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    Tramp Graphics

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    100px Tramp-Graphics is an Epic Lolcow
    Say gay and Transformers in the same sentence and he'll do the rest.
    File:Tramp-Graphics is an authoritah.png
    In typical tl;dr fashion, Tramp proves how right he is, and how wrong you are.

    Tramp-Graphics (Powerword: Michael J. Trampert) is a professional artist and a self-professed authority on how Transformers make babby, with one of the most massively unchecked cases of USI of our time. He makes shit customs, but spends some all of his time on DeviantART harassing everyone who's ever drawn a Transformer. Tramp is an avid Christian, which he exemplifies in his artwork, his behavior, and even his name.

    It's important to note that Tramp is confirmed to be 40 years old.

    How Transformers Reproduce

    Tramp's favorite passtime is finding totally relevant comments and informing everyone there that through the power of science, he has come to the conclusion that Transformers have dicks and pussies, and there's nothing you can say about it. NOTHING.

    Reproduction is a process of cellular replication. It is a metabolic process where cells take in nutrients, the genes multiply and cells split forming new cells bringing forth growth and development of a new organism. Sexual reproduction involves merging two gametes form the parents into a single zygote with then grows into a new organism through cellular replication. That is how reproduction works. It doesn't matter if this is an organic cell made of carbon-based protiens, a chrystaline organism (as seen in STNG), or a mechanoid made up of nano-machine cells, such as the Transformers. The basic biological laws and processes still apply. This is universal. Sexual or asexual, Internal fertilization or external fertilization, internal gestation or external gestation, it doesn't matter. The processes are the same universally. It is still cellular growth and replication. And this is supported in canon.


    —Because Transformers exist, they must reproduce the same way humans do. It's how biological organisms work.

    Inferno/firestar is gross. So is your opinion.


    —Any sane person's response to his logic.

    He will insist to the ends of the Earth that his theory is canon, yet even if you can come up with solid evidence for your claims, you're clearly just making things up. Everything he says can basically be summed up as "P-in-V", but if you call him on that, he'll say it works with plugs and ports. Or something.

    Note that bringing this up is not a valid way of trolling him if you're hoping to make him spend all night typing, as he's already admitted to copy-pasting his arguments. No, really.

    File:Tramp - roflamo.png
    Finally confronted with a picture that is neither hawt nor homo, Tramp demonstrates his eloquent speaking stills.
    File:Tramp - journal.png
    Tramp's reaction to fact. This will most likely also be his reaction to having an ED article.

    Also, if someone makes the mistake of talking to him, or if he finds a picture to leave his shit trails on, it's a guarantee that if he finds something more to say than "ROFLMAO!! :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:", it will either be skewing of canon to the nth degree, to tell you what figures he owns/books he's read/things he's done, or to give you helpful critique on things like what you should draw next (OMG OP/EO PL0X!!11!).

    Transformers wearing clothes? Yeah, a little weird, but it has happend on occasion. Transformers getting married is not weird in the least They are male and female after all, they do fall in love, and, more importantly, they have been shown and established in canon as marrying and having families.


    —A usual comment from Tramp on pictures he likes.

    Indeed I have. I attempted patient explanation and found it futile, so I thus leave him to his ignorance.


    —Some Tartlet, dealing with Tramp in the only way anybody can.

    He can most often be found White Knighting for the fandom itself. He believes his fantheory is the one and only canon as to how Transformers reproduce, and has even sent it to Simon Furman, one of the key influences of the Transformers mythos. It's arguable that he may have been trying to get a foot in the door with Hasbro, but his logic is so backwards that even they won't take him seriously.

    Victory: The Manga!

    One of Tramp's favorite things to mention is that he's special for having read a little-known Victory manga, even though he admits he's never actually seen the show it's based on. All of his comments, arguments, and inane, completely relevant interjections will eventually circle back to the main villain of the comic and his wife, if allowed to fester long enough. For any fans of this very rare show, let us hope he never inflicts his AIDS upon it.


    He supposedly works for an art company, but the link he provides on his profile is broken, so I guess we'll never know. It's doubtful he's ever been hired by anybody, for anything. His gallery on DeviantART is composed mostly of wholesome family imagery.

    If nothing else, his original character is enough evidence that he's not only fat and lonely, he's a fat and lonely redneck. And her love interest proves that he's not only a fat and lonely redneck, he's a fat and lonely redneck weeaboo. He probably envisions himself as the samurai, but it's difficult to tell, and given the way he pushes the character, he may very well envision himself as the girl.

    It's also said he wants Moonracer's robot vagoo. However, there are no caps to prove this yet.


    Tramp's amazing customs are known for having gorgeous paint, perfect articulation, and faces that could scare Satan. The transformations were made impossibly stupid so as to be unique, but virtually every other element of the toys is ripped off anyway. He considers himself among the best at making customs, even though you can see the dust flecks in their paint. In addition to every piece of femme fanart he can find, he will comment on every picture of a custom he can find, telling everyone what figures he has and letting them know how special he is.


    Despite his obsession with the sweet sweet love of a man and a woman, Tramp is apparently also single, as he has never made any claims to having a girlfriend or wife, ever. This is mostly likely closely related to the fact that he still holds to the notion of a man being at work and a woman being in the kitchen at all times, even though this is the 21st century.

    It may also be attributed to the fact that, as a 40-year-old man, he still spends all his time preaching to the masses on DeviantART-- though even most Tartlets are too smart to take him seriously. It may also be attributed to the fact he's a 40 year old man who obsesses over female robots in a children's toyline.

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