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    Tomoko Kuroki NTR

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    Tomoko, enjoying Anon's jizz

    Tomoko Kuroki NTR is the notorious fanfic written by /a/non in September, 2013. The story is about Tomoko Kuroki, the main character of WataMote and every /a/non's waifu, engaging in Netorare action. Many /a/nons got butthurt because this shit is a "deconstruction" of what if their beloved Tomoko would be if she was real. The answer is, that she'd be a dirty slut.


    TL;DR. Some anon stalks Tomoko in the school, then approaches her and asks her out. They start dating, then he gets Tomoko drunk and fucks her. Soon after, the Anon finds Tomoko being fucked silly by his friend, "Troll-kun". The rest of the fanfic is about the fucking cuck butthurting over the unwashed slut and getting all emo.

    The Story

    Anon's mouth was dry, he's never had dry mouth like this before. In all fairness he was nervous and scared. Here he was hanging around a highschool like some kind of pedophile waiting for a certain girl to come out, she's always alone. Anon noticed that she never seems to walk out with anyone, no girls, no boys either, which made him feel relieved. After two hours and 5 nasty cigarettes the terrifying sound of the school bell rang, a sound he hadn't heard in years since his own graduation. Anon was no highschooler, he hadn't been for many years which made this situation all the more awkward. Students passed by giving the adult awkward stares as they passed, but despite this he waited patiently for the girl with the messy black hair that had become the object of his infatuation for months.

    "Today...I'll finally talk to this girl" He said to himself as he popped a piece of chewing gum into his mouth. Anon stealthily sniffed around his shirt, the smoke smell wasn't too strong considering he was outside but he decided to spray himself with the small cologne bottle he bought on the way here.

    "I mean it's not like I'm some kind of loser...I'm semi normal..."

    Anon was no genius, but he got by on his above average intelligence. He wasn't the type to go out of his way to hit on girls, his friends often made fun of him for this. Ever since he saw this girl at the local arcade he's thought of nothing but her. Cuddling with her after a long night, or even just talking to her on a slow day. Anon imagined the rest of his life with her and he doesn't even know her first name.

    He shook his head quickly to shake off the thoughts of what color tuxedo he'd wear at their wedding. That was when he saw her, slinking off alone like she usually does, this was when he decided to make his move.

    "E-EXCUSE ME!" He shouted. He insulted himself inwardly for shouthing because as he did the girl stood as if she saw a ghost. }}


    "W-w-w-ww-w-what?" The girl with the black hair murmered, oddly enough she did not turn around.

    Anon was questioning his actions now, how unusual is this? A 20-something adult is "picking up" a highschool girl. People would look down upon him. Why can't he date girls his own age? Why does he have to go after young impressionable girls? All these thoughts ran through his head as he walked over to the girl with the stringy black hair.

    "I uh...I...H-How are you?" He said suddenly.

    The girl did not answer, but she also did not move. She slowly turned around and her deep green eyes shot through Anon's heart.


    "I know you don't know me...And I don't go to this school, but"

    Anon stopped again, the girl had clutched the front of her skirt as if she was trying to stop herself from running away, was she trying be polite? Well at least she was hearing him out he thought.

    "Would you...Would you like to hang out? Maybe get coffee...or something?"


    "Y-YES PLEASE!" The girl blurted out. Almost as if she was dared to say yes, Anon inwardly questioned her genuinity.

    "Wow great! I'm Anon" He said and held out his hand. The girl did not shake but she answered.

    "I-I-I-I am Kuroki...K-Kuroki Tomoko!" She said with a formal bow.

    Anon wondered what he got himself into.

    The walk to the cafe was quiet and awkward. Every time Anon asked Kuroki a question she seemed to struggle to answer it. Could she be as nervous as he was?

    Is that even possible?


    "So...How are you liking school?"


