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Trey Eric Sesler

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Trey Sesler
Nationality: Americunt  MiniflagUSA.png
Highscore Killed 3, injured 0
Top 25? Fuck no
Style Single player
An Hero? No

Trey Eric Sesler, known as anime reviewer Mr. Anime on YouTube, went postal at his home on March 20th, 2012, killing his parents and brother. The fucker did this to try to protect them from how batshit insane he was, you know, by shooting the crap out of them. He had plans to shoot up a local high school because massacre fetish, but got arrested first. Cho Seung-Hui's high score remains unchallenged.

Trey is 22 years old, meaning he likely had been free of high school for four years. What caused this monumental grudge? Or, was it, in fact, because his pet ferret was Osama in disguise who needed some dipshit to create a distraction so that he could flee the country (again)?

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If there's anything worse than watching anime, it's watching somebody talk about anime. Mr. Anime also did vlogs and film shorts.

On the recent shootings in the U.S. (Apr 4, 2009)

Mr. Anime meets Inuyasha

Serial Killer Documentary (Parody)

Mr. Anime Reviews: Death Note

The Kicker

Sword Showdown

Most Mr. Anime videos seem surprisingly normal, albeit the quality you would expect from the site that gave us Fred. The last three videos uploaded range from ironic to slightly eerie.

February 13th

Notable mostly for the highly ironic name, he tries to pimp his upcoming blog videos, and an upcoming break in anime review videos. He was right about one thing.

March 8th

In this video, Trey tries to justify basement dwelling as a potentially legitimate career. His NEETness became of point of contention with his father, a successful teacher.

Technically, since I did a little Googling, I don't totally consider myself a NEET.


And as for me, a neet? No! I like to get out and do a little fun sometimes.


So you know what? To hell with whoever says that you're not in employment or training or whatever status zero, fuck that shit. It's nothing but propaganda.


March 13th

The good news is that I now have found a full-time job in a department that I am interested in, which is film.


I'll still be doing anime reviews, but probably not as many, 'cause this job will be full time.


I'm gonna be doing some good stuff.


Events of March 20th

The House
Reports say neighbors called 911 around 5:30 p.m. Monday after hearing shots being fired from the Sesler’s home, but when officers arrived they didn’t find anything.

It is unclear why Waller County Sheriff’s deputies decided to go back to the home for a second time on Tuesday, but when they arrived around 1:00 p.m. they found the bodies.

An arrest warrant was issued for the younger Sesler Tuesday afternoon and he was arrested Tuesday night after Texas Department of Public Safety troopers spotted him in Magnolia in his 2010 black Ford Mustang.


The Greenwich Diva

He declined to discuss a motive for the family's killing, but said, "We are aware of some difficulties that have been between dad and son." He said the father had certain expectations of the 22-year-old who was still living at home, and the two sometimes clashed about that.

He was interrogated for hours by Texas Rangers and the FBI, according to Sheriff Smith.

"His demeanor, it is quiet, he is respondent. He will tear up sometimes. He realizes the severity of this but none of us ever know 100 percent what is in that individual's mind and what he's thinking," Smith said.

When asked by Local 2 Investigates about the mass-shooting plot now tied to Sesler, Smith would only say he believes it was caught in time.

The sheriff said he is trying to track down other friends who may have been aware of the mass shooting plot, but he said investigators had a tough task ahead to locate anyone who may have been conversing with him online.

Graded Score

Graded score
Kill count: 3/20
Accuracy: 15/20 Bonus points for close range carnage.
Style: 10/20 Family drama and that's it.
Butthurt: 12/20 Category 2 Shitstorm; that's it.
Bonus: 17/20 Wiping out his family.
Total score: 57/100 (F+)
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Wanted Level:

Wantedstar.png Wantedstar.png Wantedstar.png Wantedstar.png



Federal Bureau of Investigation


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