sheneequa> YOU'RE
[20:36] <ajt> Typhon: where is the <img> from
[20:36] <Sheneequa> YOU'RE
[20:36] <Sheneequa> YOU'RE
[20:36] <Sheneequa> YOU'RE
[20:36] <Sheneequa> YOU'RE
[20:37] <ajt> LINKS!!!
[20:37] <ajt> YOU ARE
[20:37] <ajt> YOU ARE
[20:37] <ajt> YOU ARE
[20:37] <ajt> Riboflavin: LOL ILU
[20:37] <Samsara> Typhon, your edits to the furry article weren't as
entertaining as it was before
[20:37] <oopszie> otherkin are nuts, but since they don't have sex in
fursuits, I don't know if they're worse than furries
[20:37] <Sheneequa> Furries are nn, del
[20:37] <Samsara> You have to make it more entertaining
[20:37] <Typhon> ajt: WHy should I show links when Samsara already
admited to it.
[20:37] <Sheneequa> are you kidding me
[20:37] <Sheneequa> they were hilarious
[20:37] <nets_awesome> i know that in a past life i was Professor Snape
[20:37] <Samsara> Otherkin nuts?  Otakin think they're harry potter
[20:37] <ajt> Typhon: fuck you, fork dick and give me a link
[20:37] <logan> hay
[20:37] <sherrod> Typhon: You aren't making any goddamn sense.
[20:37] <Sheneequa> Typhon: Samsara is not a sysop
[20:38] <Sheneequa> provide links you lazy bitch
[20:38] <Speedycat> Now this is a story all about how my
[20:38] <Speedycat> Life got flipped turned upside down
[20:38] <Speedycat> And I'd like to take a minute just sit right there
[20:38] <Speedycat> I'll tell you how I become the prince of a town
called Bel-Air
[20:38] <logan> Typhon: ALT + F4
[20:38] <ajt> LOL
[20:38] <sherrod> jsad;lf;lsd;alskfa;ks Speedycat
[20:38] <nets_awesome> when the series came out, i suddenly remembered
that i was snape
[20:38] <ajt> Speedycat for the win!
[20:38] <Samsara> ED's pics also come from 4chan
[20:38] <ajt> Speedycat: you are my new e-daddy
[20:38] <Speedycat> nets: You kill Dumbelldoor?
[20:38] <sherrod> Speedycat: if you have memes with pics, make sure to
put them on ED, we have a good limecat gallery, also raptorjesus and
some others.
[20:38] <Samsara> It's a free image board
[20:38] <Sheneequa> In west Philadelphia born and raised
[20:38] <Sheneequa> On the playground is where I spent most of my days
[20:38] <Sheneequa> Chillin' out, maxin', relaxin', all cool
[20:38] <Sheneequa> And all shootin' some b-ball outside of the school
[20:38] <Sheneequa> When a couple of guys they were up to no good
[20:38] <Sheneequa> Started makin' trouble in my neighborhood
[20:38] <Sheneequa> I got in one little fight and my mom got scared
[20:38] <Sheneequa> And said, "You're movin' with your auntie and uncle
in Bel-Air."
[20:38] <ajt> Typhon: if you are talkning images, where did they come
[20:39] <ajt> Typhon: if you are talkning images, where did they come
[20:39] <Speedycat> I whistled for a cab and when it came near
[20:39] <Speedycat> The license plate said fresh and it had dice in the
[20:39] <Speedycat> If anything I could say that this cab was rare
[20:39] <Speedycat> But I thought, "Nah, forget it. Yo home to
[20:39] <Sheneequa> I pulled up to the house about 7 or 8
[20:39] <Sheneequa> And I yelled to the cabby yo home smell ya later
[20:39] <Sheneequa> Looked at my kingdom I was finally there
[20:39] <Sheneequa> To sit on my throne as the prince of Bel-Air.
[20:39] <Samsara> There's a Habbo version of that song
[20:39] <Riboflavin> This is not the wikipedo-cabal. We reached our
furry quota  1 user ago
[20:39] <Sheneequa> that furry left
[20:39] <ajt> I always thought he said yo, holmes, to bell aire
[20:39] <sherrod> riboazn <3 hearties
[20:39] <Sheneequa> we need a permanent furry associate
[20:39] <logan> i get imgs from 4chan and others
[20:39] <ajt> Sheneequa: NEVER!
[20:39] <Speedycat> Ahh, Habbo. I miss the good 'ol days of invasion
[20:39] <ajt> Sheneequa: NEVER!
[20:39] <Typhon> ajt: Prove you have permission to post those images
[20:39] <Riboflavin> We had The Finn till WKD banned her
[20:39] <ajt> Typhon: what images
[20:39] <Samsara> We need another Habbo raid
[20:39] <Sheneequa> but they can quell the furlumanati!
[20:39] <ajt> hold on everyone
[20:40] <Speedycat> Typhon: DESU DESU DESU DESU
[20:40] <ajt> Typhon: what images?
[20:40] <ajt> Typhon: give me an image that is at ed
[20:40] <ajt> and I will tell you why
[20:40] <sherrod> Typhon: you have to be specific if you are lodging a
real complaint here.
[20:40] <Sheneequa> Speedycat: sadly, furries are all over 4chan
[20:40] <Samsara> Typhon read and then the two
raid links, it'll help you understand
[20:40] <ajt> just link us an img
[20:40] <Typhon> They ones your using to prove so called furry hate, as
well as any other hate on your website.
[20:40] <ajt> no no fag
[20:40] <ajt> I need a real URL
[20:40] <sherrod> Typhon: you do know the site is a parody site, yes?
[20:40] <Sheneequa> YOU'RE
[20:40] <Sheneequa> YOU'RE
[20:40] <Sheneequa> YOU'RE
[20:40] <Sheneequa> YOU'RE
[20:40] <logan> i would love another raid!
[20:40] <Sheneequa> YOU'RE
[20:40] <Sheneequa> YOU'RE
[20:40] <Sheneequa> YOU'RE
[20:40] <Sheneequa> YOU'RE
[20:40] <Sheneequa> YOU'RE
[20:40] <Sheneequa> YOU'RE
[20:40] <Sheneequa> YOU'RE
[20:40] <Sheneequa> YOU'RE
[20:40] <ajt> UNIVERAL
[20:40] <Speedycat> Sheneequa: This is true
[20:40] <ajt> RESOURCE
[20:40] <ajt> LOCATOR
[20:40] <Riboflavin> was our res.
[20:40] <Speedycat> logan: I KNOWZZ!!!!
[20:41] <oopszie> omg FURRY HATE
[20:41] <oopszie> FURSECUTION
[20:41] <Samsara> Typhon, it's not so much furry hate, it's making fun
of them.
[20:41] <Sheneequa> Finney is more of a webmaster for furries
[20:41] <sherrod> Typhon: please read this :
<Samsara> But a lot of people do hate furries
[20:41] <logan> Typhon: ALT + F4
[20:41] <logan> Typhon: ALT + F4
[20:41] <logan> Typhon: ALT + F4
[20:41] <ajt> Typhon: LINK ME AN IMG FILE
[20:41] <oopszie> it's furry hate for me
[20:41] <ajt> FAG
[20:41] logan was kicked by Sheneequa (no)
[20:41] <ajt> FURRY
[20:41] <Speedycat> lol page was edited again
[20:41] <sherrod> Typhon sucks because he types slow and is barely
[20:41] <ajt> LOL
[20:41] <Sheneequa> and calls us stupid ftw
[20:41] <Samsara> Typhon see
<Sheneequa> Samsara: <3
[20:41] <Riboflavin> This is the song that never ends!
[20:41] <ajt> oh shit
[20:41] <nets_awesome> samsara: lulz
[20:41] <Riboflavin> It just goes on and on my friend
[20:41] logan ([email protected])
has joined channel #ed
[20:41] *** 20:41:57 JOIN logan
[20:41] <ajt> Typhon: type faster
[20:42] <ajt> logan: re
[20:42] <Speedycat> ajt: YOu mean oh shi!
[20:42] <Riboflavin> Some people- started singing it not knowing what
it was
[20:42] spo ([email protected]) has joined channel #ed
[20:42] *** 20:42:09 JOIN spo
[20:42] <ajt> Speedycat: what?
