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The only defense against a troll is this card.
This troll is also a jew. Notice the bulbous nose, large ears, and use of candle to save moniez

Maximum trolling64.gif

The term "troll" has, over the past few decades, evolved for some into an ideology with a distinct methodology. Seen by many as "Internet Eugenics" - ridding the tubes of idiots, people who take themselves too seriously, bloggers and the like. Others even go to the extent of idealizing it to the point of qualifying the likes of Socrates as such; clearly outreaching from the more common consensus that trolling as we understand it originated on the Internet. However you see it, trolling has become omnipresent on the Internet; for the better and the worse.

Nowadays, term has often been bastardized and brutally abused by retards (See: Bronies) to describe someone with a differing opinion about something, and by 14 year olds with trollface avatars who believe themselves to be TROL MASZTERSZ, although the primary usage is still presenting intentional logical fallacies or behaving in seemingly irrational ways with the intention of provoking a humorous and boisterous response.


This is a camper, often mistaken for a troll.

Whitney Phillips, a PhD student at the University of Oregon, studied trolls for her doctorate. She says they are mostly men in their 20s and early 30s, usually college-educated and intelligent.


The Daily Mail

Trolling is a method, a style of rhetoric and action. It can be used for constructive or destructive purposes. Some of the greatest champions of Western philosophy have implemented the troll method.



You look for someone who is full of it, a real blowhard. Then you exploit their insecurities to get an insane amount of drama, laughs and lulz. Rules would be simple: 1. Do whatever it takes to get lulz. 2. Make sure the lulz is widely distributed. This will allow for more lulz to be made. 3. The game is never over until all the lulz have been had.


New York Times

That, I believe, is what being a troll is about. Saying what needs to be said at the right time.



Trolls are assholes who think they rule the Internet.


A very butthurt Autobot.

In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into a desired emotional response.



Trolling is a art.


Obvious troll

Hunter of Trolls

Moar info: The Troll Hunter.
VonHelton: I will get you!

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Trolling is a art


Stalin was a pretty gifted troll.

Many people have put forward various different possible origins of the term "trolling". The most widely accepted one is that it started in the late 80s/early 90s on alt.folklore.urban where it meant reposting questions and topics that had been repeatedly overdone. In this sense, it was a harmless way of “baiting” new users into replying and making arses of themselves. Trolling here coming from the fishing technique where you bait one or more lines and slowly reel the fish in if they bite. Much like trolling for fish, making the bait appealing by upkeeping suspension of disbelief is the key to success.

What Trolling is not

Over the years, cases of amateur failtrolls and users on the losing side of an argument have created a misconception about what trolling really is. Some interwebs users think that now yelling TROLO and UMAD will make them a successful troll. Many 13 year old boys have found the internet an excellent place to get on their soapbox and spout unsolicited opinions, which is the major cause of arguing on the internet. Trolling both sides, though entertaining, is a very easy form of trolling and thus is often used by newer, inexperienced trolls. As it's become commonplace, it's also become a common excuse for a user who loses an internet argument. To say that they never intended to win the argument the entire time is a justification for their inadequate argument skills.

Since then, the definition of trolling (through eliciting an argument) has devolved into anyone trying to elicit an argument altogether. Though this technically fits the definition of the troll, the intention behind arguing is what makes the difference. Remember: to be considered a troll, the user must have had the intention of trolling from the beginning. If there isn't some subtle hint of the intention to troll during the argument, the user is either a failtroll or a fail arguer.

Additionally, as stated before, many interwebs users only choose to argue as an excuse to spout their unwanted opinions. By failing, the troll has given that user an excellent excuse to do so; causing the troll to backfire and thus troll himself.

Trolling used to mean something

How to identify a Troll

Despite the small size of each of them,trolls pose a great threat to mankind and all the internets by possessing incredibly high numbers

Most people who identify as a troll are, unsurprisingly, 12 year old kids with nothing of value to contribute, people angered by a ban, or users upset that no one pays attention to them. As expected, the only harm they do is make themselves look like butthurt idiots. Typically their posts are overly abusive, conspicuous and badly written. The topics are generally well known to be abused by Trolls and the poster would never be able to pass for genuinely interested in their question because of it. A good troll on the other hand is usually extremely difficult to out: knowing what they're doing, they are able to bluff through a whole argument, giving the impression that they're truly interested in the topic while watching the whole community go down on the thread in a mass of flame wars, ad hominem attacks and much generally much anger.

Generalization of Trolling

This is what good trolls do to forums.

Trolling usually consists of posting content that is intended to spark up a Flame War, Shitstorm, Internet fallout and the like, mainly for the entertainment of the Troll and his/her "friends". Another reason advanced by the infamous Jason Fortuny of the "Craigslist Experiment" is that trolling is a means of "finding answers about human behaviour". Of course, Jason is an idiot and generally shunned by most internet users so his opinion is neither particularly valuable nor interesting. Whatever the motives are, observing or posting a good troll is just simply exciting.

The content varies widely; it can be anything from yet another new troll face/endless variation of a meme on 4Chan to the classic vim vs. emacs on the Ubuntu forums. Whatever is used, an important aspect of trolling consists of knowing what you are doing: there’s nothing more tiresome than some kid trying to be cool OTI by being overly aggressive and refusing to admit that he failed. Generally speaking, a Troll is finding a way of initiating angst in idiots for amusement and in the hope that anyone allowing themselves to be hurt by someone on the other side of the planet will leave the Internet.

