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    Trey Burba

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    80px This article is entirely factual and serves as a documentation.

    Trey Burba is a 15-year-old gun enthusiast from Pflugerville, TX and /b/tard, and like most /b/tards, he is total underage b&. This one-hit wonder was best known for failing to kill dozens of his fellow students at PHS on September 11th, 2007. He was arrested shortly after announcing his plans to 4chan's /b/.

    The Pflugerville High School Bomb Threat

    Soon after midnight on the morning of September 11th, 2007, Anonymous posted the following threat to 4chan's /b/.

    This was followed by the usual faggotry to a 4chan bomb threat, ranging from "In b4 V&" and "Posting in an epic thread" replies to practical concerns like "WTF are you using PVC for a pipe bomb?"

    15 Minutes Later...

    Anonymous delivers.


    lol way to leave the exif data on the camera

    Camera Owner Name: Terry Burba

    I will let you do the rest /b/


    Anonymous, planting the seed of lul

    Apparently, Trey simply took a photo of his fake pipe bomb with his dad's digital camera, imported it into the computer, and from there, uploaded it straight to 4chan. While the usual EXIF metadata for this photo didn't contain anything incriminating, there was an embedded block of Canon Makernotes. This backup cache of data, created the moment the picture is taken, identified the owner of the camera as Terry Burba.

    Terry "Bubba" Burba ([email protected]) is your typical Central Texas gun and knife nut. You can find all sorts of interesting articles on his website, www.dbl-tap.com, including his letter to Santa: "Why I Need An Assault Rifle". You can also visit his MySpace page (cancelled). Several other websites point to his accomplishments as a marksman and his work as a tech evangelist.

    Unsurprisingly, his son Trey Burba ([email protected]) has a MySpace page featuring an angry little photo of him posing with his guns. He regularly posts in various forums as "Numbuh 15", a name that references the "Codename: Kids Next Door" cartoon, watta fag.

    2 minutes later after his dad's name was discovered, Trey posted the following message to /b/:

    File :1189487833950.jpg-(509 KB, 1600x1200, IMG_0306.jpg)


    So, my little experiment was a sucess after all. 6 Moths ago, /b/ would have been nothing but supportive, and help to keep a low profile over the feds, and possibly porvide addresses to nearby surplus stores.

    Now, with all the newfags, we get THIS.

    You CALLED the damn SCHOOL. Way to fucking go, 'Internet Hate Machine'.

    Meanwhile, Back In Pflugerville...

    Take one, pass it down.

    Pflugerville HS and the feds were notified early that morning by at least 3 different /b/tard-wannabes, and by 5:00 am they had brought in the dogs and started their search for a bomb. During this time, cybercrime agents say they were busy at work investigating the identity of the terrorist in question.

    Taking way too much credit there, guys.


    Trey was arrested that morning and charged with making a terrorist threat (3rd degree felony) and a bomb threat (misdemeanor). At least 100 police officers kept watch over the school for the rest of the day. Nobody got to mess with football, and those scary teenagers in Pflugerville live to see another day.

    Local News Video

    None of the news reports have mentioned his name.

    Lulz lost or gained?

    At the time of Burba's downfall, some /b/tards felt that Anon had failed in its mission to spread lulz by not helping Burba. Instead, they fucked his shit up by calling the 4chan partyvan. However, Anonymous is capricious, and Trey was as good a target as a school of Texans. Burba came to 4chan expecting either help or a positive reaction to his test... Anonymous realized that he was just an attention whore, and ruining him was much more entertaining than just another fucking school shooting; besides, indirectly causing a school shooting is neither difficult nor rewarding (unless in cases when it's done for the lulz) as provoking emo fags is like shooting razor-scarred fish in a barrel.
    And let's face it; /b/ is not your personal army, no one should expect the assistance of all. If this is indeed the work of what /b/ calls 'newfags', then perhaps it is the first lulzy thing they have ever done. With the prophecy nearly fulfilled, Catnarok may be nigh. Alternatively, don't name the fucking school you're going to blow up and copypasta the photo to a new image file to remove EXIF information. Anon failing to deliver an explosion should always be seen as a fail.

    Words Of Wisdom

    Gaiafag Numbuh15
    Literate Roleplayer

    Like many fucktards of his caliber (lol, gun-nut faggot), Trey is notably incapable of following his own advice.

    this is why we hate our parents when it comes to our 1n73rw3bz. after all, which one of us actually GOES to these sites? hmm?


    —Numbuh 15, complaining about parents trying to restrict his activities on the internet

    the world don't got no 'reset' button (no matter HOW hard i look), and that all that matters. crimes? ive done enough damage to put me away for a while. piracy, vandalism, uhh... whatever they call it when a minor watches porn, plexing, theft, scamming, hacking, assault, more piracy.....


    —Numbuh 15, being hardcore

    Lives Were Saved (But Not Really)

    On December 21, 2007, the FBI posted a story on its front page using the incident to glorify itself and give them full credit for discovering Burba's identity and saving the lives of students.

    Time was of the essence; we had to stop this plot before the school day began in just a few short hours. They checked out the student website, but a vital piece of information—the photographs of the attackers—had already been removed. Time was running out.



    That photograph paid off. It enabled the Pflugerville Police Department, the Pflugerville Independent School District, and our local field office to identify the student in the photograph and arrest him and his co-conspirators without incident before the school day started. Whew!



    In addition, the /b/tard who notified the feds received a special commendation from the FBI Director.

    It was at this point that he delivered in an even more remarkable and important way.


    —Anonymous Delivers!!

    Young Trey's Life Now

    According to Anonymous sources, Trey has been allegedly charged with a felony and sentenced to three months of house arrest. Also expelled from his school, naturally. It looks like an eternity of bagging groceries at Food Lion is the best this young winner can hope for in life.

    Update: I go to school with this idiot, and guess what, HE'S BACK! No longer "expelled", he is attending classes with those classmates he was intending to kill. fun fun

    Other Links

    File:Burba Happy Place.jpg
    Notice the camera in his room; it's for monitoring his "uhh... whatever they call it when a minor watches porn."
    A comment pointing to this ED article lasted all of two hours before getting censored.

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