[20:42] Sheneequa sets mode: +v spo
[20:42] <Riboflavin> and they'll keep on singing just because
[20:42] <nets_awesome> its the song that never ends
[20:42] <ajt> there are a lot of motherfucker up in the #Ed
[20:42] <Speedycat> ajt: You said "Oh shit" you should say "Oh shi-"
[20:42] <logan> some people started singing it not knowing what it was
[20:42] <ajt> Speedycat: ILU
[20:42] <Sheneequa> ajt: we hav friends!!!1
[20:42] <Samsara> Typhon, please make articles about Sibe and Divefox
[20:42] <Samsara> Typhon, please make articles about Sibe and Divefox
[20:42] JiZZy was kicked by ajt (LOL)
[20:42] JiZZy ([email protected]) has joined
channel #ed
[20:42] *** 20:42:44 JOIN JiZZy
[20:42] <sherrod> ok, there is too much shit going on, if people don't
calm down I am going to +m
[20:42] <sherrod> SO CHILL OUT
[20:42] JViz was kicked by Sheneequa (37 person limit)
[20:42] JViz ([email protected]) has
joined channel #ed
[20:42] *** 20:42:54 JOIN JViz
[20:42] <ajt> Typhon: Type daster
[20:42] <Typhon> alt: Watching you guys condrict each other is more fun
then constantly adding to a pointless conversation.
[20:43] <Sheneequa> sherrod: everyone being loud is an op
[20:43] <Sheneequa> and besides that everyone has voice
[20:43] <Samsara> Hmm we have Sibe
[20:43] <Samsara> Typhon, please make articles about Divefox
[20:43] <sherrod> Sheneequa: THEN I WILL KICK THEM AND ALSO REMOVE
[20:43] <Speedycat> Typhon: You just don't get ED, do you?
[20:43] <Sheneequa> ;_;
[20:43] <Sheneequa> sherrod: UR MEAN
[20:43] <sherrod> Sheneequa: FINALLY
[20:43] <ajt> Typhon:  you are a faggot
[20:43] <Typhon> ED?
[20:43] <Sheneequa> ajt: worse, he's a furry
[20:43] <Samsara> Typhon, please make articles about Divefox
[20:43] <sherrod> ED == encyclopediadramatica. It is an acronymn.
[20:43] <nets_awesome> samsara=was divefox the judge mathis furry?
[20:43] <ajt> Typhon: you are a faggot furry
[20:43] <logan> ED is for lulz not furries.
[20:43] <ajt> well look
[20:43] <ajt> I love gays
[20:43] <ajt> for real
[20:43] <Sheneequa> typhon: what is yoru fursona?
[20:43] <Sheneequa> your***
[20:43] <Samsara> fox probably
[20:43] <ajt> but a lot of people get really erked by the word
[20:43] <sherrod> yeah yeah
[20:43] <sherrod> what is the fursona?
[20:44] <Samsara> usually it's a fox
[20:44] <Sheneequa> fucking everyone's a fox
[20:44] <Samsara> never a skunk
[20:44] <Sheneequa> or a wolf
[20:44] <Speedycat> Fuck you I'm a dragon!
[20:44] <Sheneequa> everyone's a fox or wolf
[20:44] <nets_awesome> or a dragon
[20:44] <sherrod> sometimes i have seen skunks
[20:44] ajt is now known as FOX-LUVER-420
[20:44] <Samsara> I think the skunk was a parody
[20:44] <Sheneequa> dragons are otherkin
[20:44] <sherrod> fox, wolf, rabbits, cats ?
[20:44] <Typhon> Gryphon actually, to tell the truth, one of the most
unpopular ones is anything avain.
[20:44] <Speedycat> Samsara: ZIG ZAG
[20:44] <Typhon> Enjoy.
[20:44] <sherrod> are there a lot of cat furries?
[20:44] <sherrod> Typhon: YOU SAID YOU WERE NOT A FURRY
[20:44] <FOX-LUVER-420> Typhon: ENjoy WHAT?!
[20:44] <logan> prolly
[20:44] <Sheneequa> gryphon, so you're an otherkin
[20:44] <oopszie> see what happens when you buy your kid "inherit the
earth"?  he grows up into a fox fursona furry fag
[20:44] <FOX-LUVER-420> LOL
[20:44] <sherrod> Typhon IS A LIE
[20:44] <FOX-LUVER-420> Typhon LIES
[20:44] <Sheneequa> NO LYING ALLOWED
[20:44] <Speedycat> LOL interent
[20:45] <Sheneequa> Typhon: does this turn you on?
<FOX-LUVER-420> Typhon: I will kill your inner furry spirit guide
[20:45] <Samsara> Typhon, what's with this image:
<Sheneequa> Typhon: does this turn you on?
<Sheneequa> Typhon: does this turn you on?
<Sheneequa> Typhon: does this turn you on?
<Typhon> Also I am more a spiritualist, then anything else, with a
belive in spirit guides then some fursonia.
[20:45] <Sheneequa> Samsara: ...whoa
[20:45] <Sheneequa> looool
[20:45] <logan> HE'S A DRAGON!!!
[20:45] <FOX-LUVER-420> Typhon: you are more of a faggot furry
[20:45] <Samsara> I wanted him to analyze it
[20:45] <Sheneequa> Typhon I love you
[20:45] <Speedycat> Typhon: LOL, get back to your hug box
[20:45] <nets_awesome> Sheneequa: OMG i just came
[20:45] <Samsara> Typhon you know Taurin Fox?
[20:45] <Speedycat> Mmm, DRAMA IS GOOD
[20:45] <Sheneequa> Taurin Fox and I are BFF
[20:45] <Samsara> Typhon, explain please:
<Sheneequa> heartiez
[20:45] <Typhon> Samsara: Nope, never heard of him.
[20:46] <FOX-LUVER-420> That is Typhons sprit guide!
[20:46] <FOX-LUVER-420> Taurin FOX!
[20:46] <FOX-LUVER-420> Taurin FOX!
[20:46] <FOX-LUVER-420> Taurin FOX!
[20:46] <Speedycat> LOL
[20:46] <Sheneequa> LOL
[20:46] <Sheneequa> LOL DID WTF
[20:46] <FOX-LUVER-420> this is lol
[20:46] <Samsara> Taurin Fox is famous
[20:46] <sherrod> jesus christ
[20:46] <FOX-LUVER-420> LOL
[20:46] <FOX-LUVER-420> DID
[20:46] <FOX-LUVER-420> WTF
[20:46] <Sheneequa> ED DID FURROCAUST
[20:46] <FOX-LUVER-420> sherrod: ++
[20:46] <Typhon> URLS take me a while, I am on a satellite connection.
[20:46] <Sheneequa> sherrod: sry, IRC should be more serious
[20:46] <FOX-LUVER-420> Typhon: you are sooo gay
[20:46] <FOX-LUVER-420> it is criminal
[20:46] <Samsara> Typhon, may I ask, how did you find our website?
[20:46] <Speedycat> Typhon: Lol, hurry!
[20:46] <Samsara> google?
[20:46] <Sheneequa> Typhon: is MUCH meaner
to furries than we are, you should mess up that article
[20:46] <logan> LOLOLOOL
[20:46] <logan> GOOGLE
[20:47] <Typhon> Random search, I like to do that at times out of
[20:47] <FOX-LUVER-420> Sheneequa: I love that article!
[20:47] <sherrod> . /msg Typhon your computer is broadcasting an ip
address.... this means people on #ED can see where you live. Theydon't
seem to like you... I would recommend getting out of there quick!
[20:47] <Sheneequa> Typhon: is MUCH meaner
to furries than we are, you should mess up that article
[20:47] <oopszie> no don't show him!  he'll ruin
our secret furry hate site!
[20:47] <Sheneequa> sherrod: NO
[20:47] <Sheneequa> WHATRE YOU DOING
[20:47] <FOX-LUVER-420> oh shti
[20:47] <FOX-LUVER-420> NOT THAT!!!
[20:47] <nets_awesome> omg whyd u show him that
[20:47] <FOX-LUVER-420> oh shit
[20:48] <nets_awesome> now hes gonna fuck it up :(
[20:48] <FOX-LUVER-420> FUCK
[20:48] <Speedycat> LOL I clicked the link!