    Such a short answer, but that didn't stop Anon. He had been thinking about this moment for months on end and he's finally living it! He thought of pinching himself but stopped because he didn't want to scare Kuroki off. As they finally arrived to the cafe, the short bursts of words Anon considered a conversation stopped. They quietly waited in line together and did not say a word. Anon noticed Kuroki was darting her eyes back and forth around the store.

    "Is anyone from school here?" She thought to herself and looked back over at Anon who was staring blankly at the menu.

    "I'm finally out with a guy! I can't believe it, and the loser even asked me out himself! I bet he's some kind of creep who hangs around highschools and skeevs on girls, whatever he seems harmless for now so I'll just play along"

    "So...What are ya gonna get? It's on me!" Anon said with a smile.


    "Oh!...I-Iced Coffee is f-fine" She stuttered. Anon's heart skipped a beat with every struggle of finishing a sentence. This girl was just his type, and he couldn't help but get lost in her wonderful sleepy eyes. The cashier had to call out to him twice just to get his attention off of this adorable girl.

    "Oh...Yeah I'll have an iced coffee and.."

    Tomoko couldn't help but notice how normal looking Anon was, which little did she know that it was the image he was trying to hard to put out.

    "Hey why don't you go find us some seats and I'll wait for our order" Anon said, he was proud of how alpha he was acting today and frankly he was surprised himself.

    "Ah! O-Okay" Tomoko said and scooted off to find an open table.

    Minutes felt like hours for him as he scanned the cafe, it was relatively packed. There were kids Kuroki's age but none of them seemed to be wearing the same uniform as her. Anon sighed a breath of relief. Lucky for him, his asking her out won't give her any trouble at school. Finally his and Kuroki's orders came. He picked them up and looked around again. Kuroki stretched out her hand and lazily waved in his direction, he smiled as he walked towards her and sat down. Finally, maybe he can ask her more interesting things, or maybe tell her some cool adult stories.

    "So uh..Do you want sugar or anything? I can go grab some packets"

    "Uhnonononono t-this is fine as is" Tomoko lied.


    Anon was trying his best to get Kuroki to talk more, he was interested in everything she said, even though whatever she had said was usually one or two words followed by an awkward sip of her drink.

    "Yeah, I remember highschool being pretty lame for me." Anon said, he then stopped before he finished.


    "So uh...Do you play any games?"

    Anon noticed Kuroki's eyes perked up a bit at that statement. She quickly looked back down at her drink.

    "Y-Yeah just a bit sometimes" She lied again, but it's not like Anon knows about her all-nighters and galge marathons. She could tell her and Anon were probably on the same page video game wise, but he didn't need to know that. The conversation continued on as usual for another hour or so.

    Anon stretched his arms as they walked outside, the chairs were surprisingly comfortable. He fought the urge to grab a cig out of his pocket and turned to Kuroki who was again clutching her skirt, he could not help but notice how cute she was.

    "W-Well I had a lot of fun!" Anon said with a smile. Kuroki was also smiling but he could tell it was more of a nervous one than a real one.


    She darted her eyes from left to right, she probably wanted to go home and clean this terrible day from her memory. Anon knew he shouldn't but he just had to or he wouldn't be able to live with himself.

    "Uh...Kuroki!" He said louder than he meant to. This caused her to jump a little from the volume.

    "W-Would you like...to go out again some time!?" Again, the volume of his voice bothered him.

    The girl seemed shocked, she immediately looked at the ground and seemed to be frozen in time.

    "IS IS HE ASKING ME OUT AGAIN!?" She said inwardly, her face red with embarrassment.

    "Is he crazy? Is he some kind of pedo?"

    Kuroki didn't answer for quite some time, Anon thought of taking back but it was too late, it was out there now and he had already said it. There was no going back now.




    "How about we meet her on Sunday around 3!?" Anon was too excited to try to be cool, he was already planning their wedding dinner in his head.

    "T-That's fine" Kuroki muttered again.

    "WOW!" Anon shouted. "Thank you, Kuroki!".

    He wondered why he said thank you.

    "Y-You can call me T-Tomoko."

