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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
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Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.


With UMassachusetts
U get massive jew tits!

Trigglypuff, a fat SJW Pokémon.
Confirmed as the TrigglyStayPuft Marshmallow Woman!

Twitter-favicon.png #Trigglypuff, aka Cora Miriam, Cora Segal or Cora Gales, is a fat social justice warrior who won the hearts of the Internet in April 2016 after attending a speaking engagement to protest Steven Crowder, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Christina Hoff Sommers.

She is rumored to be the antagonist Trigglystaypuff Marshmallow Woman in the sequel to the Ms. Male version of Ghostbusters. One thing, however, is certain. You will not find a sadder specimen of the human female. Being a fantastic hambeast is the least of her problems. Even if she wasn't so fat that she would be a fire hazard if she could manage the energy to rub her gelatinous inner thighs together, she sure is really damn ugly. The kind of ugly that, having been subjected to it, makes your shoulders involuntarily shudder in the same way it does watching someone grind their nut-sack off with a rotary tool.

The culmination of everything that can go wrong with human genetics, she lives as a testament to the potential failures of the kind of human compassion that saves the lives of retards, downies, and other freaks nature would see incompatible with life and dispose of without human intervention. Especially when you consider the morbid possibility this thing could be fertile. One drunken shag from a thirsty nigger away from multiplying and further sullying the gene-pool, you will not find a more pathetic life form that has ever managed to make it 20 feet away from the putrid vagina it crawled from and live let alone make it to adulthood.

She's also a body positive feminist. She is an autistic neurodiversity advocate, and thinks about herself like an Einstein or a Gates even though she is doomed to live on welfare.

How this phenomenon started

Jigglypuff is a weak Pokémon known for its ability to induce sleep with its song. Trigglypuff is a strong, empowered Poké Ball known for her ability to prevent the free exchange of ideas with her shrieking.
Trigglypuff summed up for all who think this article's going to be tl;dr. Protip: It is.

Up to 2016, Universities and colleges in the United States and Europe succumbed to years of upright leftist hippie brainwashing and are now the havens for young people deeply devoted to Social Justice activism. For these people, the main cause of everything that is wrong with the world is the dreadful Capitalist Cishet Christian White Male Patriarchy which is the cause of oppression, bigotry, inequality and discrimination of diverse, disenfranchised communities (LGBTIQ+, People of Color, Latinos, Asians, Muslims, the Not conventionally beautiful, the Disabled, etc.), and so every single aspect of the human civilization (from science and religion to leisure activities like television, animation, comedy, tabletop and video games) must be invested in fighting the alleged perpetrators of such conducts and bring back the voices of the underprivileged.

This unholy union of Feminism, Marxism, entitlement and race Self-hate, created a plethora of militant unfunny buzzkills whose only purpose in life is to impose their twisted worldview onto others using whatever dirty tactics they can (lies, bigotry accusations, character assassination, ad-hominem and libel) and, at the same time, to pose as victims of undeserved harassment, as they claim their lives are put in jeopardy any single time someone who can see through their bullshit, exposes them as the lazy, egotistical, hero complex ridden and cruel fucks they really are.

Paradoxically, by trying to be "non-conformist" to consumerist standards of beauty, they uniformed themselves to the point they're easily identifiable, and in the case of "womyn", the odds that a "curvaceous" girl with dyed hair, tattoos, thick frame glasses, piercings and has a Tumblr profile where she discusses her pansexual and genderqueer sexual preferences, is in fact a Social Justice Warrior are near to 100%. Important examples are Big Red, Laci Green, Zoe Quinn, Anita $arkeesian, Rebecca Watson, Nostalgia Chick, Randi Harper and the main topic of this article.

