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    Trigun is one of the most overrated animus since Neon Genesis Evangelion. Trigun is what you get if every 13 year-old boy on deviantART were put in charge of making an anime I.E. making Mary Sue characters that have super 1337 skills taking on hordes of bad guys and not break a sweat. The story is about this Mary-Sue being impossibly awesome while having a dark mysterious past. But it's okay because he's OMG sooooooo wacky! If you consider flailing around like a moron while screaming for no reason and at the same time having a dark mysterious past the pinnacle of good character development... then congratulations, you're a moron, or a Trigun fan.

    Episode Structure

    Every fanboy squirts their load to this picture.

    Typical episodes will go something like this:

    • Opening shot in a peaceful town/settlement.
    • Vash shows up and acts like a retard.
    • A big bad guy shows up and proceeds to rape the town.
    • Vash acts even more retarded
    • Most of the episode builds up how seemingly invincible the bad guy is.
    • Vash acts like a retard some more.
    • OH NOEZ!!1 the bad guy is going to hurt someone!
    • Vash gets serious for a split second and goes to stop the bad guy.
    • The bad guy rightfully decides to kick Vash's ass.
    • Vash 'tards it up some more
    • Vash turns the tables and kicks the bad guy's ass.
    • Everyone is surprised and the bad guy goes, "What? that's impossible!"
    • Vash leaves town, and everyone thanks him for being awesome
    • Roll credits


    • Vash the Stampede: A Mary-Sue with super saiyan hair whose the epitome of what every 13-year-old boy percieves as cool, but to the rest of us is just juvenile and annoying. He has a bounty placed on his head, for the destruction of the city of July. However, he cannot remember the incident clearly due to his amnesia. What's that? an anime character who's an expert fighter but has no memory of his past? How original! He's a huge moralfag, wandering through the desert spreading LUV & PEAS wherever he goes. Every fanboy wants his coat so they can pretend to be as cool as he is, putting it in their closet next to their Silk Screen Goku Shirt.
    • Meryl Strife: - A.K.A. Anime Courtney Cox, is the resident strong independent woman, A.K.A. babysitter to Vash in all of his man-child glory. She's ridiculously dedicated to her job. Where most normal people would say, "Fuck this shit!" after their first run in with bandits she goes so far as to getting shot at, blown up, and almost raped just to keep an eye on Vash. Like all women trapped in a middle schoolers fanfiction she secretly craves the main character's cock.
    • Millie: A.K.A. Anime Jennifer Anniston, an aspie and Meryl's partner. Her retarded behavior is supposed to be seen as funny but really she only serves as the token airhead who occasionally is the voice of reason, then she quickly goes back to being retarded.
    • Jew: a hook-nosed Jew going around spreading the word of Jesus. Mostly out of guilt for his people killing their lord. He claims to be a poor drifter spreading the word of god, yet he travels around in a really nice suit, and some fabulous bling that is also a gun. The cross he carries is supposed to represent his sins, and since he obviously has a huge crush on Vash that must mean he's trying to fight his homo-tendencies.
    • Rem: Moralfag who taught Vash to be a moralfag as well. Somehow she really fucked up teaching Knives and caused him to become a murdering sociopath. She is killed by Knives for the lulz, but not before telling Vash to take care of Knives.
    • Legato Bluesummers: An emo faggot with a huge hard-on for making Vash suffer. He's given the power of telepathy and is the only person Vash ever willfully kills.
    • Knives: Vash's troll of a brother who kills people for the lulz.
    • The Cat: A cat that serves no purpose to the story is prominently featured in every friggin' episode. It's just some random black cat that appears for no discernible reason, stays around for like 2 seconds and then is never seen again for the rest of the episode. The only reason it's there because people think it's OMG S0 kAwAii!!!!1!

    The Fans

    The Trigun fanbase mostly consists of seventh graders and neckbearded man-children who hang out at comic and hobby shops stinking up the place. While the former believes that being mysterious and a great gun fighter is a fresh new way of characterization, they can be forgiven for being wrong because as we all know children are stupid. The latter however are all twenty somethings that still read anime and attend comic conventions long after it would be seen as cute, which now borders on sad/creepy. Since this is roughly 80% of 4chan, the trolling potential to be had is extraordinary.

    Any negative talk of this animu will cause /a/ to shit bricks.


    • Say that Trinity Blood is better
    • Complain about the ham-fisted morality
    • Go on a forum and make a rant about how the characters are two dimensional
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Trigun Videos

    This video pretty much sums up the whole series.

    Weird Al makes this animu MORE WACKY!!


    • Action: 6/10: The action is sort-of decent once it gets going, but first they'll make you sit through ten-minutes of the characters trash-talking eachother, followed immediatly by the big baddie saying, "WHAAAAAT??? HOW COULD I BE DEFEATED BY THE LIKES OF YOU??????"
    • Lulz: 2/10: Only comes from trolling fans.
    • Faggotry 8/10: All the men in this anime want to buttsex with Vash, there's hardly any image you'll find of him successfully making it with a woman except Meryl. But she looks like a man anyway.

    Oh, one more thing...

    See Also

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