    "YesYes! Okay Tomoko I'll see you on Sunday!" Anon said with a smile bigger than he expected. Tomoko bowed and quickly turned and ran. Anon was too busy being overjoyed to wonder why she was running so fast.

    The next few weeks felt like a dream for Anon, after their second date Tomoko gave Anon her email and phone number, he noticed she was easier to talk to over a computer while in real life she would stutter and mutter, which he found overwhelmingly cute. After a while it was easier to talk to her and he even noticed that her jokes were surprisingly dark, but still enjoyable. Eventually the day finally came when she would come over to Anon's house, but even then that went fine. They played video games and watched terrible movies together, Anon had fun making Tomoko angry as he won most of their matches, he laughed and feigned pain as she tried to pound his arm with her tiny fists. Fighting led to tickling, Anon loved forcing Tomoko to let out her adorable giggles as he squeezed her sides or grabbed her knees, and finally after one long tussle he actually got to kiss her.

    "Wh-What are you doing!?" She said as his lips left hers.

    "I uh...kissed you?" He responded, not knowing what to do.

    An awkward silenced hung in the air. Tomoko stared off into space, her face was flushed and Anon started to move from ontop of her. Suddenly she grabbed his arm to stop him.

    "C-Could you do th-thhat again?"

    Anon smiled and gave her another one, this time he even snuck his tongue in. The grip on his arm tightened almost to the point of pain.

    Time passed, it had almost been seven months since Anon had asked Tomoko out, and they were getting along great. They hadn't even had a single fight yet.

    "Geez dude it's been like forever since we've all hung out!"

    Anon's friends were over one day, they were all being loud as usual, Anon put up with this though. It was a slow day, Tomoko was busy with tests so she hadn't been over for a while and Anon had a few days to himself. Tomoko was never a bother or anything but he also wondered if maybe he was being too clingy with her.


    "Oh hey check this out." Anon's friend motioned, he pulled a giant bottle of liquor out of his backpack.

    "You're off today right, Anon? Let's all get drunk!" Another friend said, the group of four laughed and joked and poured themselves glasses.

    An hour or so passed and Anon had had a few too many. He stumbled to get himself up and grab some water and bread, his friends laughed at him as he did so.


    His thought was interrupted by a creaking of the door. Tomoko had let herself in but was shocked to see this many guys in one room.

    "Oh Tomoko!" Anon said as he stumbled back into the living room.


    "H-Hey!" He said nervously. "Some friends and I were just hanging out is all"

    "Hey Anon who's that!?" One of them called out. "Are you a tutor or something?"

    Tomoko's uniform stood out like a sore thumb in front of all these casually dressed adults.

    It was as if those seven months never happened. Tomoko was back to her nervous self as Anon's friends made asses of themselves. They weren't acting like this ten minutes ago. But suddenly it felt like a male bravado beam shot through the room and everyone had to assert how manly they were. This was a sobering moment for Anon as he watched his friend's joking jabs turned into violent punches at the mere presence of a female.


    Anon watched with a face of clear annoyance as his friends tried to involve him in their childish games, but all it did was cause him to lose his drunkenness that he was so enjoying a moment ago. He had noticed Tomoko was hardly speaking, back to her one-word responses and simple answers to complext questions.

    "So how far have you two gone?" One friend blurted out. Tomoko stiffened up even more which Anon thought wasn't even possible.

    "That's none of your business". Anon said.

    "Oh cmon bro I was just kidding" His friend retorted with a snort.

    After a few more hours of juvenile behavior his friends decided to head out, acting as if they had better things to do when in reality they did not. They gathered their things and left, shouting lewd jokes to Anon as they walked out. He could hear them for a few more minutes before there was silence. Anon couldn't think of anything to say. There was nothing to do to cover up the damage his friends had caused, he wondered how he could even consider them friends in the first place. He accepted this as mere anger thoughts and looked over at Tomoko with a plastered on smile.

    "Heh, sorry about that" He said and scratched the back of his head. "They get kind rowdy sometimes huh?"

