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This page contains an hero.
Tony, official an hero of 2009.

YouTube is a Web 2.0 nexus for every kind of heated flame war and internet crazy you can think of. So was it any surprise that the first YouTube murder involved an atheist and a Christian?


Black person-fundie-YouTuber YouTube Favicon.png Tony48219 (now suspended) was a touted supporter of VenomfangX who took the eternal battle between atheists and Christians on YouTube to a new level. On April 10, 2009, Tony shot and killed his fellow classmate at Henry Ford Community College - 20-year-old YouTube user YouTube Favicon.png AsiaMcGowan and turned the gun on himself. Allegedly, Tony made a video in the empty classroom prior to the shooting, but copies have yet to surface. Tony48219 is currently burning in Hell.

Tony would go on to win the golden iPod for 2009.


Carlton Jesus guides Tony in his last hours of tribulation.

Anthony's hilariously fucked up psyche is revealed in his videos which usually feature him sitting in his bedroom shouting directly into the camera. In his video titled Black Women Don't Deserve Respect, Anthony denounced black chicks as sexually promiscuous while claiming that they "murder 1,500 babies a day" through abortions. In another profanity-laced video, Anthony attacked believers of evolution - one of his favorite video topics.

Anthony's mother, Doris Powell, said her son was deeply religious and preferred fetuses to sexy young black girls. He normally talked to his mother when something was troubling him, but she had been preoccupied recently by a serious stroke suffered by her father. Anthony had attended the community college off and on for years and recently said he was studying film and planned to go into the movie business. Tony also worked at a variety of jobs at restaurants and a grocery store.

Despite these career aspirations, Tony48219 had informed viewers that he had no goal to get along with anyone, and that he would silence himself with a shotgun. He called atheists "tools of the devil" who were filled with hatred and rage. Tony himself was visibly unhinged, yet people didn’t do anything about it because noone actually cared.

Black Boxxy (The video that upset Tony)

I wear my sunglasses at night, because they are shotgun proof.

Anthony Powell killed sassy, neck-cranking Christianity critic and YouTuber Asia McGowan before turning the shotgun on himself. McGowan used Les tubes to post comedy skits and light-hearted videos of her dancing with friends. In one of these videos, she poses as a CNN reporter investigating "crack rockers". In another, she and friends break out into Stevie Wonder's "Happy Birthday" while in costume inside a convenience store.

For all the ppl that felt like they wanted to constanty send me hatin messages this for u swetties



Tony's Videos

"Hey bitch open up, I heard you don't believe in me. Let me the fuck in you cunt, this is Jesus H. Christ."


We have these fuckin Muslims, these atheists, these Jehovah's Witnesses, these tools of Satan, these troopers of Satan, these monsters, these demons, these subhuman black persons thats tryin' to destroy the Christian religion


—Tony, about his persecution complex.

These Muslims, these atheists, these other religions, any of these people, these homosexuals, are our enemies


—Tony, preaching tolerance.

Us intelligent Christians, we didn't evolve, we came from God and Atheists are a result of evolution. They came from monkeys. You wanna know why they came from monkeys? 'Cuz they're stupid as fuck.


—Tony, on knowledge.

An ya' know what, I changed my mind. Atheists are not humans. They're monkeys. They're animals. THEY'RE ANIMAAAALS!


—Tony, on biology

She's going to walk up to a man that's physically stronger than her, that can beat the shit out of her. There's a fucking problem, and that woman is insane. Most of these black women they are fucking insane. They have lost their minds. They're crazy. I'm speaking from what I've seen.

I'm not saying all black women are like that. From what I've seen, the majority of them are like that... I'm not going to say that about white women... I've never seen a white woman act like that. White people in general, to my surprise, from what I've seen don't seem to me to be as violent as black people are. I know back in the days of slavery, Whites were very racist, evil and hateful, violent and killing black people and stuff like that. But these white people of today, man, you look at them and I know that some of them probably are violent and uh, you've got some white people, white men out there and white women out there that are violent killers and stuff. But then I still don't think they are as violent as black people.


—Tony, on slavery, white women, and violent black person like himself.

I took some flack for asking people to ignore Tony after he posted a disturbing video wherein he cried and pleaded to his god to help him overcome his addiction to pornography. Scores of people on YouTube knew he was in serious trouble and that he needed help; I am forced to wonder why his family and church were not there to help him.


—Youtube user Desertphile

Where the fuck is that video asking for forgiveness for being addicted to pr0n?


—Typical Encyclopedia Dramatica reader

JezuzFreek777 and VenomFangX respond

You did not help him.


—JezuzFreek, on making excuses for Tony.'s not what goes into your mouth, but what comes out of your mouth that makes you unclean.


—VenomFangX, trying not to cry.

Chismah and Bill122460 offer their thoughts

If only Tony was cured.

We the TFL Movement expresses our deep sorrow for both parties in the Asia & Tony tragedy...


Dwayne and Bill


  • Also used the screen names TheLegendTony48219, Tony48075.
  • Tony used to swear that he would "never get off YouTube".
  • Apparently, Tony had several online incarnations, including Tony48075, a handle defined on as a "racist, sexist dumbass".
  • Tony may have had a Glock, but instead used a shotgun, as he required a large firearm to compensate for the size of his manhood.


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