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    Tony Sidaway

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    Tony likes flowers, walks on the beach, and Roman Showers. You've gotta be impressed; Stephen Hawking needed birth defects to look like that!
    Oh, GPL images, how we love thee
    Tony examines the situation

    Tony Sidaway, formerly known as "Minority Report," and who used to pose as a female even using the email [email protected] for everything from a casual to a business email contact, is a confirmed and vocal scientology faggot who often writes lengthy usenet posts describing his involvement with the church of Scientology and extolling its virtues. (Just kidding, he sucks cocks.) Nothing says "filthy scum scum perv Englishman" like the name Tony Sidaway, so use his name well. He's a speshul Wiki-flower!

    An excellent and accomplished example of a bureaucratic fuck, Tony spends hours lurking on IRC under his favorite nick of Sherilyn Sideway to have cybersex with unsuspecting guys. However, it is also possible that Tony may actually have been born a female and Sherilyn Sidaway is his real name. Feel free to fly to the UK and yank his trousers down for verification.

    On wikipedia there was a fake aspie and Tony Sidaway banned him. Tony gives his reasons for banning:

    • "I have blocked this editor becausae (sic) he's stupid" [1]
    • "he's an obvious nutter ... Let's just tell him to fuck off." [2]
    • "He's a troll. Our only appropriate words to him are "fuck off." [3]
    • "I sincerely suggest that "fuck off" is almost too kind for this pernicious and stupid troll." [4]
    • "I don't bother with hngs who ask m or f. I always IRC as Sherilyn and sometimes netsex as male, sometimes as female. What the hell, it's just roleplay, and I have always played female in MUGs. What really pisses me off is when some guy asks m or f or decides to check out my IRCNAME (Tony Sidaway) _halfway thru_. If real gender means that much to him he shouldn't be doing "virtual" sex in the first place. There are hundreds of real women walking around outside, looking for real sex." —Tony Sidaway [5]

    One time his bad blocking got him into trouble:

    • 07:13, August 3, 2005 Cyrius (Talk | contribs) blocked "Tony Sidaway (contribs)" with an expiry time of 24 hours (abuse of admin powers - blocked User:Carnildo with which he is engaged in a dispute)

    Routinely, other bureaucratic fucks on Wikipedia have blocked Tony.(log of blocks)

    He also blocks others for reasons like "Idiot", "Particularly stupid troll" and an admin for "Persistently flaunting a stupidly large signature with multiple image inclusions."[6]

    He also harasses banned users by reverting anything they write on their talk pages and protecting it simply by saying, "they attempted to use their talk page." [7] Note: other wikipedia admins do this abuse, too.

    He bans anyone who says the slightest thing even vaguely related to criticizing something even vaguely related to an admin. He also hides what they say (example).

    Memorable quote from a sexual deviant: Since we hold the moral high ground, I see no sense in jumping down and rolling in the mud with the likes of E.D. --Tony Sidaway 15:52, 11 July 2006 (UTC)

    Everyone Hates Tony

    If you couldn't tell, Sherilyn is a bit of a Drama Queen. Look how much shit she has stirred up, and how much people hate this altar boy raper:

    Documentation of her popularity
    RFC:Tony Sidaway 1 August 1 2005
    RFC:Tony Sidaway 2 October 21 2005
    RfArb:Webcomics December 1 2005
    RFC:Tony Sidaway 3 (Aborted) January 3 2006
    RFC:TonySidaway 4 (Unofficial) February 1 2006
    RfArb:TonySidaway March 30 2006
    tony sidaway 3 (deleted by tony). deleted 2006
    Tony Sidaway3 done, no result 2006

    Historical quotes

    Behold the glory that is Sherilyn Sidaway:

    Incivility and personal attacks

    Sanctimonious, condescending, presumptuous, arrogant

    1. "Sanctimonious, condescending, presumptuous, arrogant, call it what you like, it isn't a conduct issue on Wikipedia." -- Tony Sidaway, 14 August 2006
    1. "Don't do that again, it's utterly disgusting and sneaky. Quite beyond belief."
    2. "I'm utterly disgusted at these shenanigans." "I'll take this as a blatantly bad faith deletion ... This was pure bloodlust"
    3. "Egregious edit warring, damaging the wiki, the morale of all editors, and the reputation of all Wikipedia administrators"
    4. "It is idiocy like this that truly disgusts me"
    5. "Utterly ludicrous deletion. Despite the false claims made elsewhere"