    "N-No!" Tomoko said and waved her hands "It's fine! That's what normal people do anyways, right"

    Normal...Does Tomoko think he's normal? Surely she's not lumping him in with those guys, Anon had to do something to remedy this situation. He looked around and noticed that his friends left the liquor behind, it didn't seem like they were coming back any time soon. He lifted the bottle and noticed a considerable heft to it, it seems there was plenty left over, maybe they did it on purpose.

    "I uh came to make dinner today. H-Have you eaten yet?" Tomoko asked and shook the bag of groceries she brought, she had never cooked a day in her life but she thought Anon would be impressed by her effort.

    "Oh really?" He said with a smile. Maybe his idiot friends hadn't caused her to think any less of him.

    "I'd love it if you did that, could I help?"

    "N-No don't worry about it!" Tomoko said and stood up. "It's just some basic stuff so I'll be done soon!"

    She scurried off to the kitchen. He looked over at the bottle again. He felt bad for what he was about to ask but maybe it was how drunk he was or maybe he wanted to smooth over the situation, but he asked.



    "Would...Do you want to drink?"

    The chopping sounds stopped almost as soon as he finished talking. He hadn't turned around yet but when he did he noticed Tomoko in her usual stiffened pose. He regretted even asking, he felt like a creep for asking a tiny highschooler if she wanted to drink, what kind of person was he? The silence continued for what felt like forever.

    "Uh...S-Sure...Let me finish cooking okay?"


    The smell of burnt food filled the air.


    "How is it, Anon?" Tomoko said nervously.


    "It's...It's GREAT" Anon said and wolfed down the food. Clearly he was lying, but Tomoko couldn't help but smile as she watched Anon force himself to eat. The rice was burnt but somehow the meat she cooked was undercooked and cold but Anon ate every bite and even asked for seconds.

    Later that night they settled down to watch another anime Tomoko recommended, Anon noticed she was more vocal about her tastes in anime and some of her choices even surprised Anon. She hadn't chose a series he hated yet. They were cuddling, which Anon loved more than anything. Sometimes he would squeeze her out of impulse and he could feel her shaking out of excitement, she would usually calm him down with a kiss on the cheek which would lead to more lewd activities. As this happened, Tomoko knocked over the bottle of liquor that they had forgot about.

    "Oh no!". Tomoko shot up and grabbed the bottle, luckily it was capped and there was no mess. Suddenly. Silence.

    "Y-You wanted to drink...didn't you?" Tomoko asked Anon, who had completely forgotten.

    Anon's mood suddenly shifted to a more serious tone. He wondered if he wanted to expose her to something like this. This is something pretty serious, this isn't like candy or a new movie or something.


    "Uh...Sure?" Anon said, he got up and grabbed two glasses from the strainer that Tomoko had kindly washed for him. He thanked her inwardly and handed her a cup.

    "It's kind of strong...Hang on!" Anon said and went to grab something sweet out of his fridge, all he had was some juice from the nearby convenience store. He poured her a seperate glass with a smile. They clinked glasses together and took a sip at the same time, Tomoko coughed loudly as if she was going to vomit.

    "Take a sip of the juice!" Anon said and gestured to the other cup. Tomoko sipped it and the coughing ceased.

    "This is terrible!" She said without thinking. "Absolutely fucking disgusting!"

    Anon laughed at her reaction, he recalled that's what he thought when he first drank.


    "Well it's not for everyone, plus this stuff is pretty strong.

    Anon noticed her face was reddish already, he smiled at how innocent she was. Tomoko made a pouty face, Anon tried his best to not let his heart blow out of his chest at this reaction he's never seen before. she looked visibly annoyed by his reaction.

    "Y-Y-You're laughing at me aren't you!?"


    Tomoko chugged the rest of her glass out of spite. Anon was shocked at this, she coughed and wheezed as she felt around for the juice and drank that quickly as well. Anon laughed at this with a feeling of nostalgia.


