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The victim
Typical Trayvon Martin supporter.
Audio clip from the upcoming TV movie

Last Thursday, a nigger was shot to death by a spic. Yes, we know, that's not news; it happens all the fucking time. However, when news surfaced of a young black buck being shot by a partially white spic for polluting a gated neighborhood full of rich fucks, what followed was a chimpout the likes of which America hasn't seen since Rodney King. In less than a week, the Old Media proclaimed the nigger to be a martyr for the right to loiter while niggers' rights activists descended upon Florida like a plague of locusts, and the man who valiantly stood his ground against the black menace, George Zimmerman, was vilified and was brought up on trumped-up second-degree murder charges. Thankfully, Zimmerman beat the rap and is now savoring the lulzy rage and bawwing of the pwnt niggers and nigger sympathizers.

This is the story of Trayvon Martin, and how his death resulted in the greatest trolling of America since some bitch murdered her kid in Florida and got away with it.


Trayvon attacks Zimmerman. Trayvon gets shot. Police question Zimmerman, and find that it was a good shot. All is well until the media harps on the "tragedy" 24/7. Black Emperor Al Sharpton whines on television. Florida arrests and charges Zimmerman for the murder, and puts on a big show to appease the public. Zimmerman is acquitted. Nationwide chimpout ensues.

There you go. 17 months summed up.

July 2013 Bill Whittle of PJTV sets the record straight

PJ Media's AFTERBURNER w/ BILL WHITTLE: The Lynching debunks the fictions and presents the facts that the mainstream media would not touch

Black Man Down

LA residents hold peaceful protests after the not-guilty verdict.

It all started on February 26th, 2012, during the traditional African ritual known as the NBA All Star Basketball Tournament. A high-as-a-kite nigger got the munchies and ventured forth from his coon cave in search of ingredients to mix with Robitussin. Martin wandered to the nearest gas station, stole some Arizona Iced Tea Watermelon Juice and Skittles, then made a speedy getaway before the traumatized cashier could call animal control. Cue our hero, 'George Zimmerman, a friendly cholo who was minding his own business in his truck when the aforementioned animal appeared in the rear-view window squawking to its Sheneequa girlfriend on the celly. Doing what any terrified man staring an angry gorilla in the face would do, he called the police. The situation appeared decidedly grave, as the nigger called Zimmerman a cracker and refused to leave. It was then that Zimmerman knew what he had to do; take matters into his own hands and defend his neighborhood from the negroid invasion. Grabbing his gun, he stepped out of his car and prepared to fire... however, Trayvon turned and ran like the coward he was. Fortunately, he was too slow to escape, and Zimmerman sprang into action. It was then that Martin transformed into Travis the Killer Chimp, recalled years of grueling MMA training, and attacked Zimmerman, leaving him a bloody mess. However, trained extensively in the art of gorilla warfare Zimmerman was able to fire his gun during the brutal mauling and defend himself with remarkably lethal efficiency.

That should have been the end. It should have been a crisis averted. But sadly, this was only the beginning for a man who should have been a hero in the eyes of America.

The Black Beast Awakens

Sanford, Florida, entering a state of emergency.
Trayvon martin new york post.png

It seemed, at first, that Zimmerman wasn't going to get charged for doing the societal good of removing a nigger from the gene pool. Under Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law, Zimmerman couldn't be charged, as pretty much anything can be called self-defense in Florida, including being mauled by an angry chimp. As such, Zimmerman was lauded by the Sanford Police Department for being a hero, because thanks to him, the gated community full of rich white people was safe once again, and they could all sleep soundly knowing one less darkie was looking to steal their televisions and bikes. Almost immediately after Trayvon's body was removed, the neighborhood smelled that much better, but not for long.

As immediately as Zimmerman was declared to be innocent, a great, mighty screech was heard 'round the country and angry niggers flocked to Florida in droves, demanding justice for the death of their niglet brother. The Old Media soon followed, shouting the usual 'travesty' and 'injustice' negroid-apologist bullshit. Even the Republicunts who originally wrote the Stand Your Ground law pussied out in the face of the great, black horde. Zimmerman wasn't just called a murderer who killed a kid; he was called white. It seemed that nothing would appease the herd of chimps beating down the door of Zimmerman.

