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    Ty the Fox

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    Cat eyes.JPG
    He's probably also autistic.
    His fursona, complete with a wet diaper.
    Why he hates 4chan: Because they hate him for stealing their memes.

    Ty the Fox, aka Tyler Thomas, is your average diaper-shitting babyfur and wannabe hacker from South Carolina. He spends his time looking after his online family, which consists of other babyfurs at the same level of sick fuckery as him. He believes that he is good at computers, shown by his ability to keep his accounts and information safe.

    Being a babyfur, Tyler believes he is 2 years old. He is also the owner of the Babyfur group on Steam, which are known to continuously terrorize crappy Valve games such as Team Fortress 2 by spraying their diaper-shitting fursonas fucking everywhere. His shitty art makes everyone else who looks at it want to kill themselves, since art of a tiger cub pissing itself is not hot.

    Tyler claims to hate 4chan and all it's inhabitants, according to a deleted FA journal, proving that Tyler is probably butthurt from when 4chan raped him in the ass before. He also probably believes the only board on 4chan is /b/, like the many other butthurt furfags who get trolled along with sick fucks like Tyler himself. Ironically he claims to be a good hacker, although has had his own accounts hacked into at least three times before. If you "hack" him however, he'll be sure to contact your local police, even though he has no idea where you live. Also, he does things "for the lolz".

    Oh, did we forget to mention he is a zoophile too?

    Tyler's Circlejerk

    Since Tyler has no real family IRL since he got disowned after they found out he was gay, Tyler got adopted in some furpile family with other babyfurs or something like that. Soon, Tyler's online family had a divorce due to furry drama, so he took his "fur daddy" as his boyfriend, proving that Tyler is into incest. Even though this is all simply furry yiff roleplay, he's actually making something out of the fact that he typefucks over the internet, and actually considers his online boyfriend seriously. Even though this has happened, he still has 10 other babyfur "brothers" in his furfag circlejerk, whom he probably yiffs with in huge furpiles daily. In fact, he's even wrote sexual fiction with these people. All in all, Tyler's online family is just his personal hugbox. In case he gets pwnt somehow, either in real life or on the internets, he will immediately return to his circlejerk to bawww.

    Meanwhile in Tyler's disbanded RL family...
    Well, after knowing my fur daddies Milo and Rask for about 5 months, Rask betrayed Milo and they broke up. I was devastated at first, but I had been with Milo since the very beginning of our RP "family", obviously being the baby son, and I was determined to stay with him. So, now I'm with my loving, cute, adorable boyfriend Milo. May our relationship be everlasting.



    It's my first time being completely ravaged like this. I've been harassed and stalked before, called names and insulted, but nothing that hit me at the core like this. Had I lost my steam account and the core of all my social interaction... I honestly don't know what I'd do.


    —He'd kill himself over a Steam account.

    I don't have many RL friends, those I do have I see very infrequently and they don't all understand me. But you guys I feel at home with, relaxed and happy. I can't function without that social interaction. It'd tear me apart.



    He trolled a babyfur with virtually no money and a logical mind. Whoop-de-fuckin-doo



    So while he thinks that I'm taking this seriously, it's a game to me as well.


    —The day before this, he was preparing to commit "digital suicide" and even asked his dad for more diapers.

    you saved me from basically digital suicide. Thank you.


    —Told you.

    Even moar: After raping his email archives, it was discovered that Tyler was Karadroth's asskisser back in the day. What a surprise. Other than that, Karadroth had some part in Tyler's family at one point, with Tyler asking him if Milo could be his "fur daddy". He is also good friends with Zareth.

    Tyler's Email

    Enough said

    Recently Tyler's email was successfully haxored into and his dox scraped from an order for adult-size diapers, which he uses to shit into, unlike the average person. Later his older account was hacked, revealing he had an account on Zetaforum, adding to his pile of sickfuckery. Being the fucktard he is, Tyler leaves every fucking email containing bank information in a folder, but due to Trolls Remorse, this was left alone (that and because he was a poorfag anyway).

    What's worse is your so called friends, just ignore all of their shit, not a lot of people understand how serious internet personalities can be, but trust me when I say it isn't going to help anything by running off. You spent time and energy building your name and cred ,why let some asshat bring you down?


    —Advice to him from a friend: Your internet identity is serious business.

    Either get some consistency or stop wasting my time by lying to me. Really fucking tired of this happening. I've tried to be patient, but seriously, you've taken what I've said and completely disregarded it. It's rather disrespectful to lead me on like this and then let me down. I kind of expected it tonight, but you had me going earlier. Thanks for the empty promise.


    —Tyler bitches at Blue Roo for not being online so that they could typefuck. He was so serious, he took screenshots.

