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Tyler Malka

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Tyler Malka AKA Evilore is the fat, pasty-faced loser who looks disturbingly like a goblin and whose only claim to fame is running NeoFAG NeoGAF in between making racist posts and sexually harassing women in bars because they refuse to sleep with him regardless of how much money he throws at them. At the moment Tyler is hunkered down in his little pillow fort, where no user can say a bad word about him or disagree with him without being b&, and refuses to leave it for any reason for fear of the real world outside.

Ironically, while he is actually a racist, sexual harasser and a painfully insecure nerd who makes MRA-like statements in a failed attempt to convince the people on his forum that he's cool, outwardly he panders to social justice warriors and feminists that he despises (although he secretly despises all women, not just feminazis) probably because, in spite of getting a rather large amount of money from video game companies to threaten his users to either promote their games or get banned, he still simply can NOT get laid no matter how hard he tries and white knighting seems to be his last, desperate attempt to get a sex life.

His Site: NeoGAF (aka "Pedophile Central")

NeoGAF is Tyler's shithole of a site he claims to have refused to sell for millions of dollars, which, if it isn't a lie (it is), must be his biggest regret. He uses the site to promote games for money, bans anyone who says anything he doesn't like and lets pedophiles run free while banning those who criticize them, in spite of the site being full of children.

Forum Located at Shill City

The main reason for the existence of this forum is for Tyler to promote games the advertisers of which pay him off to.

Although the NeoGAF is seemingly a free community, Tyler uses it as his central shilling command and advertises new video games on it because their PR agents pay him for it under the table, under the guise of his honest opinion. Anyone who disagrees with his "honest opinion" and says that a game Tyler is being paid to say is good is actually bad, get "encouraged" to shut the fuck up or get banned.

Despite all of this, advertisers still don't give a fuck about their little pet bitch and didn't even bother to get him an invite to E3.

(Shilling for Sony?)

One of the biggest accusations against the site is that it has become Sony's US branch of public relations, to the point that some believe that Sony has actually bought NeoGAF. Sony games are talked-up, their competition is talked-down and anyone with a dissenting opinion is pressured by the mods to pipe down. So what's really going on here?

NeoGAF Sony.png

However, this is what will happen if you ask too many questions:

NeoGAF Sony0.jpg

On the corner of hugbox and ban

How Tyler feels about /v/

The entire site has changed from a game review/discussion site to Tyler's personal echo-chamber where he bans anyone and everyone for so much as disagreeing with him. You can't make an account with a free email, and even if your account is approved (it often isn't because Tyler is rightly paranoid that all new users are just trolls who came to call him a rapist), it is soon banned for no reason. While he himself, his mods and his users are all racist virgins who grope women in bars, anyone who calls them out on it on the forum itself gets banned within moments.

In the people's republic of NeoGAF, the users walk on eggshells, fearing getting banned without warning for making a post that the most honorable chairman Malka or one of the mods doesn't like. Anything posted by a moderator is met with unadulterated praise and members often avoid voicing their opinion on controversial topics before a mod has stepped in to make sure their opinions match.

The only people who don't get banned are video game "celebrities", which used to frequent the site but now avoid it like the plague. These users get treated with kid gloves, even though most of them are nothing more than youtube nobodies, and Tyler personally fellates them while they openly mock him to keep them from leaving. They only get banned when Tyler's inflated ego outgrows his greed and he kicks out the few remaining people who used to make his site worth visiting.

The rest of the users cower in fear because they know that they are subject to random banning simply to intimidate other users into falling in-line.

Population: 50 Fat Moderators

Guess which one spends 12 hours a day moderating a forum?

Taking notes from rival forum owner Lowtax, who has built SomethingAwful into one of the most relevant, respected communities on the internet, Tyler decided to hire a bunch of thin-skinned, morbidly obese no-lifes with a burning passion for feminism to moderate his forums. The posting histories of these moderators consist almost entirely of nothing but snarky, bitter sarcasm, which is likely a reflection on the regrettable life decisions they have made. As such, the site has turned into what is effectively the gaming version of Tumblr.

One particularly noteworthy whale of a moderator is besada, who after finding out people were saying mean things about him on another site, went to the "Black Culture" thread to cry about it. Another great mod is Oplate, the pedo sympathizer.

Tyler - The man; the failure

A shit site must have a shit owner to go with it, which is where Tyler himself steps in.

Being that he is an incompetent douchebag whose technical skills start and end at making a webforum, he frantically switches between sexually harassing women, being a faggot and sucking up to web celebs while claiming to be into social justice. In short: The man is a joke.

But it was not until GamerGate that people realized just how much of a joke he really is when, after banning discussion on the topic, The Ralph Retort ran a series of articles about him and what a loser he has become, leading to Tyler deleting archives, contacting Wayback Machine to remove records and seriously discussing on his forum if he can somehow get the FBI involved to end GamerGate.

Sadly for him, it was already too late and all the evidence was already saved.

Tyler the Rapist

Now here is a story all about how Tyler grabbed a random woman's ass to prove he isn't a beta male (no one was convinced). He told a story on Neogaf about how a woman asked him for a drink at a party so he bought it for her and then grabbed her ass because she "owed him". Tyler must have been spending too much time on incel forums and was shocked when people told him he was a giant rapist.

After spending a while being defensive about it, Tyler banned anyone who complained and threatened to do the same to anyone who mentions it again.

He followed up this great successes by inviting one of the girls from his forum that lived in the same country to "hang out" with him. Needless to say, she wasn't in the mood to get raped by Tyler and refused. To which Tyler responded by banning her. He then went full Buckly on everyone in the thread and banned them.