Resulting chimpouts and riots

The Shitstorm

An artistic portrayal of George Zimmerman, courtesy of the african-american community.
The horde marches on Sanford.

All throughout March of 2012, the media smearjob tried painting Zimmerman as everything from a violent redneck to a southern cracker who hates niggers; basically, everything except what he actually is, that being a typical beaner. Trayvon's parents continued crying on television every chance they got, about how they demand justice and how the death of their niglet ruined their lives, despite making them national figures.

The longer Trayvon Martin's face stayed in the news, the more fucked-up everything got. Geraldo Rivera, for example, claimed that Trayvon was killed not because he was shitting up a white neighborhood, but because he was wearing a fucking hoodie. Two days later, Zimmerman's lawyer, Craig Sonner, pussied out of an interview with Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC at the last second after agreeing to it. Even Mulatto Christ, who saw some easy political points to score for his reelection campaign, got involved by silently orchestrating anti-Zimmerman protests around the country and loudly proclaiming that his non-existent son would also be a nigger.

Meanwhile, in Sanford, Florida, what was once a relatively peaceful city became a Mecca for butthurt negroids, with almost daily marches up and down busy streets, preventing good white folks from going to work so that these same niggers can get their welfare checks. All throughout Sanford, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson's voices were heard, screaming in their chimp language about how Trayvon was a martyr and how justice must be served. Thanks to their rambling, as well as Spike Lee releasing Zimmerman’s home address and the New Black Panthers’ $10,000 bounty on Zimmerman's head, any semblance of sympathy for Trayvon's death was effectively and, thankfully, erased.

Then, the right wing decided they needed to stick their teabags into the issue. Because the shooting of a nigger by anyone other than another nigger inevitably leads to libtards screaming for gun control, they donned their KKK hoods and white horses and rode into the battlefield. On March 28th, 2012, they dug up pics of Trayvon dressed like a gangsta and found his Twatter handle of NO LIMIT NIGGA, on which he spouted various ebonics-laden rants about how black he be, all of which served to prove that he did indeed deserve to be shot.

Stylish and practical...

Over the course of the next few weeks, Geraldo Rivera apologized for his comments about hoodies, Trayvon Martin's parents cried repeatedly on television at least once a day, and Zimmerman tried and failed to prove his innocence with video evidence showing the injuries that Trayvon gave him. Then, the party van arrived in Sanford to regurgitate the same old bullshit about someone yelling for help followed by some gunshots, while MSNBC admitted that they forged evidence by editing a video to make it sound like Zimmerman decided to shoot Trayvon just because he was black (not that there's anything wrong with that).

"If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon."


Barack Obama, on how they pretty much all look the same

" EVERYBODY REPOST THIS George W. Zimmerman 159 Edgewater Circle Sanford, Florida 32773"


— Spike Lee, telling nigs where to go to kill Zimmerman, but tweeting the wrong address

"Yeah, I'm worried if he's not charged (that) we're gonna have trouble in this town."


Jimbo Carter, on how well niggers take bad news

On social media sites like Twitter, people are suggesting that Wrigley is profiting greatly from the tragedy and should donate money made since Trayvon’s death to the family or causes that would help with racial reconciliation or underprivileged communities. Some African-Americans are even asking people to stop buying Skittles until the company gets more involved in the case and donates money.


NY Times

I was just trying to make a point for Trayvon.


—Some kind of talking ape, justifying its looting during the post-shooting chimpouts

Anon hacks a roadsign in Michigan to express the truth on the subject.

Great Injustice

A patriot expresses his sentiments at Ohio State University's Hale Center, they also proceeded to write nigger all over campus and as a finishing touch swastikas upon an Obama mural at OSU Black Historical Center.
They're everywhere.

On April 5th, the city of Sanford made a call to the Department of Justice, and deployed extra police officers, fire-fighters, and riot police while asking nearby cities and the federal government for help. The phone call coincided with the decision by special prosecutor Angela Corey whether or not to charge Zimmerman with Trayvon's murder, meaning that this could only have meant one thing. A few days later, she announced that there would be no Grand Jury hearing on the case and that Zimmerman would be charged with second-degree murder. Our hero valiantly attempted to run away, but he was soon captured and placed in an unnamed jail in Florida.