    Tomoko's pouting only caused Anon to laugh more, the rest of the night consisted of Tomoko trying to prove to Anon that she wasn't as drunk as he thought she was by playing video games...Which she lost every round of. Every round consisted of her clumsily doing combos either too early or too soon, Anon easily beat her even he was trying to let her win. The entire time he couldn't help but smile at how adorable she was.

    "WHAT? WHATS SO FUNNY HUH?" Tomoko slurred as she threw down the controller in a fit.

    "You're just so adorableee!" Anon said, letting the drunkeness get the best of him. He leaned in to kiss her but was met with a soft but serious slap. This shocked Anon.

    "Whoa!" He said and pulled back.

    "Y-You!!" She shouted and stood up, she was clearly angry.



    Was this how she really felt? Anon was taken aback by this sudden change of mood.


    "NO!" She interjected and shoved him on his back. She climbed on top of him and took off her shirt exposing her flat chest and budding nipples.

    "I'm more mature than you!"

    "T-Tomoko what are you doing?" He said, but put up no resistance, he was entranced by how cute her flat chest was and fought the urge to bite her.

    "I...I'll show you how mature I am!" She said and kissed him more aggressively than he had ever done to her. Her tongue flew around wildly in his mouth. He suddenly stopped her and grabbed her by her shoulders, he had to stop himself from staring at her puffy, erect nipples.


    "You think I'm just a little kid!" She interjected. "well I'll show y-"

    "I LOVE YOU!" He shouted. Stopping her in her tracks there.

    "Y-You love me?"

    "Yes! Since the first day I met you, Tomoko"

    He could feel her shaking in his hands, again she was more scared than he was which he didn't even know was possible. He finally said it, and all he had to do now was wait. Wait for her to finally say something that could either make or break him.


    She was shaking, Anon didn't want to make a move until she responded.

    "I love you too!" She said, he could see her tears glint in the dim light from the TV.

    "I've been alone for almost a year"

    "I know..."

    "I love you, Anon!" She said again with a smile.

    "I love you too!"

    Anon kissed her and she let him, they kissed for what felt like forever before Anon moved his mouth lower, and lower. He must've kissed her entire body for what felt like forever, he loved every second of it and he wondered if she was pleasing her. He wondered if the moans she was letting out was forced, or enhanced by her drunkenness, or genuine. All he knew is that he wanted to try this again when they were sober.

    Would she even remember this? Her and his loss of virginity. Of course he didn't tell her that. But he continued doing whatever he felt was right.

    It was clumsy, it was awkward, but most of all, it felt right.

    The morning was extremely awkward, Anon woke on the ground with a topless highschooler on top of him, but he remembered ever second of that wonderful night. He wanted to get up but he didn't want to wake up Tomoko. After another hour of his bliss, she finally woke up. she looked so wonderful, even just waking up Anon thought she was perfect in every way.

    "uuu" she muttered as she shook.

    "Morning" Anon said and moved around Tomoko moved to the side so Anon could lean up. She rubbed her forehead as she looked around Anon's living room, there was a mess from her tantrum last night and her shirt was flung over his couch, she quickly grabbed it as she realized she was topless

    Anon could tell how shocked she was, which made his creep-o-meter rise beyond levels he didn't think were possible. He felt like literal trash, what he had done was unforgiveable, he's no better than one of his scumbag friends. He liquored up a minor and took advantage of her.


    He couldn't finish the sentence, he felt so disgusted with himself. He just wanted her to run home so he could hurry up and kill himself. This was the worst thing he has ever done in his entire life and he couldn't do anything to undo what he had done. But instead of regretful tears and hate...He was met with a smile from Tomoko as she put her top back on and grabbed his hand. She kissed him on the cheek, something she's never done voluntarily before. Anon was shocked by this. He put his hand over the still wet part of his cheek that he kissed.

    "I...I love you, Anon!" She blurted out. She didn't know why she said it, it just felt good to say. she couldn't stop smiling even if she wanted to. And neither could Anon.

