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    Tony FurryFox

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    Tony Furryfox

    Big Proofs (Enlarge to see)
    File:I Am A Spy.jpg
    There's a spy on me nets!
    More pleaze!

    Tony FurryFox is a seemingly pleasant man to many. However, a lot recently has come to be unearthed. Tony FurryFox, Puynz, FurzFox, Foxfur is a proven pedophile, as well as a highly aggressive and repulsive man to those that disagree with his views. He resides on both Facebook and Youtube, re-uploading hundreds of adverts and band music videos.

    Tony has recently come under fire, due to one person who Tony has tried to solicit sex from while they were a minor (noting that Tony is between the ages of 30-40) This wasn't Tony's only known pedophilic case. There is a testimony that he sent sexual content, of minors committing disgraceful acts to another teen. The person, refusing to allow their name on this document in case of retaliation from Tony and his close associates.

    As well as these cases, Tony has been shown to have high levels of aggression towards any that question him or what he does. He often wails out troll at any challenge, due to it being the only way in which he can discredit their claims. A very clear case that exists is the result of a sting operation, created by one of his previous victims went in as an agent, acting as a 14 year old Christian female, only to learn Tony’s information on who he was seeing. When the spy posted “You’re doing wrong” in hope that Tony would try to re-educate her and then come to trust her more he flew into a rage, threatening to report her for harassment just because of the three word message.

    The victim was Peter Thurston, who felt not only bad because he had nearly allowed himself be used in such a way by Tony, but felt responsible because he did not speak out his classmate that Peter had introduced to the fandom had been sent such images. It had taken him nearly a year to speak out about the events that had occurred in public, making a video confession followed by the little evidence that had survived the year. The strongest bit of evidence is the threatening that occurred when Peter said he would not do anything of sexual nature with Tony.

    When asked why he had allowed Tony to get close in the first place he replied “I had just been dumped for a girl by my first partner, our relationship having been more than a year. Being a little distraught I saw comfort in others such as Tony, only then to find out Tony had other things on his mind other than being “supportive” When Peter uploaded his video, even with evidence to support it was removed for containing “hateful content”. Peter relieved several messages in which Tony, Youtube user Gayfurry77777 gloated to having flagged it down. This torment has continued, including several videos in which it states Peter is a “threat to furries everywhere” because he is responsible enough to get along with all groups, furries, anti furries and even trolls. Even though Tony’s video states he is not calling Peter a troll, his comments and private messages around clearly show otherwise.

    Yet Peter Thurston continues to hinder Tony where possible, to prevent a repeat of past events and to remind us all, where as most of the fandom is safe, there are people like Tony out there.

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