[20:48] <logan> :(
[20:48] <FOX-LUVER-420> d00d electric sheep is the win
[20:48] <logan> ABORT MISSION
[20:48] <FOX-LUVER-420> Speedycat: LOL U LOOSE
[20:48] <FOX-LUVER-420> LOOSER
[20:48] <FOX-LUVER-420> LOL
[20:48] <Samsara> Sherrod what's with
<nets_awesome> u lost the internets
[20:48] <Speedycat> Fox: I know :(
[20:48] <Samsara> Not the image, but the edits
[20:48] <Samsara> People uploaded the same file 5 ties
[20:48] <tehdely> It has been suggested that Series of tubes be merged
into this article or section. (Discuss)
[20:48] <Samsara> And it's view source
[20:48] <tehdely> lol [[Ted Stevens]] on TOW
[20:48] Riboflavin is now known as Prime_Minister_Chupacabra
[20:48] <sherrod> Samsara: people kepty trying to delete it I would
[20:48] <Samsara> Also I think the file name describes it good
[20:48] <logan> LOL
[20:49] <FOX-LUVER-420> A
[20:49] <Sheneequa> I saw pictures of Sonic and Tails having sex
[20:49] <FOX-LUVER-420> SERIES
[20:49] <FOX-LUVER-420> OF
[20:49] <FOX-LUVER-420> TUBES!
[20:49] <Speedycat> Sheneequa: I pity you poor man.
[20:49] <Typhon> Eh tell me something, why consintrate on the negative
if all it does is cause grief?  In my opinion there is enough of that
in the world as is.
[20:50] <sherrod> Samsara: soemone know who those people are and where
that was taken and why. If no one knows, we should describe what is
happening in the photo. Descriptions need to be written in a
google-friendly way. So something like 'furry hugging half naked teenager in hotel
room" would be best,.
[20:50] <FOX-LUVER-420> Typhon: quit being a faggot furry pussy
[20:50] <sherrod> Samsara: anything else is just bouns
[20:50] <Sheneequa> Typhon: It causes grief for YOU
[20:50] <Sheneequa> it causes LOL for us
[20:50] <FOX-LUVER-420> Sheneequa: LOL
[20:50] <Speedycat> Typhon: LOL You just don't get it!
[20:50] <FOX-LUVER-420> Typhon: are you dennis feltcho?
[20:50] sherrod sets mode: +o Typhon
[20:50] <Samsara> That's good.  I recommend changing hugging to
groping/molesting, taking innocence
[20:50] <FOX-LUVER-420> OH [email protected]!
[20:50] <Speedycat> Fox: that has to be it!
[20:50] <nets_awesome> its all for the greater glory of LOL
[20:50] <Typhon> For every one that wants to make there voice heard,
there are 30 more that think the same.
[20:50] <sherrod> Typhon: lets see if you use your power for GOOD OR
[20:50] <FOX-LUVER-420> sherrod: WHAT!"!>!<!<!
[20:50] <Sheneequa> FOX-LUVER-420: /kick sherrod
[20:51] <Samsara> Shen I uploaded one of that from a squid
[20:51] <Samsara> today
[20:51] <Sheneequa> Samsara: saw
[20:51] <Samsara> Fox-Lover are you a furry?
[20:51] <Samsara> Who are you on ED?
[20:51] <Sheneequa> that's joseph evers
[20:51] <Samsara> oh yeah
[20:51] <Sheneequa> Joseph Evers is a furry
[20:51] <tehdely> Joseph Evers is a bit kooky TBQH
[20:51] <FOX-LUVER-420> Sheneequa: YOU TAKE THAT BACK!
[20:51] <FOX-LUVER-420> TAKE IT BACK!
[20:51] <sherrod> Sheneequa: JE is not a furry
[20:51] <Samsara> We can't talk about it because of the non-disclosure
[20:51] <Prime_Minister_Chupacabra> I've been infeccted with the
[20:51] <tehdely> yeah
[20:51] <Sheneequa> I kid I kid
[20:52] <FOX-LUVER-420> ok
[20:52] <Sheneequa> Joseph Evers is an intellegent man
[20:52] <Speedycat> Prime: Kill yourself quick!
[20:52] <Samsara> Typhon do you like our site?
[20:52] <Sheneequa> Speedycat: lol tab complete
[20:52] <Sheneequa> Speedycat: lol tab complete
[20:52] <Sheneequa> Speedycat: lol tab complete
[20:52] <Typhon> You guys left out the larger furry websites in your
links btw.
[20:52] <sherrod> JE is alright, he leaves us alone mostly. As long as
the ads make money, we are good.
[20:52] <logan> he would know
[20:52] <sherrod> Typhon: then please add them... ?
[20:52] <Typhon> Samsara: Yes and no.
[20:52] <Sheneequa> sherrod: Our hard work got him a viper
[20:52] <sherrod> Sheneequa: wha/
[20:52] <sherrod> ?
[20:52] <Typhon> sherrod: They claim to know what they are doing, let
them add them.
[20:52] <FOX-LUVER-420> Typhon: yeah man, you can add links
[20:52] <Sheneequa> sherrod: the ad revenue recently got him a viper
[20:53] <tehdely> it's a wiki
[20:53] <Samsara> Whenever furries come and change the furry article
it's funny.  They don't realize this is a satire site
[20:53] <sherrod> Typhon: its a wiki, you dumbass
[20:53] <Prime_Minister_Chupacabra> Sheneequa: Damb
[20:53] <sherrod> Sheneequa: where did you see that?
[20:53] <tehdely> edit it yourself; that's the idea!
[20:53] * sherrod edits tehdely
[20:53] <Sheneequa> sherrod: heard it from him
[20:53] <Samsara> Shen, srsly?  sherrod said it was $15 a month
[20:53] * Sheneequa uses /me
[20:53] <Samsara> Unless you mean a pet snake
[20:53] <sherrod> :D
[20:53] Prime_Minister_Chupacabra is now known as Ribs
[20:53] <Typhon> Fox-luver: Why should I when the first thing I got
here when I arrived was basically being told to go fuck myself?
[20:53] <FOX-LUVER-420> yes
[20:53] <FOX-LUVER-420> Typhon: I hate you
[20:53] <FOX-LUVER-420> but like
[20:53] <FOX-LUVER-420> you should edit it
[20:53] <tehdely> Typhon: you sound a bit sensitive there, precious
[20:53] <FOX-LUVER-420> it is a free country
[20:53] Typhon was kicked by sherrod (GO FUCK YOURSELF)
[20:53] <Sheneequa> :(!
[20:54] <oopszie> lol
[20:54] <Sheneequa> tehdely: SAJOIN him
[20:54] <oopszie> pwnd
[20:54] <Speedycat> Oh shi-\
[20:54] Typhon ([email protected]) has joined channel
[20:54] *** 20:54:09 JOIN Typhon
[20:54] tehdely sets mode: +o Typhon
[20:54] <sherrod> hahaha
[20:54] <Sheneequa> Typhon: sry
[20:54] <sherrod> you re-opd him
[20:54] <sherrod> hahahaaha
[20:54] <Typhon> Gee that was mature.
[20:54] <Samsara> Typhon did you see the ER furry episode?
[20:54] <Samsara> Hillarious
[20:54] <Sheneequa> LOL FURRIES
[20:54] <Typhon> I did see that, that was sad.
[20:54] <FOX-LUVER-420> Typhon: why are you such a fuck?
[20:54] <Sheneequa> Furries are trolls
[20:54] <Samsara> I made this:
<FOX-LUVER-420> Typhon: you troll well
[20:54] <FOX-LUVER-420> I am impressed
[20:54] <sherrod> furries are freaks of nature and should be
[20:54] <Sheneequa> no one really thinks they have a spiritual
connection to gryphons
[20:54] <Sheneequa> ihbtbfurrries
[20:55] <FOX-LUVER-420> Typhon: the furries are worse then the jews
[20:55] <Speedycat> Typhon: Is this battle
[20:55] <FOX-LUVER-420> Speedycat: that uis the lol
[20:55] <sherrod> Samsara: nice animated gif
[20:55] <logan> lolol
[20:55] <oopszie> lol now there's a two meg animated gif I don't mind
[20:55] <Samsara> My tribute to ER's furry episode:
<Samsara> Sherrod you never saw it?!??!?!
[20:55] <Ribs> Speedycat: Where is longcat
Session Close: Sun 30-Jul-2006 20:55:50

Session Start: Sun 30-Jul-2006 20:55:51
[20:55] now talking in channel #ed
[20:55] Topic is 'It is Spectaculaire! Associating sex appeal,
productivity, talents of hakor and social aptitudes and in social science.
Girlvinyl ensures a management of quality, assisted by are team
sorted on the shutter.'
[20:55] Set by ajt at Sun Jul 30 19:38:49 2006
[20:55] <Sheneequa> Longcat is my alt name
[20:55] <Speedycat> Robs: We're taking a...break...
[20:55] <Typhon> Fox: I tend to take the good with the bad, to try and
see the truth behind things.  i have learned that for every bad thing
out there, there is a good thing.