After Zimmerman’s arrest, black people everywhere celebrated in the streets the only way they know how, while leaving offerings of fried chicken and malt liquor to their one true God after they got tired of setting buildings on fire. Zimmerman, meanwhile, took it from Bubba by day and, by night, put together an award winning website to raise money for his legal defense and win his freedom. Also, during his arraignment, Zimmerman unexpectedly took the stand to issue an apology to Trayvon's family. Predictably, Zimmerman's "I just used common sense" argument was still lost on them, and they turned down an opportunity to talk with Zimmerman personally so that some kind of mutual understanding could be reached. A noble, but wasteful attempt on Zimmerman's part, because everyone knows that niggers can't be reasoned with.

On June 1st 2012, the judge bowed to pressure from the black community and revoked Zimmerman's bond. The reasons given were that he didn't surrender his passport and his family lied about how much money they had for his bail, knowing that a white man in a black man's world can't make it with the niggers trying to beat them up. Then, the judge realized the mistake he made reinstated Zimmerman's bond, effectively trolling the horde.

The Truth Will Out...

Prepare your anus.

On May 17th, 2012, actual evidence began being released by the cops detailing the truth: Zimmerman is innocent and Trayvon was the real menace. Two eyewitness reports detailed a man in a hoodie, straddling another man on the ground while throwing punches back and forth across his face. Ballistics and postmortem examination reports were consistent with Trayvon being shot during a struggle and two separate police reports detailed Zimmerman being 'bloodied and battered' with 'lacerations on his face, and blunt force trauma injuries to the back of his head.' Autopsy reports also revealed THC in Martin's blood at the time of his death. Martin also had injuries unrelated to the shooting on his knuckles, also consistent with a fist fight. Photos were released of Zimmerman three minutes after shooting Martin, and the medical reports supported the fact that Zimmerman's head was smashed to bits by the drugged-out darkie.

In other words, it would be only a matter of time before Zimmerman achieved ultimate victory and before the race riots began.

The compassion and jungle fever of Chief Charles Hurley

Now this is a story all about how Trayvon Martin was Baker Acted by a white police chief with jungle fever instead of incarcerated for burglary, where George Zimmerman would have been unable to shoot and kill him.

On October 21, 2011, a burglary took place in Ives Estates in Miami-Dade County, blocks away from Dr. Michael M. Krop High School where Travyon Martin was a junior. Trayvon Martin's mother Sybrina Fulton had transferred Trayvon to Krop late in his sophomore year, after he previously attended Carol City High School in Miami Gardens, because she wanted a different environment for Trayvon (to rob). In a total coincidence, that same month, School Resource Officer Darryl Dunn saw Trayvon via a school surveillance camera in an unauthorized area of the school "hiding and being suspicious." Dunn then saw Trayvon mark a door with "W.T.F." The next day, Dunn went through Trayvon's backpack to find the marker Trayvon used to write the graffiti. Instead, Dunn found at least a dozen pieces of women's jewelry including diamond earrings and silver wedding bands, a man's watch, and a flathead screwdriver described as a "burglary tool." Poor innocent Trayvon said a friend gave the jewelry to him but wouldn't say who. The school police impounded the jewelry as "found property" and sent photos of it to Miami-Dade detectives. Dunn never filed a criminal report, no criminal investigation was opened, and Trayvon was not charged with any crime. Travyon's parents were unaware of the jewelry or the screwdriver. A report of "criminal mischief" was filed for graffiti. Later on, some e-detectives figured out that the jewelry in innocent little Travyon's backpack, was in fact, from the burglary in Ives Estates earlier that month, based on matching descriptions. Sweet little angel Trayvon was a burglar. Note that the jury that acquitted George Zimmerman wasn't made aware of any of this.

