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This country is crap. You can help by ignoring it.

Tunisia - A Muslim Woman's Dream Hell

In Tunisia, Muslim women are the freest in the Muslim world (which isn't really saying much). In Tunisia, a woman can actually expose 10% of her body while showering, wheras in other Muslim states, they can only expose 0%. They can actually walk side by side with their husbands in public, and don't have to ask permission from their husbands to go to the bathroom or get a drink. In this progressive nation, women are allowed to scream and beg for mercy while their husbands are beating them, and to actually pick out their own burqas in a husband-approved store. They can actually get to know their husband and his other wives before marrying him, and can argue with their husband and only expect to get slapped across the face and told that a woman is incapable of holding opinions and should spend her time gainfully making sammiches, rather than getting stoned (we're talking about the really hard joint, bro. It's a knock-out.). They can also choose how they get whipped: most prefer the leather strap over the wrench.

Current events

It has been reported that sick of fucking Egyptian prostitutes, the president/dictator decided to leave the nation and go to France to pursue greater thrills. His prime-minister stepped up to now fill the vacant 'post'. Now the prime-minister runs the country with some old ministers and prepared a new democratic election, the Tunisians still aren't satisfied with this (too), so we can conclude they're not happy with anything. Now there are riots with popos running after furries and nothing you need to care about there. It all started when a fruity guy burnt himself ablaze to pose for a 'hey maw, look it me!' pic. His friends decided to roll some roaches and get some non-burqa wearing women stoned for the lulz. They didn't carry no extinguisher either. The people then decided that the self-combustion was a revolutionary act and that fruits are serious business. After all the rage in Tunisia Egypt started being mad too.

tl;dr: Tunisia is revolting.

Things you ought not to confuse with Tunisia

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