[20:55] <sherrod> Samsara: I heard about it... I thought it was csi
[20:55] <FOX-LUVER-420> What is your guys favorite taurin fox episode>
[20:56] <Samsara> Oh crap
[20:56] <FOX-LUVER-420> Mine is when he gets fucked byu that machine!
[20:56] <Samsara> Yeah it was CSI
[20:56] <sherrod> wtf is taurin fox?
[20:56] <Samsara> ER didn't have enough material
[20:56] <logan> Typhon: EVEN IN GURO?
[20:56] <Speedycat> Hay guyz, wanna see some hardcore yuri?
[20:56] <sherrod> Ribs: longcat is on ed [[longcat]] i think
[20:56] <Sheneequa> sherrod: My favorite Furry artist!
[20:56] <Samsara> Typhon did you see CSI's furry episode?
[20:56] <FOX-LUVER-420> Typhon: and for every furry there is a sick
[20:56] <Samsara> ER's was purely funny
[20:56] <Sheneequa> sherrod: [[Taurin Fox]]
[20:56] <Speedycat>
<FOX-LUVER-420> which is the furry
[20:56] <Typhon> You guys want the joke, see the furry episode of the
[20:56] <Samsara> CSI had a good plot and was funny
[20:56] <Sheneequa> the man show did a furry episode?
[20:56] <sherrod> I fucking hate furries
[20:56] <FOX-LUVER-420> Typhon: you want the joke, look in the mirror!
[20:56] <Sheneequa> that show ended before furries got everywhere
[20:56] <FOX-LUVER-420> AMIRITE!?!?!
[20:56] <Typhon> Eh I don't watch CSI.
[20:56] <sherrod> I wish they would all suffocate in a big jew-style
[20:57] <logan> LOLOLOL @ FOX
[20:57] <sherrod> They make me sick.
[20:57] <nets_awesome> Fox: FTW
[20:57] <FOX-LUVER-420> Typhon is like 30 lines behind
[20:57] <Sheneequa> yeah srsly
[20:57] <sherrod> They are disgusting and should be murdered and buried
in mass graves
[20:57] <Sheneequa> If you don't type at least 90 wpm, gtfo
[20:57] <FOX-LUVER-420> ARE YOU RETARDED Typhon >!!?!?!
[20:57] <Samsara> Tpyphon, was that manshow episode after they changed
hosts?  Those replacement hosts sucked
[20:57] <nets_awesome> FURRIES ARE TEH REASON FOR ALL WARS
[20:57] <nets_awesome> ARE YOU A FURRY?!
[20:57] <oopszie> how do you fit thirty furries in a volkswagen
[20:57] <Speedycat> æ?
[20:57] <Ribs> Srsky, are you?
[20:57] <Typhon> Fox: When I look at the mirror I see someone that has
done things in his past he can be proud of, like serve in the military,
can you say that?
[20:57] <oopszie> in an ashtray amirite?
[20:57] <Ribs> Typhon: ASL?
[20:57] nets_awesome was kicked by Sheneequa (we already established
he's a furry)
[20:57] <sherrod> Furries dont deserve basic human rights... like food
and shelter... they should be made to starve in the open air in
concentration camps.
[20:57] <FOX-LUVER-420> lol oopszie [email protected]!>
[20:57] <Ribs> Typhon: ASL?
[20:57] <Ribs> Typhon: ASL?
[20:57] <Ribs> Typhon: ASL?
[20:58] <FOX-LUVER-420> Sheneequa: LOL
[20:58] <oopszie> lol FURRIES IN UNIFORM
[20:58] nets_awesome ([email protected])
has joined channel #ed
[20:58] *** 20:58:04 JOIN nets_awesome
[20:58] <Speedycat> Ribs: ALS?
[20:58] <Sheneequa> all furries participate in gay orgies
[20:58] <oopszie> that sounds like a furry porno
[20:58] <Samsara> Typhon did you go to Iraq?
[20:58] <Sheneequa> and scat porn
[20:58] <Sheneequa> it's a fact
[20:58] <Sheneequa> proven by Bill Nye
[20:58] <Samsara> Iraq = Bush's war of vengeance and oil
[20:58] <sherrod> furries rape little children and create child
[20:58] <Samsara> Not a proud war
[20:58] <sherrod> furries are molestors and rapists
[20:58] <Samsara> Vietnam was not a proud war
[20:58] <FOX-LUVER-420> Sheneequa: true
[20:58] <FOX-LUVER-420> Sheneequa: true
[20:58] <sherrod> and should be treated as subhuman garbage
[20:58] <Sheneequa> furries rape nuns
[20:58] <Ribs> Did your mommy eat a lot of large fish heavy in mercury?
[20:58] <logan> TYPHON DID WTC?
[20:58] <Samsara> I doubt you were in Korea or WWII
[20:58] <Sheneequa> someone better be logging this shit
[20:58] <FOX-LUVER-420> Samsara: the man in the black pajamas. worthy
fucking advisary.
[20:58] <Speedycat> Shen: OMG
[20:58] Jmax ([email protected]) has joined channel #ed
[20:58] *** 20:58:50 JOIN Jmax
[20:58] ChanServ sets mode: +v Jmax
[20:58] <Typhon> Samsara: No, I was involved with the discovery of the
mass graves in bosina.
[20:58] <oopszie> furries did wtc?!?
[20:58] <FOX-LUVER-420> JAMX!!!!!
[20:59] <logan> YES
[20:59] <Jmax> hi
[20:59] <oopszie> what a waste of mass graves
[20:59] <sherrod> Typhon: you will soon be in a mass grave
[20:59] <Speedycat> oopszie: [email protected]!!!
[20:59] <sherrod> hi Jmax :D
[20:59] <FOX-LUVER-420> Typhon: YOU ARE SUCH A FUCKING LIAR!>!>!>!!
[20:59] <FOX-LUVER-420> Typhon: YOU ARE SUCH A FUCKING LIAR!>!>!>!!
[20:59] <FOX-LUVER-420> Typhon: YOU ARE SUCH A FUCKING LIAR!>!>!>!!
[20:59] <FOX-LUVER-420> Typhon: YOU ARE SUCH A FUCKING LIAR!>!>!>!!
[20:59] <Jmax> ohai
[20:59] <FOX-LUVER-420> <@Typhon> Samsara: No, I was involved with the
discovery of the mass graves in bosina.
[20:59] <FOX-LUVER-420> Typhon: YOU ARE SUCH A FUCKING LIAR!>!>!>!!
[20:59] <FOX-LUVER-420> <@Typhon> Samsara: No, I was involved with the
discovery of the mass graves in bosina.
[20:59] <FOX-LUVER-420> LOL
[20:59] <Sheneequa> Hitler would have taken over the world if he
targeted furries instead
[20:59] <FOX-LUVER-420> LOL
[20:59] <oopszie> all those mass graves who don't have furries in them
[20:59] <logan> MHM
[20:59] ChanServ sets mode: +o oopszie
[20:59] <FOX-LUVER-420> oopszie: u wish!
[20:59] <sherrod> Typhon You're a liar and should be burned in an
oven... Iwill then make a furskin rug to put on my floor
[20:59] <Sheneequa> ops for making me lol
[20:59] <Ribs> Maybe they were furries and he
[20:59] <Ribs> was like
[20:59] <oopszie> makes me want to cry at what a waste it is
[20:59] <Ribs> OMG, MY YIFF PARTNERS
[20:59] <Sheneequa> fuck
[20:59] <FOX-LUVER-420> and I will fuck her on it!
[20:59] <Sheneequa> my friend is being a cunt
[20:59] <Sheneequa> I'll bbs
[20:59] <Speedycat> LOL WAT
[21:00] <oopszie> lol thx :D
[21:00] <FOX-LUVER-420> Sheneequa: dont [email protected]
[21:00] <logan> :(
[21:00] <Typhon> Now the ones sounding like gay lovers here are Fox and
[21:00] <FOX-LUVER-420> LOL
[21:00] <FOX-LUVER-420> HOLD ON
[21:00] <Ribs> HA
[21:00] <logan> WAT
[21:00] <Samsara> Typhon you need to make articles here of the furries
you don't like
[21:00] <Typhon> There always complenting each other like gay lovers
[21:00] <FOX-LUVER-420> I BET MY LIFE ON IT!
[21:00] <FOX-LUVER-420> I BET MY LIFE ON IT!
[21:00] <FOX-LUVER-420> I BET MY LIFE ON IT!