Enter the Yiannopoulos

This banner demonstrates the creative prowess of the protestors

Milo Yiannopoulos was a Greek/Jewish nobody who enjoyed having his anus filled with Pakistani cum and it was like that for quite some time until he gained notoriety thanks to a controversy related to leftist infestation in videogames, and then having sided with the butthurt Elliot Rodger's wannabes who couldn't play Dead or Alive without being lectured by the aforementioned ugly fat blobs. Yiannopoulos, since then, decided to mock the Social Justice Warriors and their agenda to the point of "debating" them in their own safe houses.

"The Dangerous Faggot Tour", his trolling conferences, were met (predictably) with protests and boycotts from SJW's who were outraged as Yiannopoulos not only mocked their beliefs but one of their cornerstone deflection tactics; the Trigger Warning.

The infamous video that started the meme legend

Once Yiannopoulos and Hoff Sommers started their "conference" at the UMass Amherst in April 2016, rather than let them speak and enrich the market of ideas and debate that is allegedly the modern University, Cora and her fellow activists started handing out pamphlets to the audience in which they accused the organizers and speakers of the conference of being Rape apologists, Transphobics, Misogynists, Racists and that everything they say is "Hate Speech". When that failed, she threw a childish tantrum by screaming and insulting Christina H. Sommers any time she tried to speak which ended in what is probably the perfect summary of this debacle:

trigglypuff — Stop talking to us like children!

Hoff Sommers — Then stop acting like a child!


—Hoff Sommers, ArchiveToday-favicon.pngGetting SJW BTFO


Just the Trigglypuff stuff

Captioned for the hearing impaired

Paul Joseph Watson on Trigglypuff

Based Mary's Trigglypuff experience

More footage from BasedMary

Trigglypuff makes it to Fox News
It's a fallacy to use footage of a clearly mentally ill person shouting Leftist slogans as an indictment of the Left as a whole #trigglypuff.


ArchiveToday-favicon.pngA concerned person on twitter, Who apparently doesn't know that SJW modus operandi is to regard conservatives as Virgin Nazi Skinheads whose hobby is to beat women. This person probably also means to imply that she is not fit for being a voice of the Left even though she has been giving lectures on fat acceptance

After having witnessed this sad display of immaturity, denizens of the Internet started to search for an appropriate nickname for this poor soul and they accepted the name given to her by a British /pol/ack

Pol Trigglypuff 01.png

The rest is meme history…

A meme SO GOOD it got censored by imgur

Keeping true to be the appendix to the cancer of the Internet known as Reddit, imgur decided to ban all search queries for trigglypuff on their shitty website, so now the only way it can get clicks is from Reddit. Great job on making your diminishing website even more irrelevant, when better alternatives like anonmgur exists!. Enjoy losing clicks.

TrigglyPuff imgur search query 1.jpg

TrigglyPuff imgur search query 2.jpg


It seems that Cora thinks, naively, that a sane handsome man could lay a finger on her without vomiting and believes that what a man looks for in a woman is someone who shares the same ideologies with them and not a healthy, young, slender woman with a hour-glass body shape who has not been brainwashed with feminism and identity politics. The fact that she puts "queer" in her profile also denotes that she is aware that the only pity sex she could get is from other intoxicated and ugly fat dykes and the inevitable fate for her and her vagina is the Lesbian Bed Death. That's before they see the video of her flapping her bingo wings and going berserk. Those big flappy fuckers can fly a boeing 747.

Use scrollbar to see the full image

Triggly Puff Dating Profile.jpg

You should message me if

1. You're radical (or an anarchist as well!) and we share ideologies



It is not a coincidence that this person looks a great deal like that lightsaber fat kid - the acting out physically. Autism is underdiagnosed in females, and feminists are female autistics. That's why they have such terrible trouble negotiating ordinary human interaction, that's why they can't tell the difference between rape and consensual sex without a diagram and a checklist. They just can't cope with stuff that normal people have no problems with.

Trigglypuff is autistic. Look at her. Look at the way she acts, the way she moves. Autistic. Understand that, and you will understand third-wave feminism.


Gallery of Bingo Wings About missing Pics
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