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    Tori Belliachi

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    Cat eyes.JPG
    Bald by 30 anyone?
    An obvious ladies man

    YouTube Favicon.png Tori Belliachi, (Shaun Hargreaves) more commonly known as AlexGrey/Grey Hargreaves, also known as the Martin Luther King of the furry fandom is a bisexual, furry drama whore who adamantly claims to be asexual, despite his self-confessed fetishes, including "FatFur" being a "gainer" (someone who wants to get fat). His furry "species" is an obese fruitbat called "Blubberbat". No, really.

    He goes by the name Shaun IRL and designs websites for furries in his spare time. In an effort to end the Youtube Furry War of 2007, Tori posted several videos warning the public for the evils of fursecution. Compared to most furfags, AlexGrey is slightly articulate and may occasionally make a good point. He gained several followers and fanboys in his campaign against the FCTC. He has a poster of Ché, which makes him a trendy fuck with no appreciation for someone that actually made a difference.

    One tactic AlexGrey used against the trolls was the attempt to appear unaffected by acting happy and changing voices in Robin Williams fashion while adding a musical tone to his words. To further appear unharmed by trolling, he went on with rhetoric such as "Yiff in Hell furfags is not only unoriginal, but it is a compliment. So what if we're yiffing in hell. Yiffing is still having sex!" He also makes the bogus and irrelevant claim that furries get laid more due to their open mindedness. If he means having sex with dogs and members of the same gender while wearing a fursuit then he is absolutely right. He initially claimed that he would "disprove" every claim made against furries because he is completely in denial about the kind of sick fucks that inhabit his fandom. He had such a horrible time disproving everything that he nearly burst into tears one day and finally posted a video saying that he was quitting "the war" because he was fucking useless.

    In A.D. 2007, war was beginning

    Tori says he's going to pwn all the trolls and defend his fandom.

    In 2007, Tori was giving up

    After at least 100 videos, Tori says he's going to stop fighting trolls. He still makes faggot videos, but he doesn't mention "the war" as much. The lulziest thing about this one is how upset he gets toward the end. He nearly cries and then he says he's some kind of crusader for humanity.

    Tori haets anon

    He says Anonymous' purpose is to "Destroy Humanity." Anonymous is also the "Scum" of the Earth. It great how these furfags can
    bitch about stereotyping and then refer to Anonymous as a monolithic culture. Oh well. At least he only stated the positive stereotypes. Plus, he put soul instead of sole. Fucktard.

    Furries are Not Gay

    The interweb is srs business.

    God hates furries

    If you want to make jokes about the furry fandom, don't make jokes about beastiality." Comparable to 9/11 LOL.


    —Tori, telling us what is politically incorrect about a group that is truly good and wholesome

    Belliachi on Chanology

    It's pretty much TL;DW. He thinks both Anonymous and Scientology are crazy and evil, so he won't pick a side.
    But he says Anonymous is wasting their time and that they'll nevar stop the church cult.

    More: He says 'Umm' every five seconds while talking about chanology

    Response to this article from Tori

    This article was immediately whored out on Fur Affinity to much acclaim. His friends said it was crap. Click here, my homeslice.

    I'm on ED? Wow, I must be popular now!


    —Tori Belliachi, on raping himself in the ass

    Well that was pretty crap... comparing me to Martin Luther King and Robin Williams is a good thing. They must like me! Though they really gotta work on their spelling.


    —Tori Belliachi, after reading article not acknowledging that that MLK defended people that were actually oppressed and Failiachi is defending a bunch of perverts that fuck dogs.

    Recent activity

    In recent times he has continued his fat fetish by gaining a shitload of weight by eating junkfood and candy, and has created a Twitter account for his "fat fruitbat" character. He also looks as though he's wearing a cheap joke shop wig, as he appears to be balding at an alarming rate, yet continues to sport his "Asian Teenager" facial hair.

    He also no longer uses the name Tori, but almost universally uses AlexGrey or variants thereon.

    His art

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


    • Email: [email protected]
    • IRC: Tori_Belliachi (online most days)
    • AIM: Tori Belliachi
    • ICQ: 461058623
    • Twitter: @alexgrey and @blubberbat (seriously)

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