    Tyler's Fiction and RP faggotry

    Ty the Fox {BFG} reaches around, looking for something - "My paci.... Iunno where it wents, but yuh, we can be each others' pacis!" *giggles and kisses your forehead and leans back, his crotch wide open for sucklage*



    The following chapter of a story Tyler wrote was leaked from his emails. Chapter one was fucking boring and was full of lies, such as Tyler being portrayed as a good hacker. They also try to break into some secret corporation just to steal a games console because they're too poor to afford one. Thankfully the Cops come along and arrest them both. This is an extract of an email he sent to [email protected], aka blooroo:

    Ty and Kai, almost as if on cue, both pressed their bellies, pressing around as they felt pressure from their bladder. “Let’s open that box now.” Said Ty nervously. With a nod, Kai brought the box down onto the floor and they opened it up. Inside were several bags, not marked except for a few numbers on the package, labeled “Teen – 32 to 48” and other sequences of numbers. Opening the bags, the boys discovered that they were given diapers. Ty and Kai glanced at each other nervously. Ty and Kai had a taboo secret that only they told each other about. That was that they had a desire to wear diapers. Ty had already taken his pants off, then his boxers. Blushing, Ty sat stark naked in front of Kai. Kai smiled and took his own clothes off to reassure Ty that things were fine. After seeing each other naked, Ty’s sheath began to firm up, as did Kai’s. They sat for a moment, just staring at each other’s sheaths, when Ty blushed. “You know, one way or another we’re gonna get yiffy here.” Ty stated logically. Nodding, Kai laid on his back. Ty lifted his legs and placed an unfolded diaper under him, when Kai’s tip began to peek out of his sheath.

    Tyler's FurAffinity

    Furries put people off trading card games.

    Somebody decided it would be lulzy to hack into Tyler's FailAffinity and proceed to delete fucking everything. So he did, resulting in a bunch of bawwwing furfags in group chats everywhere. The person who did it claimed to be Zareth itself, though this is probably a lie.

    This 1337 h4x0ring spree resulted in making Tyler's friends rage. An admin stepped in a short time later, and obviously couldn't be bothered to deal with this mess, thus closed the account. Later, the account was reopened and Tyler's dox removed from the profile info.

    Tyler on ED

    After seeing this article, Tyler or his friends tried to spread lies via editing it, claiming that his email address wasn't used anymore or simply just deleting fucking everything.

    Tyler on Steam

    Not only do they wear diapers, they bitch about the colours too, even though they almost always turn brown.
    There was another guy named Ty the Fox, he sounds like 30ish on the microphone, and started spraying graffiti of his fursona everywhere. Normaly, if its a normal picture, its cool and all, but for atleast an hour or so, I had to stare at this baby red fox shitting in his diaper UGHH.


    Some blogger on Tyler

    Tyler operates the Babyfur steam group, which is normally filled with announcements like "I WANT THIS FUCKING DIAPER!!!1!" or "THIS GUY IS TROLLING US! REPORT HIS STEAM PAGE!!1111". The group is partially closed due to trolls, meaning you have to be invited into the group if you really wanted to talk to a bunch of basement dwelling diaper-shitting fucktards. Whilst high and frantically changing his passwords to avoid hackers, Tyler accidentallied his password because he forgot what it was. Not to worry, he went and sent a support request, who are currently replying back to his email account, the one that's been hacked numerous times.

    The anticheat on Global Agenda also pwnt him, banning his account from the game because he was up to his 1337 h4x0r skills again. On the subject of MMOs like Global Agenda, Tyler already claimed to hate MMOs in his Steam profile.

    What's a Furry?

    Tyler also owns a Left 4 Dead 2 server known as What's a Furry? which is only used when Tyler bitches at his friends to go play on said server. Otherwise it remains unused. The server is located at

    Recently the server was hacked into and the server files deleted for lulz.

    Tyler's Cousins

    The Baker family irl, proud of the fact that they aren't raising a furfag
    Jordan Baker, saving a puppy from getting into the hands of Ty

    It appears that Tyler has cousins known as the Bakers, whom adopt chinks to save them from something or whatever. The Bakers are very fond Christians and run a boring web 1.0 website in which they post their biographies. Undeniably they are fucking amazing compared to the Thomas family, which has only a furfag, a drug-addicted father and girls still using Facebook. This is also moar proof that furries ruin lives, since the Baker family are obviously happy that they live nowhere fucking near Tyler.

    The Bakers have adopted four chinks in total, all leading completely happy lives.

    The Baker's Homepage

    Tyler's Boyfriend

    As you'd have probably guessed, Tyler's boyfriend is about as mentally retarded as Tyler him self, so much so an entire article could be written.

    Send me the note regarding all the discussions you and Ty had together. I want you to try to make me feel jealous of how "strong" your bond is when in reality, your relationship wouldn't even last a month compared to my 5 years and counting. I read most of what you told Ty and I just want to say, you want to try and break us apart, we'll come back together stronger than ever. So better be lucky you're in the UK because if I saw you and knew you treated my boyfriend like that when he tried to be considerate to your feelings even though he didn't want to break up with me, I'll make sure you'll be more comfortable being transgender by making you my bitch.


    —Furry Primates defending their mates from attackers.

    Tyler's MyFursona

    Tyler's MyFursona account was also hacked into seeing Tyler uses the same password for everything.

    BREAKING [email protected][email protected]!: Tyler is a scientologist and proud.


    And that, gentlemen, is why you secure your password when on the internets. Since Ty is the typical fucktard, he still doesn't, which is strange since babyfurs are the most lulzworthy targets on the internet.


    In case you missed the diaper delivery e-mail, Tyler lives at 310 Sugar Creek Crossing, Fort Mill, South Carolina, US and his postal code is 29715.

    Oh, and be sure to phone him on (803) 802-5182, (803)802-5781 or (803) 431-9275. Or even, you can call his mom on 803 431-3105.

    Since this article, Tyler has claimed to want to create a new identity on the internets. Obviously, that's not going to happen. Also it's apparent that he hides his diaper faggotry from his sisters.

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