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TsukiNET, or simply Tsukihi, is an irc network originally owned by Erika to succeed helldive after its death, and host channels for the various imageboards she owned before emoquiting the internet. Essentially, a smaller version of irchighway, which of course is a smaller version of weeb-hub Rizon.

While the network was home to prototypical IRC drama/happenings, the closure (or rebirth) was by far the most lulzworthy event to come out of Tsukihi, resulting in a night of backstabbing dramu~, db leaks, and opers killing eachother while delinking servers.


To summarize: shit was falling apart from the inside out.

CP attack

The Tsukihi opers (all of whom live with eachother irl, or in some similar situation) were first faced with a large-scale CP attack on one of their imageboards, forcing the host to terminate them.

Below is a log of them discussing the incident with the host, and wrongly accusing the GNAA and Meepsheep for the attack. Tsukihi/log1

And later:

(2012-07-06 12:57:33) Erika: cp attack could have been controlled
(2012-07-06 12:57:41) Erika: and my shit wouldn't have got terminated
(2012-07-06 12:57:49) Erika: except that one of the other people without much to do
(2012-07-06 12:57:52) Erika: never did
(2012-07-06 12:57:56) Erika: much
(2012-07-06 12:58:16) Erika: to say that im enraged at just that stuff
(2012-07-06 12:58:30) Erika: oh yeah
(2012-07-06 12:58:36) Erika: that was a nice little protest of frantech
(2012-07-06 12:58:45) Erika: those screencaps of those tickets
(2012-07-06 12:58:48) Erika: made it out here
(2012-07-06 12:58:58) Erika: ]and people have been trying to ruin my good reputation
(2012-07-06 12:59:21) Erika: know what it's like to have people spread lies that you're a cp trafficker?
(2012-07-06 12:59:25) Erika: i bet you don't
(2012-07-06 12:59:53) Erika: if i had more time here i'd fucking unload everything

Donation bs

Around the same time, Erika was accused of not being trustworthy with donation money, to the point that enough paranoid users were demanding to know where their money was going.

(2012-07-06 12:52:37) Erika: you know
(2012-07-06 12:52:43) Erika: if people wanna start shit with me
(2012-07-06 12:52:49) Erika: and talk shit about me behnd my back
(2012-07-06 12:52:57) Erika: i always hear about it
(2012-07-06 12:53:21) Laurelai [[email protected]] entered the room.
(2012-07-06 12:53:22) mode (+qo Laurelai Laurelai) by Octagon
(2012-07-06 12:53:44) Erika: especially shit likie
(2012-07-06 12:54:01) Erika: hearing that i couldn't be trusted with the donation money


Laurelai had briefly been living with co-oper Deviance, an ordeal that likely sparked Tsukihi's downfall. Both parties had numerous, and generally non-emo, complaints about the situation, from theft to "bleeding out of orfices that shouldnt bleed".


  • Laurelai let a cop in without a search warrant
  • Laurelai rarely helped out around the house
  • Laurelai leached off of them
  • Constantly accused of transphobia
  • Was not aware of any issues Laurelai was having
  • iPad stolen, thief may have been let in by Laurelai


  • Physical illness
  • "bleeding out of orfices that shouldnt bleed"
  • Accused of letting thief in
  • Offered food she was allergic to (Deviance replied that her allergies were not clear)
  • Deviance pushed her to watch his kid even though she's autistic and can't watch children


  • Deviance claims he was accused of spreading cp
  • Erika accuses deviance of making a power grab
    • Deviance replies that he had to take charge to run the site in Erika's absence
  • Erika accuses deviance of embezzling server money on himself
  • Erika also accused of stealing donation money


(2012-07-06 17:30:54) Deviance left the room (quit: Killed (Laurelai (0))).


(2012-07-06 17:20:46) Deviance left the room (quit: User has been permanently banned from TsukiIRC (no reason)).


(2012-07-06 17:55:18) Laurelai left the room (quit: User has been permanently banned from Sanctuary (out)).




  • Erika quits with no clear guidance on the future of the net
  • Deviance takes over and Laurelai both claim ownership
  • Hub disconnected
  • Servers getting skiddie packets
  • Laurelai and Deviance killing/glining eachother
  • zee pronounced new owner
  • zee overthrown by terrorist organization
  • partyvan.info undergo new ownership
  • Mikuchan moves to rizon
  • Laurelai rises to leader status
  • Tsukihi operations resumed
  • 4chon gets spammed with cp again after new ownership

Domain takeover

Seeing as Deviance had control over most of the domains affiliated with Tsukihi, after being expelled from the net, he pointed them to a server containing links to irc logs on the situation and db dumps on 4chon and Mikuchan, which resulted in him getting DDoSed (Aurora) until the hashed user ips were removed.