But Trayvon had no juvenile record! Because...Alberto Carvalho is or was the School Superintendent of the Miami-Dade Public School System. Charles J. Hurley was the Miami-Dade School Police Department (MDSPD) Police Chief, with a salary of $114,000, and was a white cop married to a black woman with a black son. Carvalho told MDSPD Police Chief Hurley to reduce the criminal behavior of young black males. Together they came up with a brilliant plan: they would simply stop reporting crimes committed by students as crimes! They would use school discipline and "diversion" instead of the criminal justice system, and resource officers under Hurley were pressured to avoid making criminal reports.

Their plan to reduce crime by not reporting it worked spectacularly! In February 2012, a press release said that MDSPD had reduced juvenile delinquency by 60% in the last half of 2011, the biggest decrease by any school district in Florida! Wow! The MDSPD was commended by the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, which had seen 35% less referrals from the MDSPD, since the MDSPD had cut student arrests by 35%! Chief of Schools Police Charles J. Hurley said "Our mantra is education not incarceration." Also, in 2010, the Standard Operating Procedure of the MDSPD was changed to forbid sharing reports by MDSPD to other agencies without redaction.

Trayvon Martin was shot and killed February 26, 2012. A March 2012 article in the Miami Herald triggered an internal investigation by Chief Hurley to find out who leaked the report about the Trayvon's backpack full of jewelry months earlier. Chief Hurley requested someone research the Records Management System (RMS) database of the MDSPD. On March 26, 2012, MDPSD Supervisor Joseph Cardelle examined the RMS, and 2 days later informed IA he noticed that several personnel accessed/printed police reports on Trayvon, specifically Sgt. Lourdes Hodges and Detective Steven Hadley. Later, Hurley was informed that a witness said others were potentially involved in viewing/printing/photographing reports and evidence from the Property and Evidence Room involving Trayvon Martin: Commander Deanna Fox-Williams, Sgt. Bradley Rosh, Sgt. William Tagle, and Detective William Ochoa.

Six school officers gave sworn statements to Internal Affairs and told the truth about the scheme to "reduce crime." In 2012, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) got complaints that the MDSPD under Hurley was abusing Florida's "Baker Act", which allows law enforcement to involuntarily commit someone to psychiatric care, or put individuals who are at risk to themselves under "temporary detention for evaluation." Hurley was accused of "Baker Acting" students to artificially decrease crime statistics. But the FDLE declined to investigate. Joe Puleo of the Florida State Fraternal Order of Police said "If you Baker Act the child it's not considered a crime, it's considered a sick person, and it lowers [Hurley's] criminal statistics. So it is a way to manipulate the system and make himself look better by doing that."

In April 2012, Chief Hurley spoke at a youth forum saying "When you introduce a child into the juvenile justice system you put a label on them. It is our responsibility to shepherd them, love them, care for them and forgive them. To teach them what is right." Chief Hurley loved Trayvon so much that rather than put Trayvon in juvenile detention for burglary where George Zimmerman couldn't shoot him, Trayvon was free to roam where his father's girlfriend lived and look for more places to rob. How compassionate. In May 2012, Chief Hurley was suspended and reassigned to desk duty, after two black female officers filed sexual harassment complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission. In January 2013, two black female school police officers (Commander Deanna Fox-Williams and Officer Yewande Gibson) sued Chief Hurley for sexual harassment going back to 2007, and a third person also came forward. Chief Hurley was demoted on January 16, 2013 to director of the school district's Region 3 office and "doing community outreach" and his salary was cut to $75,000.

In the end, Chief Hurley wasn't canned for Baker Acting juvenile thugs like Travyon Martin in order to pad his department's crime stats, but was canned for his own uncontrollable jungle fever. In February 2013, a year after Trayvon's death, Chief Charles Hurley resigned from the MDSPD.

Sweet Baby Tray Tray

Chimpvon Martian's supporters continue to go full ape-shit, defending the budding felon's character against all rational criticism. Despite overwhelming evidence that Trayboon was a violent thug who supported his sizzurp habit by stealing jewelry and dealing guns, his fellow nigtards vehemently insist that he was a precious, innocent, helpless baby who was mercilessly hunted down for sport by a deranged Nazi.

