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    Tumblr panels

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    Typical Tumblr panel at top and typical anon reaction at the bottom

    There are many god-awful things that have been shat out of the dripping anus that is Tumblr, but a new kind of evil has sprouted forth, darkening the halls of the internets even further. Tumblr Panels began with the mouth-breathing Instagram-bumming masses of teenyboppers creating a new spangled way to convey their shitty emotions. This typically consists of creating a four paneled picture with their horrific mug in each one of them, contorting into grotesque expressions as they convey some brain-dead insipid point, like how they are a gurl gamer or how great iPads are or some other bollocks.


    These horrific mishmashes of hipster faces reportedly began with a picture of some self important slut creating a panel about how girls should keep their tits inside their shirt, despite this ruining some well established rules concerning females on the internet. This created various unfunny responses from other tumblrers mocking the style and claiming their boobs were lava or dolphins in a quirky, randumb and undeniably fucktarded manner. These particular panels were referred to as "Hey gurl, did you know..." panels, and their cancerous unfunniness will rot your internal organs, so keep your distance from the below gallery.

    Hey Gurl... prepare your anus. About missing Pics
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    Panel wars

    Further panels were created concerning various vomit inducing "cute" and "quirky" subjects, most commonly girl gamers, and how totally female they are. The tumblr panels were quickly found by 4chan and slathered into many rage threads on boards such as /b/ and /v/. Blood and malice was understandably flowing from anons eye sockets but there was a small pin of hope in the distance. Many retorts created were actually slightly lulzy and could effectively calm the raising pulse of a fat sweaty neckbeard. Most notorious of these being between green haired ugly GOTIS queen Morghan Alexis and some sexy witty chap commenting on her evident retardation, the proceedings of which are in the picture to the right. More and more anti-panels are being created but a diarrhea flood of faggoty rage inducing hipster fests are still pouring out of tumblr at an alarming rate, and it can be very difficult to look at them for too long without wanting to murder everyone in the near vicinity.

    Hardcore panel faggotry About missing Pics
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