4chon screen cap.png

Laurelai on the matter

(2012-07-08 05:44:53) Laurelai: armucat: deviance was terminated for embezzling server funds
(2012-07-08 05:45:13) Laurelai: he was given 500 dollars by one of my girlfriends for server costs
(2012-07-08 05:45:26) Laurelai: and he spent the majority of it on himself
(2012-07-08 05:45:33) Laurelai: his termination was planned for weeks
(2012-07-08 05:45:41) Laurelai: but i was living with him at the time
(2012-07-08 05:45:50) Laurelai: so we had to wait until i was out of there
(2012-07-08 05:46:00) Chrysta: so
(2012-07-08 05:46:11) Laurelai: and speak of the devil
(2012-07-08 05:46:15) Laurelai: heres the donator
(2012-07-08 05:46:18) Chrysta: there may have been a 200 setup fee after all, but
(2012-07-08 05:46:23) Chrysta: I have no confirmation of that
(2012-07-08 05:46:26) Laurelai: no
(2012-07-08 05:46:30) Laurelai: there wasnt
(2012-07-08 05:46:31) Chrysta: it's not on any of the invoices
(2012-07-08 05:46:43) Laurelai: i was living with him
(2012-07-08 05:46:52) Laurelai: he bragged that it had no setup fee
(2012-07-08 05:47:08) Chrysta: ah
(2012-07-08 05:47:16) Chrysta: it's $20 more a month without
(2012-07-08 05:47:26) Chrysta: that's it then
(2012-07-08 05:47:37) Laurelai: well if its not invoced it never happened
(2012-07-08 05:47:43) Laurelai: invoiced*
(2012-07-08 05:47:54) Chrysta: yeah only 2 invoices
(2012-07-08 05:48:01) Chrysta: oh
(2012-07-08 05:48:09) Chrysta: and he messaged me
(2012-07-08 05:48:21) Laurelai: and armucat Chrysta here can confirm the conditions i was subjected to there
(2012-07-08 05:48:28) Laurelai: Chrysta: what did he say
(2012-07-08 05:48:39) armucat: what was erika talking about being accused of being untrustworthy with donation money?
(2012-07-08 05:49:00) Laurelai: armucat: ok
(2012-07-08 05:49:03) Chrysta: "Yes hello Deviant here. Please tell laurelai to leave me be. She keeps running her mouth after I gave you the data. :/"
(2012-07-08 05:49:06) Laurelai: deviance told me
(2012-07-08 05:49:16) Laurelai: that the reason erika wasnt allowed to handle the money
(2012-07-08 05:49:26) Laurelai: was he heard rumors that erika was spedning it on herself
(2012-07-08 05:49:27) Laurelai: ect
(2012-07-08 05:49:29) Laurelai: but
(2012-07-08 05:49:32) Laurelai: as we now know
(2012-07-08 05:49:42) Laurelai: clearly he just wanted the money for himself
(2012-07-08 05:49:52) Chrysta: correct
(2012-07-08 05:50:22) Chrysta: holy shit
(2012-07-08 05:50:31) Chrysta: 337.99 GB transfered
(2012-07-08 05:50:41) Chrysta: in
(2012-07-08 05:50:44) Chrysta: hmm
(2012-07-08 05:50:45) Laurelai: Chrysta: he was using the servers to download torrents
(2012-07-08 05:50:52) Chrysta: oh
(2012-07-08 05:50:55) Chrysta: ok
(2012-07-08 05:51:24) Laurelai: thats a lot of porn tbh
(2012-07-08 05:51:25) Laurelai: lol
(2012-07-08 05:51:36) Chrysta: we have 4 ips
(2012-07-08 05:51:39) Chrysta: fuck
(2012-07-08 05:51:40) Laurelai: cool
(2012-07-08 05:51:40) armucat: so someone is being a sherrod v2 with the money :P
(2012-07-08 05:51:48) Laurelai: armucat: yes
(2012-07-08 05:51:55) Laurelai: and
(2012-07-08 05:52:00) Laurelai: what really got my goat
(2012-07-08 05:52:11) Laurelai: is when his fucking girlfriend came on
(2012-07-08 05:52:20) Laurelai: and said i wasnt really trans
(2012-07-08 05:52:26) Laurelai: that i was "confused"
(2012-07-08 05:52:32) Laurelai: thats when the banhammer flew
(2012-07-08 05:52:34) armucat: i remember that
(2012-07-08 05:53:08) Laurelai: also
(2012-07-08 05:53:13) Laurelai: the network will continue on
(2012-07-08 05:53:20) Laurelai: we are in no danger of dying
(2012-07-08 05:53:33) Chrysta: unless i scratch myself to death
(2012-07-08 05:53:36) Laurelai: ha
(2012-07-08 05:54:09) Chrysta: *youth drop-in hours for individuals aged 14-24, Wednesdays 5 to 7 p.m.
(2012-07-08 05:54:45) Chrysta: i just make the cutoff
(2012-07-08 05:56:09) Laurelai: armucat: also he was compelled to remove the sql databases
(2012-07-08 05:56:27) Laurelai: *someone* slapped his shit until he did
(2012-07-08 05:56:30) Laurelai: :P
(2012-07-08 05:57:09) armucat: i'm about to black out from need of sleep right now
(2012-07-08 05:57:27) armucat: should i copypaste this in to the talk page or do you want to add your side yourself?
(2012-07-08 05:57:41) Laurelai: nah go ahead


20:23  Deviance: Regarding the $500 situation it was used towards the server bills but I also mentioned it was used for personal expenses to help around the house and support Laurelai. Which was used for food. I did tell Chrysta about this and she didn't mind.
20:24  Deviance: And regarding Neko with the past donations
20:24  Deviance: It was rumored but never verified as far as I knew.
20:24  Deviance: And as for the file transfer it wasn't porn
20:25  Deviance: Just stuff for the server and a lot of activity on the sites.
20:25  Deviance: Used to plow about 300gb per month when we rolled with frantech.
20:25  Deviance: But yeah I did torrent now and then if I needed to snag something quick.
20:25  Deviance: But it didn't effect the network at all.
20:26  Deviance: And as for the Tranphobe shiz. Yeah if I was she wouldn't of been in my house period.


After more irl drama with Laurelai, this time relating to NekoArc who still technically "owned" the net, she kicked out Laurelai both irl and oti and resumed operations as if nothing had happened (sans Laurelai).

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