[21:00] <FOX-LUVER-420> I BET MY LIFE ON IT!
[21:00] <Samsara> You mentioned Divefox?
[21:00] <FOX-LUVER-420> I BET MY LIFE ON IT!
[21:00] <FOX-LUVER-420> I BET MY LIFE ON IT!
[21:00] <FOX-LUVER-420> I BET MY LIFE ON IT!
[21:00] <FOX-LUVER-420> I BET MY LIFE ON IT!
[21:00] <FOX-LUVER-420> Typhon is a troll
[21:00] <FOX-LUVER-420> Typhon is a troll
[21:00] <Samsara>
<logan> LOL B.E.T.
[21:00] <FOX-LUVER-420> Typhon is a troll
[21:00] <Samsara> See that
[21:00] <FOX-LUVER-420> Typhon is a troll
[21:01] <Samsara> "They fired me because I'm a furry!"
[21:01] Really, now. Let's go down the checklist and see for certain
whether it was the fandom's fault:
[21:01] Were you looking at `yiff art,' i.e. pictures of animal
characters with humanlike mammaries and other reproductive organs at work? Are
you aware that people also get fired for looking up pornography at
[21:01] Was your bizarre behavior (barking, yelping, walking around on
all fours, fursuit wearing, etc.) driving away the company's more
conservative customers, or disrupting the work of other employees?
[21:01] Did you try to explain the fandom to a coworker by showing them
`yiff art?'
[21:01] Did you try to download some type of flaky furry related
program (Furcadia, MUCK clients, etc.) onto a work computer?
[21:01] <Speedycat> LOL INTERNET
[21:01] <oopszie> furocaust
[21:01] <Samsara> whoa this is a good IRC program
[21:01] <Typhon> Samsara: I did, only because I foudn some interesting
jl about him, and did some research to find out if it was true or not.
[21:01] <Samsara> "They won't hire me because I'm a furry!"
[21:01] Do you behave properly at the interview? (No animal noises or
jabbering nonstop about the fandom, etc.)
[21:01] Do you have a presentable resume, one that only includes furry
if it has a 100% relationship with the job in question? (Example: Fire
fighter-no furry references are recommended. Furry comic book
company-knock yourself out).
[21:01] <FOX-LUVER-420> Typhon: you are a fucking troll and not a furry
[21:01] <FOX-LUVER-420> hold on
[21:01] <Sheneequa> FOX-LUVER-420: no he's not
[21:01] <Speedycat> I LOVE LAMP
[21:01] <FOX-LUVER-420> Sheneequa: yes he is
[21:01] <oopszie> what program?
[21:01] <FOX-LUVER-420> you are too
[21:01] <FOX-LUVER-420> but he is for sure
[21:01] <Sheneequa> I was just gonna block him
[21:01] <Samsara> Typhon might be a troll because he doesn't know about
Taurin Fox who is famous
[21:01] <Ribs> Fox-luuuverrr, internet detective extraordanaire
[21:01] <oopszie> I'm looking for something new, conversation is teh
[21:01] <Sheneequa> but I invited him here
[21:01] <FOX-LUVER-420> Sheneequa: ask sherrod
[21:02] <FOX-LUVER-420> but this fucker walks
[21:02] <Sheneequa> he's just a stupid furry
[21:02] <Sheneequa> o rly
[21:02] <Sheneequa> sherrod: ASL
[21:02] <Speedycat> lol
[21:02] <Samsara> All furries love Taurin Fox
[21:02] <Typhon> Samsara: There are alot of furs out ther that calm to
be famous for one reason or another, that doesn't mean everyone heard
about them.
[21:02] <Typhon> Let alone like them.
[21:02] <FOX-LUVER-420> Typhon, you are a fucking troll
[21:02] <oopszie> liar
[21:02] <FOX-LUVER-420> and I think you are my boss at work
[21:02] Speedycat has quit channel (Quit:)
[21:02] <oopszie> all furries are brainwashed into loving taurin fox
and his shitting dick nipples
[21:02] <sherrod> what?
[21:02] <FOX-LUVER-420> so I am going to have you banned
[21:03] <FOX-LUVER-420> re: I am not gud at irc
[21:03] <Samsara> Taurin Fox did you wear your fursuit in the military?
[21:03] <sherrod> you guys I have about reached my threshehold for the
[21:03] <oopszie> its why they must be fursecuted!
[21:03] <nets_awesome> you have to have your art stolen after being
posted on deviantart in order to be recognized as a great furry artist
[21:03] <Sheneequa> lalalala
[21:03] <Samsara> err Typhon I mean
[21:03] <FOX-LUVER-420> BAN HIM!
[21:03] <FOX-LUVER-420> FINISH HIM!
[21:03] <Ribs> Typhon: ASL?
[21:03] <Sheneequa> no ty
[21:03] <Ribs> Typhon: ASL?
[21:03] <Ribs> Typhon: ASL?
[21:03] <logan> fatalityyyyyyy
[21:03] <Samsara> Typhon did you wear your fursuit in the military?
[21:03] <FOX-LUVER-420> KILL HIM!!!!
[21:03] <FOX-LUVER-420> KILL HIM!!!!
[21:03] <Ribs> Typhon: ASL?
[21:03] <sherrod> pretty sure whbt by a furry
[21:03] <Sheneequa> he's a gryphon
[21:03] <FOX-LUVER-420> lol
[21:03] <logan> lol
[21:03] <Sheneequa> ugh
[21:03] <Samsara> Typhone is probably male because he's furry
[21:03] <FOX-LUVER-420> "this fucker walks"
[21:03] <Samsara> Typhon did you wear your fursuit in the military?
[21:04] <sherrod> ALSO, anyone who pretends to be a furry... EVEN FOR
TROLLING PURPOSES is fucking disgusting
[21:04] <FOX-LUVER-420> Typhon: is not a furry
[21:04] <FOX-LUVER-420> he is taking too long to reply
[21:04] <Typhon> FOX: This is not making your point but only putting up
needless spam.
[21:04] <Typhon> FOX: This is not making your point but only putting up
needless spam.
[21:04] <Typhon> FOX: This is not making your point but only putting up
needless spam.
[21:04] <Typhon> FOX: This is not making your point but only putting up
needless spam.
[21:04] <Typhon> FOX: This is not making your point but only putting up
needless spam.
[21:04] <Typhon> FOX: This is not making your point but only putting up
needless spam.
[21:04] <FOX-LUVER-420> he is on another channel or aim
[21:04] <Typhon> Point made?
[21:04] <Samsara> Typhon did you wear your fursuit in the military?
[21:04] <sherrod> ok thats it
[21:04] <nets_awesome> sherrod:iawtc
[21:04] Sheneequa sets mode: +b *!*@*
[21:04] <FOX-LUVER-420> Typhon: FUCK YOU FAGGOT!!!
[21:04] <Samsara> Typhon got boring
[21:04] Typhon was kicked by sherrod (done)
[21:04] <Sheneequa> NO!
[21:04] <FOX-LUVER-420> yes
[21:04] <oopszie> pwnd
[21:04] <FOX-LUVER-420> he is a troll
[21:04] -> *Typhon* did you wear your fursuit in the military?
[21:04] <FOX-LUVER-420> he is not a furry
[21:04] <Sheneequa>  /kick Typhon FATALITY
[21:04] <sherrod> definite troll
[21:04] <Sheneequa> I wanted the finishing move :(
[21:04] <logan> he was boring. :(
[21:04] <FOX-LUVER-420> lol
[21:04] <nets_awesome> the fursecution rests
[21:04] <FOX-LUVER-420> he changed ISPs too I think
[21:04] <FOX-LUVER-420> lemm check
[21:04] <logan> lol
[21:04] <sherrod> hahaha nets_awesome
[21:05] <oopszie> flawless victory
[21:05] <tehdely> that was beautiful
[21:05] <Ribs> Fox-Luverrrr- Internets detective extraordinaire
[21:05] <Sheneequa> that was fun
[21:05] <tehdely> he came here, got trolled, got banned.
[21:05] <Sheneequa> that was fun
[21:05] <Sheneequa> that was fun
[21:05] <Sheneequa> that was fun
[21:05] <Sheneequa> that was fun
[21:05] <Samsara> Sherrod, you never saw the taxidermy animated gif
[21:05] <sherrod> Samsara: yeah, I have
[21:05] <sherrod> 	1) Furrys have contribued more money to charities,
then most orginizations combined.
[21:05] <sherrod> HILARITY
[21:06] <Sheneequa> sherrod: I found that lol
[21:06] <sherrod> what does that even mean?!!?
