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    File:1184293783.tolstoy whizztolstoycmj.jpg
    I'm gonna go kill myself now.
    Tolstoy and Dragomike are actually juggalos.
    Pretty self explanatory.

    Tolstoy is a popular, disgusting, and untalented fat furry artist who is pretty much worshipped by every fucking fat furry on the internets. He is also the self-proclaimed "leader of the Severe Duty Slobs", and has an imaginary clan of e-warriors called the Anla Shok. His sheer mass of fat and fail may soon grow beyond that of the critical mass, and will consume the earth in a massive wave of imploding gravity.

    I am Tolstoy the bear. Fat fur and artist; brother bear to my bros and father bear to my sons. I am Anla' shok na to my rangers and leader of the S.L.O.B.S. I am mate to Truck the polar bear. He is my hero bear and the light of my life.


    —Tolstoy, on himself

    I am the definition of black person. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I do love simply letting go and being totally free. You can't IRL of course, but here you can be free.


    —Tolstoy, still on himself

    (I picked a) Grizzly bear because they’re wonderful animals when they’re not busy eating, hibernating or killing you. Scratch that, they’re wonderful even when they’re doing those things. Ursus arctos horribilis! We’re horrible, smelly creatures! Fear us! Grrrrr!!! *has the soul of a bear*


    —Tolstoy on his fursona

    He also has a habit of calling every fat furry he sees black person. Also, like Dragomike and EmberKomodog, he has a sweatpants fetish, AND an unhealthy obsession with Happy Meals (like that's any fucking surprise.) The fetish list goes on to include pissing himself, smelling like shit, rolling around in shit, vore and of course fatasses. The only appropriate solution is to kill it with either soap and holy water or fire, whichever melts away the layers of fat shit and fail faster.


    Tolstoy gives up vore. Fat furries become an heroes.

    His "art" is uploaded on DevianTART, but he mostly pays attention to his Furaffinity page probably because FA is more tolerant of art depicting fat furfags pissing themselves.

    Tolstoy's art is so mediocre, that if it wasn't so fucking disgusting, no one would pay any mind to it. Most of it is done of his fursona which is a grizzly bear that is over 16 feet tall and weighing over 30,000 pounds. Cause all furs have the muscular power to weigh lift over 15 tons amirite? However, as bad as his art is, it's like a train wreck; you just can't look away. Unlike Dragomike, he doesn't seem to have an obsession with sumo wrestling, but rather a scat fetish, which he tries to cover up for by calling it 'slob furs'. He's also turned on by his own body odor, which is why he bathes in his own sweat. That, and, he probably dosen't fit in the car wash. Being as brainless as they are, his fans eat this shit up. They Eat it up more than most decent furry artists, as his main page has over 1000 furfags watching his every move and has had OVER 100,000 VIEWS! This is only further proof that furries are sick twisted individuals that will fap to anything, and we mean ANYTHING on the internet.

    Fandom Rape

    When they aren't raping each other or stuffing their fat faces with lard, furries like Tolstoy enjoy raping the characters from whatever fandom they fap to with their sick fetishes. Here are some of Tolstoy's horrid additions to the clusterfuck of fail known as furry fanart. Remember kids, it's not tolstoy's unless it has quadruple chins and could crush a pickup truck!

    It Gets Worse

    Keith Moon does not approve.

    Long ago he thought it would be a good idea to start doing adult "artwork" involving more slob work, extreme fat, dirtiness, vore, pissing on himself, cities and some weird fascination with eating pigs. Also some scat.

    The worst of it is that from his corrupted point of view, It actually WAS a good idea. At the time of writing, he has 1089 furfags following his FA account, some of which are actually retarded enough to BUY his godawful shit. Only god knows why.


    It should be noted that tolstoy has a throbbing inch long boner for Dragomike. This is hinted at multiple times in his journals

    Tolstoy had a relationship with another fatty from England. However, this ended At least 100 years ago and now without the popularity of being Tolstoy's 'mate', he'll probably disappear into obscurity forevar!

    This was shortly followed by typical furry emo shit, which is hinted at in Tolstoy's journal.

    Back Together

    Actual details are scarce as to how but proof can be found from dumb little RPs or comments left in eachother's shouts and by their expression of love on their profile info. Unfortunately for them, their fat rolls prevent them from having buttsecks. It's for the best though, if they were to buttsecks it would be like throwing a black hole into a black hole, except with a lot more shit,sweaty bear fur and a smell that could could pierce the armor of a tank.

    Gallery of Fail

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