    Responding badly to criticism

    1. "Your criticism was not only intemperate, it was completely misplaced." (in response to an apology by another user)
    2. "Stop making patently false claims about my opinion"
    3. "This was patronising, offensive and of course completely useless advice since I'd done nothing of the sort."
    4. "I found your comments completely unacceptable ... It seems like sadism for the sake of it."
    5. "Don't breach good faith repeatedly and then try to lecture someone else to do what you already are signally failing to do."
    6. "A succession of often quite breathtaking bits of illogic, and marshalling citations to edits that don't say at all what he claims they say"

    Stating there are no problems

    1. "My only claim to acting in this way is that I can get away with doing so because I'm good at it"
    2. "I've got some very longstanding and strong differences of opinion with some other editors, and I've found ways to resolve them in a way that prevents friction on the wiki."
    3. "WP:IAR is certainly something that requires extreme arrogance, and can sometimes lead to censure. I've no problem with that."

    Lecturing other people on behavior but not heeding his own advice

    1. "(WP:CIV, WP:FAITH and WP:NPA) are not optional or "advisory", they're policies which you're expected to follow."
    2. "You don't like to see someone saying negative things, and you take them as personal attacks."
    3. "This "I'm right, you're wrong" stuff has no place on Wikipedia"
    4. "We should all make a habit of checking our perceptions in case they should happen to be incorrect."

    Advocating cocksucking

    1. "Keep... a picture of a good looking man having about as much fun as a man can have without actually being on the inside of Kylie Minogue's knickers"[8]

    Ahh the beautiful hypocrisy

    Remember how Tony cusses a lot?

    He says about someone else:

    "That was inexcusable language. A three-hour cooler sounds sensible here. --Tony Sidaway 23:15, 21 July 2006 (UTC)" -(source) (aka. three hour ban)

    Pwned by his Wikiphile Overlords

    Other admins hate Sherilyn as well:

    • "Tony Sidaway has engaged in wheel warring multiple times. These include deletion of Wikipedia:Catholic_Alliance_of_wikipedia eight times, undeletion of Systemwars.com five times, deletion of Template:User GWB five times, undeletion of Warren Benbow four times, undeletion of Monique deMoan three times, undeletion of List of Louisiana Baptist University people three times, undeletion of Patrick Alexander (cartoonist) three times, undeletion of Tally (accounting) two times, undeletion of SuperOffice two times, undeletion of Seth Ravin two times, undeletion of Thomasine Church two times, undeletion of Brian Brolly two times, undeletion of OGTV2 - From Tha Hood to Hollywood three times, and undeletion of Gazeebow Unit two times. These include the reversal of more than a dozen different administrators."

    Probation for his sexual deviant ways:

    • "Tony Sidaway is prohibited from reversing any administrative action more than once. Each reversal shall be accompanied by an explanation in the appropriate venue, including especially a listing at Wikipedia:Deletion review in the case of a disputed deletion." - lol

    Tony's Greatest Hits


    • Tony explains how Jews love to kill their kids. [9]
    • Tony looks to make more articles about Hitler. [10]


    • Tony's porno fetish. [11]
    • Tony tries to cure someone disagreeing with him since anyone who disagrees with Tony obviously must be wrong. [12]
    • Tony defends his foreskin[13]
    • Tony shares the "recipe" for "Tossed Salad"[14]
    • Tony discusses protection of the Clitoris [15][16]
    • Tony defends a Foreskin Fetish [17]

    Pure Wank Material

    Dead and done, at least as an admin. With the resignation of Kelly Martin, Wikipedia will be a much more free place, and the wikistalking will be cut in half! Maybe he'll request self-pwning as well.

    Random Factoids

    • Tony defends Democracy against its enemies:those who disagree with him.[18]
    • Bombs are no big deal [19]
    • Wikipedia is Not a Tabloid Newspaper [20]
    • "You're Wrong Because I Can Quote A Book About Eugenics and Humping"[21]
    • He sure fucked around with the GamerGate article. A whole damn lot. [22]


    Back when Tony used "Sherylin Sidway" both as his primary internet alias and [email protected] (email now dead), he was big into anti-Scientology and hanging out on alt.religion.scientology. He came to TOW with anti-Scientology buddies Kelly Martin and David Gerard both of which to a degree are transsexual like Tony. Tony Sidaway claims to have quit the anti-Scientology stuff several years ago and does not participate in the Project Chanology IRL protests, because they wouldn't let him come in drag.

    Tony was such a screaming turd on Usenet, various newsgroups have been passing out "Tony Sidaway Drama Queen" awards since the early 2000s. [23] That easily makes Tony one of the worst people Usenet ever saw. And that's saying a lot, because Usenet is a sewer even on a good day.

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