    "I love you too"

    The next two weeks were a blur of sex. Tomoko would come right to Anon's after school, where he would be waiting with open arms, some days she wouldn't even take her uniform off which Anon loved but he wouldn't say out loud. He loved how her button-up shirt and tie would drape as she opened it up for him to dig his face into her flat chest. He loved hiking up her skirt to insert his manhood into her feminine charm. But most of all he loved Tomoko kuroki. The days flew by and Anon wished they would move slower but he didn't have a single care in the world as long as Tomoko was around.

    He was getting better at sex too, which he would never admit out loud but loved to think about. On a good day he could make Tomoko orgasm without even cumming once. He loved how she shook in his arms whenever she reached that point, and she would kiss him roughly as she tried to force him out of her but he just wouldn't let her, but she loved it either way. Some days she would even skip class just to see him, he couldn't get over the flattery to scold her about it. He loved her and she loved him, and they were both very happy about it.

    "Anoooooooooon, bro what have you been up to?"

    Anon's friend stopped by randomly one day, luckily Anon and Tomoko weren't TOO into making out to be annoyed by his friend's interruption. He walked in and made himself at home like he always did much to Anon's dismay, despite Anon's CLEAR signals that now wasn't a good time.

    "Ah! Anon's friend, hi!" Tomoko said cheerfully.


    "Oh haha just call me...Troll" Anon's friend said with a smile

    "Well Troll, I'll go make some tea!" She said and hopped up from Anon's lap with a smile.

    Troll waited til she was out of earshot. He looked over at Anon with a menacing smile. Anon always hated that fucking smile, he always made that face before he said somethings stupid or unnecessary. He waited with gritted teeth for Troll's latest stupid thing to say.

    "Well she seems to be in a good mood, SOMEONE must be taking good care of her."

    "...Troll shut up"

    "Whoa man! Harsh!"

    Anon's mood changed for the worst almost instantly. Troll was a good friend but he always had a knack for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, and he was known for being a huge womanizer. Most of the girls they both knew always had a story or two about him, never ending well.

    "You must be doing a good job" He said with his usual grin.


    "The tea's done!"

    Tomoko walked back in with three mugs of perfect bran tea. She was getting better at making it by hand and was pretty proud of it. Anon and Troll grabbed a mug.

    "Wow this is really good Tomoko-Chan~" Troll said as he sipped the tea.

    Tomoko smiled and sipped her own, Anon also partook but kept a close eye on Troll. He was a nice guy but still he could not be trusted.


    Small talk began, the trio talked about nonsense for what felt like a lifetime to Anon, finally Troll decided to leave. Singing loudly on his way out, he was heard for several minutes even outside of Anon's cramped aparment.

    Anon lit a cigarette, something Tomoko had become used to over time.

    "T-Troll seems like a nice guy" Tomoko said, trying to cheer up Anon, she could tell whatever they were talking about had annoyed him. He was making the face that he made whenever someone in an anime they watched said or did something stupid

    "...He's not" He said simply and exhaled smoke. Tomoko's smile crumpled a bit.

    "What do you mean?"

    "He's a fucking idiot."

    Anon instantly regretted saying that, he knew how talking negatively about a guy made girls feel the need to seek out the good in them. But he knew there was none, he knew Troll was human garbage and nothing better.

    "Forget about it!" Anon said and forced a smile.

    "Hey let's finish that series we were watching last night!"


    Days passed after the Troll visit. And Tomoko hadn't been coming over as often as she usually did, and even when she did Anon could feel a distance between themt that he hadn't felt since they first met. She would reject his advances and she would leave hours earlier than she usually did. Anon was saddened by this, but simply thought Tomoko didn't want to push things any more forward. He understood.

    "She's still young" Anon thought with a smile and laid back, he was watching a show he promised he wouldn't watch without Tomoko. She seemed pretty serious about it to...At the time.