[21:06] <oopszie> LOL
[21:06] <Ribs> It proves that the furluminati exist
[21:06] <Sheneequa> <33 fursecution
[21:06] <oopszie> I think that includes the "Fursuits for Fursona
[21:06] <Sheneequa> an e-toast to fursecution
[21:06] FOX-LUVER-420 is now known as ajt
[21:06] <Ribs> Cheers
[21:06] <ajt> That guy knew too much
[21:06] <oopszie> because when your fursona was an orphan that had to
be raised by foxes, you deserve a fursuit
[21:06] <logan> here here!
[21:06] <ajt> I think it was Sheneequa, personally
[21:07] <Samsara> Sherrod, you never saw the taxidermy animated gif
[21:07] <Ribs> Maybe it's Samsara
[21:07] <Sheneequa> yes, also I'm Jacknstock
[21:07] <ajt> I give that like 40%
[21:07] <ajt> of being true
[21:07] <Samsara> [21:06] <Typhon> I do not collect furry art, do not
attend furry conventions, do not have furry freinds, do not wear or own
a fursuit, but I do have freinds that are furries and they are very
decent people, that do not @kick or @ban folks for pointing out a simple
thing like net-manners to the modierators of a room that claims to be
full of adults.
[21:07] ajt is now known as ms-net-manners
[21:07] <Samsara> I asked him the military question
[21:07] <nets_awesome> :(
[21:08] -> *Sherrod* you never saw the taxidermy animated gif before?
[21:08] <Sheneequa> IP is
[21:08] <Samsara> [21:08] <Typhon> Eh I think I made a mistake in that
statement... sorry about that, remove the part about do not have furry
friends... I can admit to my mistakes.
[21:08] <ms-net-manners> lol
[21:08] <ms-net-manners> okay I am out
[21:09] ms-net-manners is now known as ajt-zZzZzZ
[21:09] Sheneequa sets mode: -b *!*@*
[21:09] <Ribs> Bye e-people
[21:09] <Ribs> I'm out too
[21:09] <nets_awesome> byez
[21:09] Ribs has quit channel (Quit: Chatzilla 0.9.74 [Firefox])
[21:09] <Sheneequa> WHAT
[21:09] <Sheneequa> we don't /quit around here
[21:09] <logan> LOL
[21:09] <Samsara> [21:09] <Typhon> Now if your spamming freinds there,
that made it hard for me to respond or make sense of anything could
admit to theres... there might be hope for your website and that IRC
channel as to be honest I do see alot of potentional.
[21:09] <Sheneequa> fucking YOU'"RE
[21:10] <Sheneequa> s/'''/'
[21:10] <ajt-zZzZzZ> also can someone find me the best price on vaacum
breat cylenders on the internet?
[21:10] <tehdely> potentional
[21:10] <ajt-zZzZzZ> breat
[21:10] <ajt-zZzZzZ> breast
[21:10] <ajt-zZzZzZ> LOL
[21:10] <ajt-zZzZzZ> ILU ED GOODNIGHT
[21:11] <oopszie> now #ed is quiet :(
[21:11] <Samsara> [21:11] <Typhon> I have, that doesn't excuse them
from spamming the IRC channel as to prevent folks from trying to
understand the conversation at hand.
[21:11] [21:11] <Typhon> That's just manners and common sense.
[21:11] <Sheneequa> I'm still offended ajt thinks I trolled my own
[21:11] <Sheneequa> ;_;
[21:11] <Samsara> aww man
[21:11] <Samsara> I'm gonna leave IRC
[21:11] <Sheneequa> Why?
[21:11] <Samsara> he messed me several times before that
[21:11] <ajt-zZzZzZ> Sheneequa: I am sorry
[21:11] <ajt-zZzZzZ> I didnt mean to offend you
[21:11] <weev> who is going on?
[21:11] <ajt-zZzZzZ> I dont think you did it
[21:11] <weev> what*
[21:12] <Sheneequa> weev: some fursecution
[21:12] -> *Typhon* buttsecks?
[21:12] <ajt-zZzZzZ> it was a lame attempt at humor
[21:12] <Samsara> I asked him for Buttsecks let's see what he says
[21:12] <ajt-zZzZzZ> I also know that you are not jacknstock
[21:12] <Sheneequa> o ok
[21:12] <ajt-zZzZzZ> sorry
[21:12] <Sheneequa> Samsara: is he still on?
[21:12] <ajt-zZzZzZ> I wont do it anymore
[21:12] <Sheneequa> ajt: qord, its fine
[21:12] <Samsara> yes
[21:12] <ajt-zZzZzZ> *e-hugs*
[21:12] <Sheneequa> HUGZ
[21:13] <ajt-zZzZzZ> *e-hugs* *e-hugs* to ALL!!
[21:13] <Sheneequa> see ya later
[21:13] <ajt-zZzZzZ> ILU #ED
[21:13] Sheneequa sets mode: +ovvvvvv badlydrawnjeff JiZZy JViz logan
nets_awesome Samsara ThunderClaw
[21:13] <sdf> thx 4 the {{hugs}}
[21:13] <logan> :)
[21:14] <oopszie> aww plur
[21:14] <Sheneequa> logan: hey
[21:14] <Sheneequa> logan: do you have wiki-skillz?
[21:14] <logan> YA?
[21:14] <Sheneequa> logan: do you have wiki-skillz?
[21:14] <logan> hmm, i never really gave a shit about wiki till ed. so
i am just learning. i've made some small edits adding on picz whar picz
r needed.
[21:15] <Samsara> Typhon is trying to cyber me
[21:15] Typhon ([email protected]) has joined channel
[21:15] *** 21:15:10 JOIN Typhon
[21:15] <logan> lololol
[21:15] <Sheneequa> loooooooool
[21:15] <Sheneequa> Samsara: cuntpaste
[21:15] <Sheneequa> Samsara: cuntpaste
[21:15] <Sheneequa> Samsara: cuntpaste
[21:15] <Cherri> There is no such thing as rape. Any female who leaves
her rightful place in the house and the kitchen is fucking begging for
cock in her holes. If she gets the cock she so badly is asking for,
it's not fucking rape, it's a damn slut getting what she fucking deserves.
[21:15] <Cherri> Males still rule this fucking world. In most of the
world, a fucking bitch can get killed for looking at a man straight in
the eye. In America and Europe, every day dumb sluts get their holes
penetrated without their so-called consent, which isn't rape, just them
getting the fucking dick they deserve up their asses.
[21:15] <Cherri>  Sexual abuse is on the rise, spousal abuse is on the
rise and more bitches die every year. Fucking cunts. I am so glad I was
born a man. I am so glad there is a bunch of retarded sluts jumping
trough hoops just to get my cock.
[21:15] <Cherri>  Haha, females are so fucking sad. We treat you
bitches like shit, and you still spend time, money and effort on trying to
look good for us. Way to be a good slave, whores. Now keep acting like
sluts and sucking our cocks. And if you change your mind after you leave
the house, too fucking bad, you're getting your holes fucked and there
isn't shit you can do about it because that's your only fucking purpose
in life.
[21:15] <Cherri> posted by "desu4ever" on deviantart
[21:15] <Cherri> i lolled
[21:15] <oopszie> LOL
[21:16] <Sheneequa> Cherri: put it in the rape article plz
[21:16] <Sheneequa> Cherri: put it in the rape article plz
[21:16] <Sheneequa> Cherri: put it in the rape article plz
[21:16] <oopszie> that belongs in the rape article
[21:16] <Cherri> lollinnnn
[21:16] <logan> yes
[21:17] <Sheneequa> Typhon: What is your favorite furry fetish?
[21:18] ChanServ sets mode: +q Sheneequa
[21:18] <Typhon> Sheneequa: Don't have one.
[21:18] <Sheneequa> vore?
[21:18] <Sheneequa> ageplay?
[21:18] <Sheneequa> diaperfur?
[21:18] <Typhon> Nope
[21:18] <Sheneequa> pregfur?
[21:18] <Typhon> Nope
[21:18] <nets_awesome> macrophilia?
[21:18] <Typhon> Nope
[21:18] <Typhon> Nope
[21:18] <Typhon> Nope
[21:18] <Sheneequa> Then you are not a furry at all
[21:18] <oopszie> pregdiaperagefurplayvores
[21:18] <Typhon> Correct
[21:18] <oopszie> unbirthing
[21:19] <nets_awesome> inflation?