Tyler is a molester About missing Pics
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Tyler Leaks Revenge Porn and Facepaints it

Recently a reddit thread exposed that Tyler got his hands on the nudes of a competitor site's admin's girlfriend, leaked them and then printed them out, jizzed on them, and posted pictures on the site's forum.

The rumors say that the chick's boyfriend sold her nudes for a PSP and EviLore somehow got his chubby hands on them. On NeoGAF, the faggots who have probably never seen a girl naked in real life, made fun of her tits, in stark contrast to their response to Zoe Quinn's nudes being leaked, and Tyler eventually nuked the thread... But not before someone capped most of it.

Tyler is a sex offender About missing Pics
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Tyler Sells His User's Content to Kotaku Without Their Consent

As you can see from the previous sections, Malka isn't big on consent. Which explains why he took a post from one of his users, copied it word-for-word, and had it posted on Kotaku without ever asking for the user's permission.

Gawker Media got money from that article, Kotaku got money from that article and EviLore claims he never got money for it, but inside sources claim that he is lying. The only person who didn't get money for that article was the person who actually wrote it.

In response to complaints about this, Malka removed the article and apologized for his actions JUST KIDDING! He changed the site's policy retroactively to give him permission to do whatever he wants with the content posted on it and went on another banning spree.

Tyler the Racist/Misogynist

Tyler advice of the day: Don't be fat and don't marry niggers.

One last thing you should know about Tyler is that he's a racist and a sexist who hates feminism in general and Leigh Alexander in particular. Despite currently ascribing to the SJW ideology for show, as you can tell from the rest of the article, Tyler hates women with a passion.

He clearly regards females with contempt like all autistic manchildren who can't get a girlfriend do, which is why there are various posts of him making racist jokes and comments and talking online about how feminism and social justice are bullshit. Not that there is any need for that since he already showed everyone what his opinion of women is when he leaked revenge porn or when he stuck his finger up a random woman's asshole for "taking advantage" of him by having him buy her drinks, in typical LoveShy logic.

The Ultimate Irony: Now he's SJW

What Tyler really thinks of social justice
More tyler malka26.jpg

The epitome of hypocrisy is that Tyler is now an SJW, despite being the exact opposite of everything the movement claims to represent and hating every SJW to the core of his being (the only thing he has ever done right in his entire life). But hypocrisy goes both ways and, just as Tyler pretends not to hate SJWs so that they don't blacklist his site, the SJWs pretend not to know what a borderline rapist he is as long as he pretends to be on their side and censors all anti-feminism wrongthink on his internet community (except his own).

And so it goes on. The feminazi squad doesn't internet lynch Tyler like they have done to bigger pussies than him for a lot less than being literal sexual predators, and Tyler, in turn, masks his contempt for them and publicly supports their causes. And the rest of us just sit back and watch in glee, waiting for this to blow up.

Tyler is a racist woman hater About missing Pics
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Tyler The Murderer?

On June 24th, 2016, the Gollum of stalkers return from EDC to talk about it on his shithole safespace known as NeoGAF. While he was there at EDC a 20-year-old woman who was attending EDC was reported dead from brain damage. We know Tyler likes to stalk and hit on underage women. Coincidence? It's possible that Tyler Malka is the murderer for stalking on this poor woman to fuck her brains to death during his creeping at EDC.

EviLore's Loser World Tour

Actual quote... Not sure if that's really him in the picture.

If there is one lesson that can be learned from Tyler "EviLore" Malka is that no matter how much money you make, a nerd will be a nerd forever. Nowhere is that made more abundantly clear than in his thread about his world travels, which he had to delete because it showed everyone what a sad loser he is.

The thread was discovered by his old enemies on "Opa Ages" (the forum from the nude leaks), and they all had a mighty good laugh at his tales about going on vacation around the world, alone, and not being able to score with any women.

You see, despite having enough money not to have to actually work and being able to fly all over the world at will, Tyler is still hindered by his massive autism. All his stories detail how he went around, friendless, trying to find anyone of his internet buddies whom he had never met that would be willing to spend time with him and being rejected. He also tells of his attempt to make new friends and being rejected and his desperate attempts to fuck women and being rejected.

The entire thing is painfully cringe-worthy. Whenever Tyler gets close to a girl he starts talking to her about politics and gay internet bullshit until they literally fall asleep. Even when he spent the night with six, half naked, fully drunk and utterly horny bitches and whores, he was unable to make a move and considered it a "win" when in the morning they were walking around in their underwear (they probably didn't really think of him as a man) and he thought for a moment they were checking him out (they were probably just grossed out).

He also almost got into several fights and backed down (one guy just called him a faggot for no reason because he knew just by looking at Tyler that he wouldn't do shit), was invited to several dates and stood up, and took a bunch of drugs that were fake. Every time something like that would happen he would go back to his hotel room and post on his thread about how he could have totally beat up that guy with his ju-jitsu, how he totally would have scored with some chick if something hadn't gotten in the way, and how the drugs totally didn't have any effect on him because he's so bad-ass.

All-in-all, despite his cronies on the forum responding in praise and admiration at his exploits (not stopping for a moment to think that their hero is spending most of his expensive vacation in exotic countries, alone, in a hotel room bragging about it on the internet), everyone else saw Tyler for what he really is: A sad loser, still insecure from his days of being a chubby kid who got bullied in high school, who goes around the world alone because he has no real friends and failing to get his dick wet despite all his money, before returning home and desperately trying too hard to impress his internet friends (which was probably the only reason he went on vacation in the first place) who either honestly buy it because they are as pathetic as him or can't call him out on it without being banned.

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