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    Todd in the Shadows

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    Todd in the Shadows (aka Todd Nathanson, but born as Kenneth Munson) is an anti-gamergate Social Justice Warrior who spends his free time masturbating to Zoe Quinn's nudes, making shitty music reviews, and attacking the upstanding citizens of the web. You can stand up against these infringements of your E-rights by going after this man-childs E-peen. Prior to this "GamerGate" shit he was a minor personality on Youtube and ThatGuyWithTheGlasses known for making "comedic" reviews of pop songs - but in typical nice guy fashion his videos really just ended up serving as excuses for him to rant about how angry he is that he can't get laid, never had a girlfriend in HS, and how jealous he is off all the attention that Usher and Enrique Iglesias get from women instead of him. Like so many of these fake nice guys and white knights, it's apparently still never dawned on him that being an insincere kiss-ass to women just hoping to score some poon doesn't make women like you, it just makes you look creepy, needy, and desperate for female attention - all of which are evolutionarily unsuccessful traits. He's also a friend of the self-confessed pedophile Sarah Butts.

    A ScrubLord Rises

    Sometime last Thursday Todd saw the backlash that Zoe Quinn was receiving from the epic cuck of both her boyfriend as well as gaming journalism as a whole, and decided to get off his fat ass and try to do something about it.This naturally failed, as Todd is both obese and retarded, so he did the next best thing and began attacking GamerGate via twitter in a bid to get some pussy, or at the very least a hand-job.The lulzy part about this being that GamerGate still exists, meaning that Todd and his moral fags failed in their goal of shutting down GG and censoring the world. Beyond that, Todd is a well known supporter of the pedophile Nicholas Nyberg, like many of his fellow Social Justice Warriors claiming that child fucking is just a kink and attacking a kink is horrible. We all know that's not true just like we know Anita Sarkeesian is full of shit and Josh's hand.


    According to the Prophet, our Lord and Savior, Todd has a reputation for making movies on the Jewtubes. These videos are made about such lol-filled topics as pop music and one hit wonders such as life in a tent and Jesus.It is speculated that he makes horrible videos like this because nobody can tell if he is either black or just really azn. This could also explain why he is so intent on getting in Quinn's nasty old snatch which, let's be honest, nobody wants besides gaming journalist, but everybody knows they don't get any anyway. It would also explain his obsession with keeping his face hidden cuz' if he is a nigger, then he is hiding from the police. However, if he is azn, then he is probably embarrassed by the fact that he is not a doctor or a mathematician. If he really is an azn, then he will probably self pwn sometime in the not-so-distant future.

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