Naturally, oldmedia shills like Nancy Grace and Piers Morgan can hardly clear their throats of black semen long enough to spoon-feed soft-skulled Americans their daily dose of cultural Marxism. If you tune in to CNN, you will definitely hear that blacks are being crushed under the boot of all whites, but you will definitely not be hearing the inconvenient truth that 94% of murdered niggers are murdered by other niggers.

How the fuck did this become the news?

Some of you might suspect something was odd about the whole Trayvon Martin case. Why did the media give such a shit about this particular killing? While the statistics vary, but in 2012, the average number of people dying in the United States each day, from any cause, is 6,171. About 40 of those 6,171 deaths are caused, either through self defense, murder, suicide or accident, by firearms, so why did this particular underage nigger getting shot get the attention of the United States propaganda machine? There are numerous parties and ambitions involved, but one takes precedent and subordinates all others: it is a presidential election year.

The hard hitting questions.
The public engages.

How does an election year relate to the whole Trayvon Martin media fiasco? It does in several ways. First, with a nigger trying to get reelected, the whole “race issue” is still hot in America. The media can only profit from sensationalizing events, found this story, a classic “Bonfire of the Vanities” news template to profit off of. However, their plan back fired as instead of an exemplar specimen of a white power skinhead Aryan nations member summarily executing a poor little innocent black boy in the street, we get some Hispanic guy who has black people in his own family, vigilant and on guard as the neighborhood had experienced multiple recent break ins and burglaries and who upon confronting a black boy who was a stranger and was milling around checking out peoples houses and cars, is attacked by said black boy and has his head beaten against the sidewalk whereupon he shot in self defense to stop his head from being smashed open. Normally the media doesn't care for these sorts of events, but they kept the ball rolling after they realized they had misidentified George Zimmerman as an Übermensch, the Media could no longer spin this into an actual racial issue (as in one that doesn't involve only minorities), it mattered little, the Media had made this into a big issue, one that would snowball.

After watching the old media for a few days, the liberal political establishment saw this case as a way of rallying the liberal political base in an election year towards what is going to become a controversial issue this election season: gun rights. After the liberals finished dancing around the bloated undead corpse of Rush Limbaugh's career after their capitalistic rape of his wallet, the liberal elites were not satisfied with ravaging Mr. Limbaugh’s anal cavity, they directed their angry masses towards this event and began to crank out propaganda in support of Trayvon Martin and limiting access to guns. Given that Trayvon Martin was asking for it, the campaign by the liberals to rally their political base behind gun regulation failed and weakened Barack Obama’s reelection by not instigating a polarizing political topic. However, this was doomed to fail from the beginning because no one trusts a government who is built upon war and the right to own firearms which wants to take away private citizens' guns anymore.

The Trial


A tribute to justice.
Butthurt reactions to the verdict About missing Pics
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Zimmerman is an everyday hero

Some people claim that George Zimmerman is actually Batman.

Besides helping the world getting rid of the nigger problem, Zimmerman also helps people if their car rolls over.

Even though he saved the lives of a family the Trayvon Martin supporters deny his goodwill and claims he staged it, this goes to prove that these people are nothing but ungrateful assholes who can't thank a man who saved a family, so if Zimmerman was found guilty the family would've been dead. He saved the lives of 4 people and people are still butthurt that he killed ONE nigger.

i'm sorry but that George Zimmerman car accident was staged (sic),


—A nigger spreading slander and lies

Is it just me or does it seemed a lil bit staged that Zimmerman rescued someone from a car accident? Timing seems to be funny (sic),


—Travis the chimp disagrees with the news

Dis nigga Zimmerman staged a accident


typical nigger grammar

Zimmerman didn't witness the accident, but he responded before the police, or paramedics?!? STAGED!! It's a damn shame what they are doing,


—Another nigger without specifying who "they" are.


The day after Zimmerman's heroic deed, Zimmerman was pulled over by a fat doughnut grubbing cop for going 0.0000001 miles over the speed limit. Zimmerman claimed to be going to Texas and that he still possesed his concealed weapon. His attorney Mark O'hera says he has been wearing a kevlar vest fearing for his life since his verdict. And honestly, with all the brothas 'trolling the streets, who could blame him?


So young, so soon, so black... About missing Pics
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Evidence of hard drug dealing and use

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