    "She's probably busy with school still, heh." He felt bad about watching the show, but what's one little white lie...Right?

    Days turned into weeks, Anon was beginning to get worried. Tomoko hadn't been over in three whole weeks, she didn't respond to any texts, she even ignored his calls. Anon's benefit of the doubt was slowly turning into sadness, and that turned into anger.


    Anon was stuck in his own head for too long. He was being driven crazy by the mere fact that a highschool girl was ignoring him. But this wasn't just any highschool girl, he loved this girl, more than anything. He loved her more than breathing or any of his favorite foods, or even his family members.


    Anon hadn't showered in a couple of days, his facial hair was scraggly and uneven, he hadn't bothered to clean himself since Tomoko hadn't been over in nearly a month. How could someone say they love you and then just not talk to you like you never even existed? How can someone say you're their life...And then just toss you aside. It was cold out, but Anon needed air. he clumsily threw on a coat and decided to take a walk.

    Anon walked randomly, he didn't know where he was going, or did he know the entire time? Did he know he would end up at Tomoko's school? Did he expect to wait outside the gates like he did the day they met? He was feelign nostalgic as he lit a cig in the cold air and waited as always. He looked up into the sky, the clouds were gray and the atmosphere was depressing. In Anon's mind it had been raining long before the weather said so.

    The bell rang and broke Anon's thoughts. He watched as students shuffled out as always, the teacher on duty shot him a glare and he put out his half lit cigarette out of obligation. He looked up and that was when he saw Tomoko, he smiled but he stopped himself from calling out to her. He didn't know why, or did he? All he did was watch. The teacher seemed to stop her, he overheard him chewing her out for sleeping in class. Anon smiled and selfishly wondered if it was his doing. Luckily his hood covered his face so she couldn't see him.

    Anon was shocked to see her walk in the direction of a notoriously bad neighborhood.

    He followed her, around corners, up and down streets. This place was really out of the way. Where was she going? After ten or twenty minutes of trailing her Anon knew where she was heading, he stopped in his tracks. He couldn't believe it. His head started to ache and his vision began to blur. He had to take a break and sit down. Besides, if he was right he already knew where to go.He sat down and watched people go to and fro, going about their lives.


    His breathing became normal again, he felt like he could walk. He picked himself up and continued on, Tomoko was out of sight but he knew exactly where to go.

    As he approached the broken down apartment complexes he could hear weird noises from one of the rooms. He took a deep breath and approached the source of the noise.




    Anon peeked through the open window, he saw the silhouette of a familiar slim girl, only she was being gripped and ruthlessly pounded by a larger shadow. The shadow was merciless and no matter how much she screamed to slow down, he would keep the same pace or even move faster.


    The shadow continued to pound into her relentlessly, but no matter how hard the shadow was the girl's silhouette moaned and begged for more shamelessly.

    "Y-YESSSSSSS~" The girl moaned. "I LOVE YOUR DICK-"

    Anon watched, his legs wouldn't move no matter how much he wanted to walk away, he knew what what the girl was going to shout.




    Anon almost passed out on the spot. But instead, his vision went red, he hardly remembers breaking Troll's door down. Throwing the frail Tomoko from the bed, and punching Troll in the face until his fingers were broken and Troll couldn't beg him to stop anymore. All he knows is that he didn't kill Troll, and he may or may not have hurt Tomoko in the process. However, he does remember that he ran. He ran all the way home, he didn't stop, he almost got hit by cars multiple times but he didn't care. In fact if a car had hit him and put him out of his misery he'd had been just fine.

    He finally got back home, his fatigue had caught up with him and he began breathing heavily as he unlocked his door. He threw his damp coat to the floor. He wanted to cry, he wanted to shout as loud as he possibly could, but nothing came out. Only tears, only a wheezing whelp came out of his cold-pained face.


    Anon couldn't think of anything to do. He just fell into his bed, where the tears and pain finally found their way to him. He couldn't get the images of Tomoko's stupid face out of his head as she was getting pounded by his supposed friend. It was at that moment where Anon decided to give up.