The Trolls' Theme Song

How to Troll Trolls

Moar info: Trolls Trolling Trolls.

Many trolls take great pride in their self-proclaimed troll mastery, and feel as if they are experts on how trolling should or should not be done.

  • One of the best ways to get all the trolls up in arms is, to claim something as epic trolling and brag exuberantly about it.
  • It won't be long before the ragefaced trolls come out of the woodwork to tell you exactly why you aren't a troll and just how stupid you are.
  • The best part about trolling trolls is, when you get a handful of trolls in the same thread, it's like tying badgers on crack to each other by the tail.

Trolling methods

Mastery over trolling methods is not what makes a master troll, but rather the implementation of these methods. A good parallel would be comparing cooks to chefs. A master troll creates and implements his or her own recipes, and begins as a career troll, giving priority to the rigorous study, practice, and combining of the areas of properly executed logical fallacies, social science, drama-generating techniques, and the identification and appreciation of other trolls.

A good tip to remember when trolling is to make people rage without actually giving away too much. Think of it as standing on a line, but not crossing it. Make your arguments/responses/questions seem logical and reasonable yet almost extremist. Tyyp1NG liek a fucktard and using 1337 can help when trolling a Grammar Nazi or other retards, if you don't overdo it.

Admitting to trolling will also nullify your status as a troll, making you a failtroll. The troll is by and large a silent hero in the shadows and lives by this honor; he is Anonymous. There can be some liberties made towards close acquaintances of the troll who may already know his intentions.

College Students Show How To Deal With Trolls

Different kinds of Troll

Inside the mind of a troll

Most people calling themselves trolls tend to focus on a single medium, be it YouTube, online video games, forums or IRC.

  • Haters: One of the more common flavours of troll, these guys will be found on YouTube and other content sharing websites often tearing the shit out of vloggers, attention whores, whiney cry-babies, stupid kids, talentless hacks and other helmet heroes.
  • Griefers: As the haters are on YouTube, the griefers are present in most video games. Spamming the in-game chat window, rule-breaking, teamkilling, camping, spawnkilling, and hacking are some of the preferred means of trolling a online gaming community.
  • Perverts: Not to be confused with furfags and actual sick fucks, these freaks stalk anonymous chat websites like Omegle and often post images of dicks, sext unsuspecting strangers or groom young girls with the intent to creep them the fuck out; Or maybe they are just that perverted. In the latter case, ignore this section as if it never existed.
  • Religious Fundamentalists: This troll will pose as a religious nut from one of the big three demographics, and will spew forth whatever religious nonsense sounds good, and wrap it up with some verses from the Bible, Quran, Pretentiapaedia or whatever. Commonly found posting on Atheist/religious moderate forums, videos, and other such outlets.
  • Grammar Nazis: These guys get off to making dyslexic imbeciles, pretentious assholes and Americunts rage by pointing out their poor grammar. They can be found anywhere there's a comments section or chat. Do not confuse them with actual pedants.
  • Sad Fucks: These losers are obsessed with trolling to the point that it is no longer a pass-time and they themselves become butthurt cry-babies that are easily trolled. Try to avoid becoming one of these cunts.
  • Shitposters: These guys have small attention spans and usually just spam copypastas or try to mind fuck people. Plenty of noobs online are gullible enough to take the bait though and often write a tl;dr butthurt reply to an obvious troll, prompting the Shitposter to copy the noobs message and repeat it to them, turning it into a micro-meme, shitposting it to another random victim who will repeat the process again or some shit.

Victims & Enemies of Trollkind

It should come as of no surprise that trolls would have many victims. After all, that is the aim of the game. Here are just a few of those commonly victimized by trolls.

Just like victims, it should also be no surprise that they have enemies too. These folks can actually stop trolls! But not for long.

Notable Trolling Organizations

Many trolling organizations have been created over the years. Some are/were brilliant, while the vast majority were terrible. Typically seeing the same users over several groups, trolling organizations tend to gently merge over time.


File:Bantown Class of 2006.jpg
Bantown Class of 2006

Bantown was one of the most productive troll "organizations" to grace the Internet. Being a loose group composed of illustrious trolls and kewl kids such as Weev, Revmischa, Crayolacrime, Hepkitten, Mediacrat, Aardvark, Oclet, Wattage and OldDirtyBtard, Bantown gave us amazing trolls, outstanding scripts to flood IRC, and fun times.

Well known trolls by #Bantown regulars:

  • Lulzcon performance by Weev and Revmischa on the infamous Firefox Java exploit.
  • Raping Freenode by acquiring Rob Levin's operserv and nickserv passwords.

Other achievements:

See also: Crapflood


Moar info: GNAA.
Corporate logo of the GNAA

The Gay Nigger Association of America™ was created in January 2003 by timecop (President and CEO) and jesuitx (Vice President) to protect the rights and interests of all men of African and Homosexual persuasions. Starting their operations in a grandiose manner: trolling Slashdot using ASCII art logos representing the organization and satirical news releases pertaining to the contents of Slashdot articles, the GNAA, currently under the presidency of Murdox following weev's incarceration, continues to push the frontiers of trolling ever further.

Some of the more lulz-worthy trolls delivered by GNAA members are:

Did you know Goatsec CEO Andrew Auernheimer has been arrested on bogus drug possession charges, materials clearly on his person for religious use?


Rainbow trololo
This video proves that Fox News still doesn't know
Troll The Musical
Troll Propaganda Recruitment Video


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