[21:19] <Sheneequa> liar
[21:19] <Typhon> Nope
[21:19] <Typhon> Nope
[21:19] <oopszie> i'm not sure where to shoehorn that in
[21:19] <Sheneequa> we have an otherkin
[21:19] <Typhon> Nope
[21:19] <oopszie> oh you're just a run of the mill shitting dick
nipples furry
[21:19] tfo has quit channel (Ping timeout)
[21:19] <Typhon> Nope
[21:19] <logan> lol
[21:19] <Sheneequa> someone find the line where he says he's a gryphon
[21:19] <sherrod> Typhon: you're a liar and an idiot who doesn't know
the difference between there/their and then/than, plz die.
[21:19] <Sheneequa> sherrod: you forgot your/you're
[21:20] <sherrod> yeah, that one too.
[21:20] <sdf> "your"
[21:20] <Sheneequa> Than I went their and found your an idiot
[21:20] <sdf> "a"
[21:21] <Sheneequa> that too
[21:21] <sdf> "two"
[21:21] * Typhon watches Robot Chicken.. makes more sense then
[21:21] <sherrod> So now every article i edit is being added to my
watchlist, wtf? Anyone ever seen that before?
[21:21] <Sheneequa> looool
[21:21] <Sheneequa> NICE FLAME FURRY
[21:21] <oopszie> robot chicken is on?
[21:21] <nets_awesome> no u didnt
[21:21] <Samsara> THAN SHERROD
[21:21] <Typhon> It was.
[21:21] <oopszie> why am I watching iron chef?!
[21:21] <Samsara> god damnit
[21:21] <Sheneequa> sherrod got flamed!!1
[21:21] <Typhon> Morel Orel is on now.
[21:21] <sdf> sherrod is crazy insane
[21:21] <sherrod> it's all true
[21:22] <sherrod> hi sdf
[21:22] <oopszie> oh
[21:22] <Typhon> Morel Orel is learning about masterbation.
[21:22] <oopszie> back to iron chef
[21:22] <Sheneequa> furries watch adult swim?
[21:22] <sherrod> Typhon: Masturbation
[21:22] <sherrod> learn to spell plz
[21:22] <logan> brb i need to
[21:22] <Typhon> sherrod Thanks for the correction, I can admit to
making spelling errors, and my mistakes.
[21:23] <nets_awesome> improper use of commas
[21:23] <oopszie> furries love cartoon network and disney channel
[21:23] <oopszie> all those talking animals make them hot
[21:23] <sherrod> nets_awesome: good eye
[21:23] <sherrod> I eschew the use of the serial comma.
[21:23] <sherrod> I find it wholly improper.
[21:24] <nets_awesome> oopszie: but wasnt gadget on rescue rangers SOOO
[21:24] <Sheneequa> Typhon: Can you admit to the mistake of being a
Faggot Furry (TM)?
[21:24] <Sheneequa> AWAITING ANSWER
[21:24] <oopszie> not as hot as the fox maid marian in robin hood
[21:24] <nets_awesome> omg i came
[21:24] <sdf> hi sherrod
[21:24] <oopszie> that was furgasmic
[21:24] <Sheneequa> I could type faster than this guy when I was eating
[21:25] <sherrod> Sheneequa: for srs
[21:25] <Typhon> I can admit to being a furry, however, not your
defenition of furry.
[21:25] <sherrod> Typhon: does the fursuit hinder your typing?
[21:25] <nets_awesome> Definition
[21:25] <sherrod> kekeke nets_awesome :D
[21:25] <sherrod> hahhaa
[21:25] <Typhon> Danke nets.
[21:25] <sherrod> i lol again
[21:25] <sdf> i was at a party with internet kids and someone started
talking about their furry friend whose wife caught him with their dog
[21:26] <Sheneequa> kekeke
[21:26] <sherrod> Typhon: You are clearly unintelligent and barely
literate. I would also bet that you consider yourself to be an aspie or
have "high functioning" autism. I wish you would just die.
[21:26] <Samsara> Typhon are you furluminati (see ED's article)
[21:26] <Samsara> ?
[21:26] <sherrod> The only reason I'm not kickbanning you is because my
friends here seem to enjoy fucking with you.
[21:26] <oopszie> oh man, I could go for some ribs
[21:26] nets_awesome is now known as spellcheck
[21:26] <Sheneequa> Samsara: No one admits to being furluminati
[21:26] <Sheneequa> that's the whole point
[21:26] <Samsara> ContiE almost does
[21:26] <Typhon> furliminati?  The link please (tm)?
[21:26] <Cherri> aspies ;o; oh no
[21:26] <Sheneequa> that's why contie hates ED
[21:26] sherrod is now known as condescending_bitch
[21:27] <Sheneequa> typhon: Do you have Asperger's Syndrome
[21:27] Sheneequa is now known as Fursecutionist
[21:27] <condescending_bitch> Typhon: we give you no links, you have to
find them yourself.
[21:27] <Samsara> ContiE bans ED people like Tony Sidaway
[21:27] condescending_bitch is now known as Sherrod
[21:27] <Fursecutionist> that's not condescending
[21:27] <spellcheck> its furluminati
[21:27] <Fursecutionist> needsmore|condescending
[21:27] <sdf> even if you gave him the link, he would fucking misspell
the url
[21:27] <oopszie> needs more furshampoo to get out the yiff stains
[21:27] <Sherrod> heh, probably true
[21:28] <Fursecutionist> ILOOPSZIE
[21:28] <Sherrod> Typhon: do you have other furry friends who you could
send who type faster?
[21:28] <Fursecutionist> let's give oopszie sysop plz
[21:28] spellcheck is now known as MicrosoftPaperclip
[21:28] MicrosoftPaperclip was kicked by Fursecutionist (I hate that
fucking paperclip)
[21:28] <oopszie> fucking right
[21:28] Fursecutionist is now known as Sheneequa
[21:28] <Samsara> ED's furry article tells the truth about furries more
than anything else
[21:28] <Typhon> Sherrod: Give someone a chance to at least read a
website you guys are pointing out, before getting a response.
[21:29] spellchecklol ([email protected])
has joined channel #ed
[21:29] *** 21:29:04 JOIN spellchecklol
[21:29] <Sheneequa> we're furluminati free
[21:29] <Sheneequa> that's why
[21:29] <oopszie> how do you know?  maybe they have us infiltrated
[21:29] <Typhon> Samsara: ED and about a dozen socalled others.
[21:29] <oopszie> maybe you're a member of the furluminati and you
don't know it
[21:29] <Sheneequa> oopszie: look at the article, that's how
[21:29] <Sheneequa> socalled others?
[21:29] <oopszie> for all we know, the article has subliminal messages
to donate all our money to furry charities
[21:29] <Sherrod> reaching tolerance level for furry bullshit
[21:29] <spellchecklol> so-called or so called
[21:30] <Sheneequa> Sherrod: I'm reaching tolerance level for LOL
[21:30] <Typhon> Portal of evil, various right-wing christian sites,
some live journal groups, even some yahoo groups.
[21:30] <spellchecklol> livejournal is one word
[21:30] <Sheneequa> left-wingers hate furries too
[21:30] <Typhon> They all read the same as ED, ED has done nothing ot
make it stand out yet.
[21:30] spellchecklol is now known as nets_awesome
[21:30] <Sheneequa> just like republicans hate the KKK for making them
look bad
[21:30] <Sheneequa> I'd rather have KKK on my side than furries
[21:31] <Samsara> ED has pictures as proof
[21:31] <Sherrod> Sheneequa: at least the KKK have a respectable
mission, purpose, etc. Furries fuck little children and shit.
[21:31] <Sherrod> And don't care who knows it.
[21:31] <Samsara> Sherrod, That should go on ED
[21:31] <Sherrod> Also, Typhon is a troll.
[21:31] <Typhon> The same could be said for the livejournal groups, and
portal of evil.
[21:31] <Samsara> ED gathers all their pics together
[21:32] <Cherri> what is going on here
[21:32] <Sheneequa> god hates furries
[21:32] <Cherri> it seems pretty faggoty
[21:32] <Cherri> amirite
[21:32] <nets_awesome> rite
[21:32] <Typhon> So does the places I mentioned Samsara.
[21:32] <Samsara> Typhon see our God article and look at the furry
version of Jesus there
[21:32] <Sheneequa> Typhon: Would you like to yiff?
[21:32] <Cherri> f u typhoon go fuck a plush orca
[21:32] <Cherri> D:<
[21:32] <Sheneequa> I am a female baby gryphon
[21:33] <Sheneequa> Typhon: Would you like to yiff?