    "I don't...want to exist anymore..." Anon said aloud, so he was sure he meant it.

    "haha...HAHAHA...I WISH I WERE FUCKING DEAD HAHJAHAHHAHAH" Anon laughed loudly. So loud the neighbor next door banged against the wall, but that didn't stop him. He laughed and cried until he couldn't feel anything anymore. And then he just lied there, not feeling anything. It was the most serene he felt in weeks.

    An hour or so passed. Anon had finally calmed down. He was just enjoying wallowing in self pity. He had to pull himself from this slump eventually. But for now he could enjoy being in the dark, not thinking about anything. His mind was blank and he never felt anything like this before. Was his mind truly not thinking of anything? Or was he trying so hard to not think of anything he convinced himself that he wasn't thinking? Either way it felt better than facing the reality.

    Reality was cold.

    Reality was terrible.

    Reality was that he may have left his front door wide open and the girl he devoted almost a year to had thrown away all they had for some fucking loser's dick.


    More time passed. Anon could feel that he was hungry. He sighed, but he was glad that this wasn't affecting his instincts to stay alive, he decided to force himself up and see if he had any instant ramen left.

    Much to his dismay he HAD in fact left his front door open.

    Anon closed the door, and went back to digging around his kitchen. He hadn't gone shopping in a few days and that mixed with Tomoko coming over to cook had left Anon with some bread and cheap grape jelly. He decided in his head to go shopping tomorrow and for the moment he'd make toast. He set the bread in and went to sit on his couch. He put his forearm over his eyes and waited in silence for the bread to be done.

    That was when he heard knocking.

    He didn't want to get up, it was probably some asshole kid selling candy for his school. Or some drugged out loser selling magazine subscriptions so he could pay for his habit, either way he didn't answer. However, the knocking never stopped, Anon ignored it and spread the cheap processed jam over his burnt toast. Even after Anon finished his meal the knocking never stopped, and even if it did stop it would only be for five or ten minutes. Finally after an hour he decided to give whoever it was a piece of his mind. He flung open the door.


    Tomoko was standing there, her face was all puffy from what could possibly be crying, and she was drenched with water from head to toe. Anon was flabbergasted, he said nothing as Tomoko clung to him and wouldn't let go. Her shirt was drenched and she was getting his clothes wet but he didn't stop her.

    "A-Anon!" Tomoko choked out.

    "Go away...Go home, Tomoko"

    Tomoko didn't respond, she started to cry again and clung to Anon tighter than before. Anon wanted to push her off, he wanted to tell her how much of a piece of shit she was, how her sluttiness ruined the best thing he ever had. He wanted to hit her, to choke her until she couldn't cry anymore. Her sobbing and sniffling was getting on his nerves. How could Anon find this piece of trash cute? How could he ever even look at her like how he used to again?

    "Get off of me.." He said weakly, but gave no resistance. Every time he rejected her, she would just let out a sob and cling tighter. No matter what was going through Anon's head, he couldn't make himself hurt her physically.

    "Anon Please!" Tomoko sobbed.

    You...You're garbage..." Anon muttered. They stood there in the threshold. Tomoko clinging to Anon, Anon not pushing her or yelling at her. They just stood, and Anon had no idea why. Was it because he had no one else? Did he still love Tomoko? Does she even love him? What's to say she's not going to just cheat on him again? They just stood there, frozen.

    "Go home...Leave me alone..." Anon said in a monotonous voice. Was he even trying? He put his hands on her shoulders in an attempt to push her away, which he could've done with little effort. So why didn't he? He could've shoved her away without a second thought.


    "I don't have anyone else..." She said as she sobbed. "I have no friends, nobody's ever loved me before, Anon..."

    "I was scared..."

    More than anything Anon wanted to push her away, he wanted her to be as miserable as he was. No matter what nasty things came out of Anon's mouth, all she would do is cling to him and sob.

    They just stood there.

    -THE END-

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