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    Trickshotting (otherwise known as Dickshotting, trolling or utter stupidity) is a pointless feat that 13-year old boys instated in Call of Duty. It involves jumping off of high buildings, spinning around, and doing a bunch of pointless gun switching to make their so called "skilled shot" more enjoyable. This has created a legion of undying faggots to make the game even more shittier than it already was established to be.


    How it really started

    Trickshotting started on Call of Duty 4:Modern Gayfare as a method of humiliation to other players. Players would spin around on the ground (a 360) and do random shit. Players soon enough found an exploit in the game called a bounce, in which they could jump onto an object and launch themselves over 9000 feet into the fucking air. At first, people just jumped onto the motherfucking objects, and did a 'hardscope' (aiming down your sights.) Over time, people got fed up with these shots so they decided to start spinning in the air like a child with Down's Syndrome. They also added in things like Claymore 'cancels', which are in essence a bunch of button mashes which trickshotters consider to be skilful among other retarded variations.

    Then this fat bastard called Grizz came along and got all the 10 year olds on the block doing it. This here marked the beginning of dickshotting as we know it today smeared all over YouTube.


    If you want to learn to trickshot, you have to keep in mind YouTube expectations. Back in 2010 a 'no-scope' across the map was fine. But now if you hit a 'no-scope' all the 10 year old boys will brew up a shitstorm and scream at you down the mic for being shit and not playing the game properly. You will need to hit a 1385987938597893872982 degree wrist twist finger click suck your own dick reverse claymore cancel catwalk fakie temperrr throwing knife across the map no-scope quad wallbang and screaming at the top of your lungs (very important) to get the least bit of positive feedback.

    You will also need:

    • A Hauppage HD-PVR
    • A small penis
    • Have a friend on the other team to stand still since you can't trickshot properly


    • Don't play the objective or use any gun other than a sniper rifle. Defeat the purpose of the game.
    • Make sure it's a bolt action sniper rifle or else you're getting called a bad kid.
    • Slap on FMJ to help you with your dickshotting, and make your shots look 1337SICK.
    • If you are playing Modern Shitfare 2, vote to skip any map other than Terminal or Highrise, as they are the only decent ones.
    • Load up a Search and Rape lobby.
    • Climb up to a high spot in the map and attempt your dickshots.

    PROTIP: Slap on Commando Pro in order to prevent An hero-ing

    • Miss, miss, miss, and miss again.
    • Rage and plant the bomb to extend your faggotry.
    • For the remainder of the match, continue to miss your shots.
    • If someone hits a 'billcam', scream like a little 5 year old boy until the other players suffer from amnesia.
    • Repeat for the rest of the day.
    • Upload your trickshots to YouTube and get 'known'.

    Ways to fuck with trickshotters

    There are in fact ways to toy with trickshotters themselves.

    All you need are the following below


    - Marathon, any gun with akimbo slapped on them. This will make them rage quit.


    - If you suck at the game and have to resort to camping like a bitch, follow the trickshotters slowly and hide in a corner near them with a nooby weapon.

    Special ways

    - One Man Army Noob Tube (The most lulzy)

    - Hardscoping (using the sniper how it's meant to be used)

    - Killing yourself

    - Rocket launchers

    - Trapping that son of a bitch in a corner.

    Trickshotting Clans on YouTube

    Yep, they exist. There are thousands of clans and YouTube videos of people doing the same boring shit over and over again, and wanking over their killcams. Many trickshotters will set up 6-man lobbies and go into public search and destroy lobbies to 'set up' their trickshits (where the last alive person proceeds to do nothing.) Then once a shot has been recorded, it will be send to an editor to do fuck all to the actual clip other than colour correcting it and adding in some 3D block writing to make it look like if Instagram had a record feature. When the edit is finished, it is uploaded to YouTube. After that, convince your gullible audience that all of the trickshots are real and not set up.

    Clans don't last long either, for about a week at most. The aim of these clans is to get partnered and make money off of doing the same shit over and over for the whole dickshotting community to fap to and get suckered in to subscribing since there are subliminal messages throughout the video. Once they have finished fapping over their shots, the 10 year old kids fight and argue about them, as seen in the video below.

    Britfag clans at their best.

    The goal of every 10 year old kid is to get into FaZe, the biggest clan as of yet with 1.5 million subscribers. The question of why anyone would want to subscribe to them will likely remain unanswered for at least 100 years. Videos that FaZe upload include killcam episodes and commentaries on how hard living with autism is.

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