[21:33] <Sheneequa> Typhon: Would you like to yiff?
[21:33] <Sheneequa> Typhon: Would you like to yiff?
[21:33] <oopszie> no shen now he's going to want to unbirth you
[21:33] <Cherri> lets all meet on furcadia
[21:33] <Cherri> we can yiff there
[21:33] <Sheneequa> furries are boring when they type 4wpm
[21:33] <Sherrod> Sheneequa: for srs
[21:33] <nets_awesome> cherri: i have to ask my mom for 400 dollars so
i can get dragon wings for life
[21:33] <Cherri> yes i hope she gives it to you
[21:33] Typhon was kicked by Sherrod (you would possibly be fun if you
could type faster)
[21:33] <Cherri> its very important
[21:34] <Cherri> TRUE STORY: while trolling with a pal on furcadia
someone bought her wings
[21:34] <nets_awesome> i knwow then ill be on the website and
everything ^____^ SO KAWAII
[21:34] <Cherri> we never logged into those accounts again
[21:34] <Sheneequa> LOL
[21:34] <Sheneequa> wings 4 L?
[21:34] <Cherri> no
[21:34] <nets_awesome> yeah
[21:34] <Cherri> idk how long
[21:34] <nets_awesome> oh
[21:34] <nets_awesome> n/m
[21:34] <Samsara> Can you block pools in Furcadia?
[21:34] <Cherri> but they do have wings for life
[21:34] <Cherri> which is fucking stupid
[21:34] <Sheneequa> what's the word for sites like Furcadia, Habbo,
IMVU etc
[21:34] <Cherri> uhh
[21:34] <Cherri> gay?
[21:34] <Cherri> idk
[21:34] <nets_awesome> piece of shit?
[21:34] <Sheneequa> more specific plz
[21:35] <Cherri> like gaia online too,
[21:35] <Cherri> i dont know
[21:35] <Cherri> is there a word?
[21:35] <Sheneequa> Gaia blocked Habbo
[21:35] <Cherri> i'm sure furcadia wants to say theyre a mmo
[21:35] <Sheneequa> Gaia did habbo, never forget
[21:35] <logan> lol
[21:35] <Sheneequa> Gaia did habbo, never forget
[21:35] <Samsara> I've been to Habbo
[21:35] <nets_awesome> thanks for reminding me, i almost forgot
[21:35] <Cherri> i h8 habbo
[21:35] <logan> i spammed the hell out of gaia
[21:35] <Samsara> It's boring there unless you block
[21:35] <logan> for that raid
[21:35] <Samsara> MOstly people say nothing at all
[21:35] <Samsara> Or barely talk.
[21:35] <Samsara> So boring
[21:36] <Cherri> online community?
[21:36] <Cherri> online avatar community
[21:36] <Sheneequa> habbo is teenagers asking everyone to cyber for the
most part
[21:36] <Cherri> online faggots on the internet
[21:36] <logan> no at habbo they say : "hai how r u ~sexygurrl12~? do u
lok good in rl ife?
[21:36] <Sheneequa> anyone who takes those sites seriously needs to be
[21:36] XerebZ has quit channel (Quit:)
[21:36] <Sheneequa> during the raid I shut down a furry habbo pvt room
[21:36] <oopszie> a/s/l wan cyber baybee?
[21:36] <Sheneequa> concentrated evil
[21:36] Sheneequa sets mode: +v nets_awesome
[21:36] <Samsara> Typhon keeps msgs me
[21:36] <nets_awesome> thx
[21:37] <Sheneequa> cuntpaste the whole thing to me in an email Samsara
[21:37] <Sheneequa> if its good that is
[21:37] <Sheneequa> [email protected]
[21:37] <Samsara> It's boring crap
[21:37] <Samsara> like:
[21:37] <Samsara> [21:37] <Typhon> They left out the old pic of furry
jesus, and only used the altered pics of jesus.... doesn't make there
point unless they inculde that image with the others.
[21:37] <oopszie> lol do you own
[21:37] <oopszie> I was wondering who had it
[21:37] <Sheneequa> GV owns it
[21:37] <Sheneequa> i'm using its email though
[21:37] <Sheneequa> because [email protected] is an awesome
email address
[21:37] <oopszie> that's slick
[21:37] <nets_awesome> god its their
[21:38] <oopszie> yeah the guys at my school would die for an address
[21:38] <Sheneequa> Samsara: ask him if he wants to yiff
[21:38] <Samsara> Tried that, he's boring
[21:38] <Sheneequa> oopszie: kewl kidz only
[21:38] <Samsara> Shen, remember how you said ED had gay sysops?
[21:38] <Sheneequa> No
[21:38] <Sheneequa> Oh
[21:38] <Sheneequa> two of them
[21:38] <Sheneequa> yes
[21:38] <oopszie> i no :(
[21:38] <Samsara> Not 3?
[21:38] <Sheneequa> Jameth was the 3rd
[21:39] <Sheneequa> but he's not sysop now
[21:39] <Samsara> Jacknstock?
[21:39] <Sheneequa> no
[21:39] <weev> oh ma
[21:39] <weev> n
[21:39] <weev> 1) Furrys have contribued more money to charities, then
most orginizations combined. 2) Only a small percentage of the fandom
are true jerks, like the ones called Sibe and Divefox, these few are the
ones the bigoted consintrate on for giving a entire thing a bad name.
3) Other then the small percentage mentioned there is hardly any
arguements or disagreements about the fandom at all, but alot of support for
each other.
[21:39] <weev> that
[21:39] <weev> is fucking hilarious
[21:39] <Sheneequa> weev: yes, we've been lulzing for a while
[21:39] <Samsara> [21:38] <Typhon> I will get you the url of the furry
jesus pic I am talking about, as for some reason I think you are abit
more understanding and paitent then the 5 year olds with admin rights in
[21:39] <Sheneequa> especially #1
[21:39] <Samsara> Jacknstock's not a homo?
[21:39] <Sheneequa> weev: it was written by Typhon, who is on irc
[21:39] <nets_awesome> weev: they forgot munchie
[21:39] oopszie has quit channel (Connection reset by peer)
[21:39] <weev> man i cant beleive i slept through this =[
[21:39] <Sheneequa> weev: Plz /fuckyou him
[21:39] <weev> can-do!
[21:39] <Sheneequa> weev: you can still fuckyou him
[21:39] <Sheneequa> :D
[21:40] <weev> 23:40 -%- Irssi: Loaded script fuckyou
[21:40] <weev> done
[21:40] oopszie ([email protected]) has joined
channel #ed
[21:40] *** 21:40:15 JOIN oopszie
[21:40] <Sheneequa> yesss
[21:40] <Sheneequa> LOOOOOL
[21:40] <Samsara> Jacknstock's not a homo?
[21:40] <Sheneequa>  /whois typhon
[21:40] <Sheneequa>  /whois typhon
[21:40] dgt has quit channel (Quit:)
[21:40] <Sheneequa>  /whois typhon
[21:40] <Sheneequa>  /whois typhon
[21:40] oopszie is now known as oopsz
[21:41] <tehdely> ruined
[21:41] <Sheneequa> Samsara: tell me if he mentions that
[21:41] <Sheneequa> this guy needs an article
[21:41] <Sheneequa> this guy needs an article
[21:41] <Sheneequa> this guy needs an article
[21:41] oopsz is now known as oopszie
[21:41] <oopszie> damn it
[21:41] <oopszie> this client sucks hard
[21:42] <Samsara> huh?
[21:42] <oopszie> it keeps changing my nickname
[21:43] <Samsara> Shen, was wacknstock a homo?
[21:43] <Sheneequa> Not that I know of
[21:44] <Samsara> was he furry?
[21:45] <Sheneequa> no
[21:45] <Samsara> hmm
[21:46] <spo> Anne Rice's real name is Howard
[21:46] <oopszie> i knew she was trans
[21:46] <spo> if only
[21:46] <spo> it was only a case of wacko parents
[21:47] <spo> but i think we should claim she is a postop trannie
[21:47] <Samsara> Positive?
[21:48] <Sheneequa> anyone log that whole typhon chat?
[21:48] <Sheneequa> anyone log that whole typhon chat?
[21:48] <Sheneequa> anyone log that whole typhon chat?
[21:50] <Samsara> I emailed you his private msgs to me
[21:51] <Sheneequa> k
[21:51] <Samsara> ed.log is 325KB
[21:51] logan has left channel
[21:52] <Sheneequa> Samsara: if you could put his funnier quotes in the
article, would appreciate

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