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    TwistedDragon picked a very good name for himself because he's a sick, twisted fuck. He is a gay otherkin who happens to have a affinity for underage children without being underage himself. He posts his babyfuck on any sick site that allows his horrid art. Everyone on his watch list are good folks who enjoy his art style and basically worship his glorious cub art, which includes incest, vore, unbirthing, child abuse, little furry boys with HUGE dongs and little girls getting fisted by their mother. He draws a lot of dragons but because he's too much of a pussy to draw wings, You really don't know what the fuck those things are suppose to be.

    Batshit INSANE

    Its obvious that anyone who draws pictures of large babybits on little boys and girls and faps to it isn't completely there. Pictures of cubs being abused and raped by their parents aren't far from his gallery, either. Jesus, I wonder if he rubs his own shit in his hair. Basically, his whole gallery is a one way ticket to the mental ward. As if being a furry wasn't enough.

    Commission me Plllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!1one1

    Like Zer, he spends the rest of his days begging stupid motherfuckers to commission him. Like Zer's fantards, his fans jump at the opportunity to fap to his great art. Also like Zer, his commission prices are ridiculously high for such shitty, uncolored, disgusting drawings. If he wasn't a homo and if Zur wasn't a lesbian, they'd be perfect for each other.


    TwistedDragon ProfessorBob himself.

    TwistedDragon's fuckbuddy. There is something really suspicious about his so called "mate". They are the same age, they draw the same disgusting shit, and everyone knows furry babyfuckers would never meet because they don't want to realize that they all are a bunch of grown men. Yeah.....so basically, this guy doesn't exist.

    But lets pretend he does so we won't hurt TD's feelings.

    Anyway, "Faggotbob" is a splendid author who writes wonderful stories on how little boys and girls beg to get their underage ass/pussy pounded or licked out. He is a master of the written medium and I suggest reading his stories if you find yourself with far too much faith in humanity.

    Sample of TwistedDragon's faggotry

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