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    Tyler Clementi

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    This page contains an hero.

    Tyler Clementi was a gay ginger college student who attended Rutgers University. Last Thursday, after his Azn and Arab roommates secretly filmed him taking it up the ass, Tyler made the brilliant decision of killing himself. While this appears to be your typical uninteresting teen suicide, the fact that sex, and Arabs were involved caused an Old Media shitstorm.

    Tyler Clementi was also a happy participant at cam4.com, jerking off with glee before thousands of online strangers (while keeping his real identity hidden). Of course, once the mediawhores wanted to assrape the country by making an hero of knobgobbler Tyler Clementi, this inconvenient fact was dropped down the memory hole.

    Tyler Clementi...appears to have once (under a pseudonym) posted video of himself masturbating on a site called cam4"


    Forbes Blog

    Facebook Status

    jumping off the gw bridge sorry.


    —Tyler Clementi, Brb, Suicide

    Friends and family of Tyler were alarmed when the above status was posted to Tyler's Facebook. Within moments of posting it, Clementi joined the ever growing list of homosexuals who decided death was preferable to rooming with a filthy sand nigger, and so he jumped from the George Washington Bridge.

    Rutgers University Competitive Bridge Diving Varsity Team Member

    File:Tyler Clementi 1.jpg
    Killing fags makes asians happy
    He can video chat cause his roommate doesn't need the webcam anymore.

    When he has asked to use the dorm alone for a night, Arab, his curious roommate, secretly turned on a hidden webcam from a friend's dorm room hoping to see some cunt he won't have to pay for. According to testimony, Ravi used n00b skillz to activate his webcam out of concern that his roommate's homeless friend was going to try to steal his belongings. Little did he know, it was Clementi's Ipod that was going to be stolen. Instead of girl booty, Ravi and his azn girlfriend caught a case of gay and decided to spread it around on Twitter, sharing the video feed with everyone on the internet. Even though the curious roommate had anonymously webcammed himself, on the Twitter page his real identity was posted.


    Ravi quickly decided to show everyone on the interbutts the stiff rogering that happened in his dorm. At first, no one gave a shit; it was just another video of some fags having sex, and few fapped to it. Once the backstory got out, though, the shitstorm began.

    Literal Butthurt

    On the night of the 22nd, Tyler once again asked Ravi for a night alone in the dorm. Ravi once again decided to record the whole thing on his webcam, presumably fiddling with his mustache and laughing as he did. This time, however, Tyler figured it out.

    An Hero

    Deciding that he had nothing to live for because some basement dwellers saw a grainy video of him taking it in the ass, Tyler immediately decided to jump off the George Washington bridge. At first noone cared; it was just another angsty teenager offing himself. However, when the news got out that an Arab showed everyone the faggot's cock, all hell broke loose.

    White Knight Time

    As soon as word got out that a scrawny fag killed himself, and because of a dirty Arab, no less, the story got national coverage. Hearts everywhere warmed for the selfish, insecure homo attention whore. The old media even mentioned recent homosexuality-related teen suicides that no one cared about because there were no Arabs involved. Ravioli and the Azn have been expelled and were charged with invasion of privacy and various hate crimes. In 2012, Molly Wei testified against Dharun Ravi in exchange for a reduced sentence, and Dharun Ravi was sentenced to thirty days. Even this light sentence was too much for Ravi and he has asked for a retrial.

    Next Media Animation Video

    Naturally, the folks at NMA created a reenactment of the events.


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