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    You pervert!

    In the veins of babyfuck, toddlercon is possibly one of the most disturbing forms of alt-hentai evar. Shitting dick nipples and LemonParty looks like an episode of Naruto by contrast. If you fap to this, God will shoot you and the world will hate you. Not even lolicon, shotacon, or even guro can compare. It is disgusting enough to be included in the Pain series. With a sick and perverted country like Japan, such things can exist.

    Who loves them?

    Although it's not very popular on the internet, a lot of people actually fapped once or twice to this genre. Some people argue that this is little more than transforming their loved loli/shota characters into small toddlers to insert a dick inside, when the more likely thing for pedos to do is transform an animu character in their teen years into the same thing.

    The toddlercon fandom, as it stands, insists on either a full grown pedo raping a baby or babies fucking each other. And on average, 11 out of 10 pedos say that Toddlercon is awwright!

    Not even innocent babies are safe from the creepy Fapanese creeping all over the place.

    Do you like Toddlercon? If so, you are a sick fuck.

    And I mean REALLY sick fuck.

    Toddlercon should be enough incentive for the Japanese to pull their heads out of their collective bunghole and stop raping other countries with their deranged sickness, but regrettably, its not. This is a disease that, at its current communicability rate, will pwn the world next Friday at 9 PM and make the streets of Tokyo run red with blood. Not even NERV will be able to stop the ensuing madness.

    Toddlercon will take its place among guro, shotacon, lolicon, and Hello Kitty. They will join into the artistic version of the Power 5 and all Japan will tremble. Except, that is, for the pedophiles and other assorted sick fucks out there, who will begin to rock out with their cocks out.

    This man likes toddlercon


    The furry equivalent is known as cub/cubby art or babyfur, which is without a doubt popular with the babyfurs. As if Toddlercon wasn't bad enough, furry fucks have to fap over bestiality involving small innocent animals. Cubs are known for raping kittens, rabbits and other small animals. A fetish for a fur in a fucking diaper was too much, but cub fuck is just an abomination. Cubby art are more popular to the Americans as humans to the Japanese. However, the difference between cub and toddlercon involving humans is that cubs can talk and walk more properly.

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