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    Info non-talk.png This article is about the fetish of Transformation. For other meanings, please see the TF disambiguation page. Also not to be confused with Transformers.
    It was obvious this couldn't have ended well.

    Transformation is a furry fetish that involves the changing of one species (human) into another (animal), which for one reason or another gets people off.

    Like alcohol, transformation is a "gateway" drug (er, fetish) for people on the Internet, making normal people into zoophiles or worse, like finding newfound pleasure in bukkake or anal rape - all of which can be found in copious amounts throughout Transformation stories and art. Fapping too much to Transformation stuff can lead to horrifying self-discoveries about what turns you on sexually.

    Although similar, Transformation differs from the heinous outrage going on at Boytaur.net because the former always has furries in it, and the latter just has nauseating pictures of deformed human monstrosities to which perverted retards chronically masturbate. Even at their very worst, believe it or not, furries are still better than that.

    Everything You Never Wanted To Know

    Graphic sex and bodily changes involving sexual organs are always the main focus of furry transformation -- if it's not, don't even bother reading it.

    If the protagonist of the story is a woman, it can involve growing multiple sets of breasts (you know, like a canine), or just having their breasts getting larger and "more sensitive". Often this will include a destruction of the "human mindset", to be replaced by a totally wanton and insatiable desire for rough animal sex. Sometimes too, the said woman -- now no longer a woman -- will end up giving birth to inhuman offspring, like puppies or kittens, just to add to the sheer horror of the subject matter.

    Transformation for males, on the other hand, is a totally different story. Rather than bore with details and descriptions, let's have an actual transformation story speak for itself:

    Something more was happening to Cody though. His sheath throbbed hard as he could feel his human cock flexing strongly inside with each lick, swelling and eventually popping out against the dog's tongue. The boy gripped onto the desk a bit with his hands, blushing and moaning.

    "Ohhh Roscoe...please...stop...ohhh". He really wanted it to stop at first because it was pretty intense and strange...his shaft was burning with heat. The pounding heat got worse, Cody's shaft becoming more pink as it stood up erectly against the dog's rough licking tongue.

    "Ohhh...ahhhh" the boy felt dizzy, his penis throbbing and jerking painfully like it was fighting to hold back what was about to happen. But no matter how much he resisted, the intensity just overwhelmed him.

    The boy moaned hotly as it looked as if he had just experienced the start of an orgasm only instead of cumming, his cock flexed upwards sharply, throbbing and plumping up about an inch bigger, his glans changing shape becoming more tapered at the tip...The boy moaned again, relaxing more and blushing as another stronger spasm of pleasure hit and his cock surged two inches bigger, the base of it bulging out noticeably into the shape of a wide knot.


    —CodyDreamPuppy, Cody's Growing Pains, Ch. 9

    "Cody", by the way, is portrayed in the story as an eleven-year old boy, and "Roscoe" is his best friend's Great Dane. Now if that ain't copypasta-worthy, nothing is.

    Conventional Methods

    Transformation can take place through a variety of means, the most popular of which is the ingestion of semen, or having anal sex (whether consensual or not) and absorbing the semen through the anus. The soon-to-be-not-human is always the one giving head or getting it in the ass. Often this involves a brazenly graphic act of bestiality, as in the above example. At times this can be combined (before or after) by the animal biting the person being transformed, like a werewolf (see below).

    Even gay werewolves can transform into something halfway cool...even if they kill their boyfriend in the process.

    Sometimes transformation is achieved through boring methods like drinking a potion or getting a curse - needless to say, this is far less popular, because let's face it, sex makes everything more interesting.

    The best transformation material has the devolution of human into beast take place very gradually, drawing out the effect for maximum fap material.


    Werewolves are the most common subjects of transformation stories and art -- and movies. Their main attraction is that they are proverbially ferocious and violent, killing livestock and nubile virgin girls, being impervious to conventional weapons and just all-around badass. During the daytime, they are fairly normal people, usually less than thrilled when they turn into a wolf under the full moon.

    Of course, because furries can't leave anything alone, they have to add other stupid shit like werebears, werelions, weretigers, weresweasels, and pretty much every other animal furries fap to...which is essentially every animal.

    It should be noted that, despite this grievous discrepancy, everyone -- furries and normal people alike -- can agree that the werewolves in the Twilight series are not real werewolves at all, but rather mangy, overgrown CGI mongrel dogs. Connoisseurs of the Transformation fetish object to the instant morphing of said people into wolves (like in Twilight, because the producers ran out of money making the vampires all sparkly and shit), instead greatly preferring long, drawn-out, grotesquely fascinating sequences like in An American Werewolf in London.

    Unconventional Methods

    There is a mercifully small minority of folks that believe, for whatever reason, in actual IRL transformation, outside of stories and art. Impossible, you say? Don't tell that to the Biofurs, who think they can defy science, logic and just plain good judgment to actually become a real animal, disregarding the fact that God and just about everyone else hates them for it.

    Transformation and "Shapeshifting"

    Transformation and another Furry idiosyncrasy, "shapeshifting", are often commonly confused.

    Shapeshifting, on the other hand, is more innocent, usually done during RP sessions and when the author just decided to give the fuck up on a complicated transformation sequence. A typical shapeshifting sequence is usually something like this:

    The silver dragon changed to human form, with gray reflective hair that he quickly slipped at hat over (Otherwise he would be mistaken for another Sephiroth wannabe). He also wore more colorful clothes, a green tee shirt and dark blue jeans.


    The terrible writing aside, shapeshifting is much tamer than transformation...but also, for that very reason, much more boring.

    Visual Aides

    The Good...(?)

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    ...and the Bad

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