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    a forced meme is born

    Strangely enough, Tina didn't know but one day her shitty singing skills would see her front page on PerezHilton.com where his army of fags would charge to it like it was hot dick. Most argue that Mr. Lavandeira's choice in posting Tinaemusic to his blog is the most fucked up decision he has ever made.

    In conclusion, Tina is completely obsessed with shit nobody cares about. She will stop at nothing to prove not only are BSB better than Nsync; but possibly more important than the lord Jesus Christ. You can help by reminding Tina she is a fat ugly retarded bitch.

    Internet Famous or just another Youtube Poop ?

    Oh baby when yo' shake dat thang
    Tina is a hot mama.

    i think this is my best one


    —Tina on her Perez Hilton frontpaging video 'EveryBody backstreet back- Backstreet boys'


    I am having a good day so far and God has helped me through my life as I face many challenges in my life. I am only in tenth grade and life is sometimes hard but my life seems very easy with God's love and support that he gives me everyday. He blesses me, my family and friends and he is such a great God. He is my hearo for life. Jesus Christ is the best. He helps me through my life everyday.


    —Kristina explains where she passion comes from

    Do not say my videos suck... or you are a whore


    —Kristina on comments

    It's basically gonna be just like any of those talk shows you see on TV, but in my own way because I don't know anything about talk shows, because I don't watch any.


    —Kristina about her talk show

    I order all you mean people to stop it or I will contact the YouTube and tell them to ban you from their site. I am not kidding.


    —Kristina responds to mean comments

    The people at the orphanage believe that God and Jesus were no good. They also believed God has nothing to do with how they were created and how the world became a world. They thought that mankind was the way to good. Maria lived in a bad place where it looked like you were homeless but better.


    —An insert from story two of Kristina's new book, God Blesses All of His Kids

    Are you kidding me? you just killed the song so bad, not even Jesus will be able to fix it.

    please get your dad's revolver and shoot yourself




    I don’t hate gay people. When I posted a video saying I hate gay people I should 
    have said I don't like Perez. He has bullied me. I don't like being bullied. 
    He made fun of the backstreet boys and that hurt me because I love the backstreet boys.
    DO NOT GO TO PEREZ'S SITE. Perez is nothing but shame and I don't want anything to do with him.
    He wants me to look like crap. I have my views but I don't need him buttting in my life with my career.
    I do like gay people but I DON'T LIKE PEREZ. I have alot of gay fans and I am glad they are my fans.
    I love all of my fans. I hate it when someone makes fun of me but I have gotten past that because
    I learned that people are just jealous of me. I don't need to prove myself to anyone at all. 
    I am going to make some more videos and make some more music and write some more songs. 
    I am glad God created me. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

    Further Controversy

    Lol kid pictures.
    • see Mario is a nice guy

    Mario Perez Hilton trolls Tina. Perez hilton lulz.jpg


    Tina starting deleting her YouTube Videos

    Tina decided too many people were laughing at her, and not with her. Especially when Shaysboi began making parodies and remixes of Tina. Thus, she evoked the final solution and starting deleting and privatizing everything. Fanbois would go on to demand answers from Perez Hilton, but he was too busy sucking dick for blow and uploading lulzy pictures of Tom Cruise. Although, Shaysboi was able to save a couple of her videos before she deleted them. Meanwhile, the battle continues...


    Shaysboi saved two or three videos and reposted them on YouTube. Everyone began flaming Kristina again on his her videos. Unfortunately, youtube decided to suspend his account because it was against "the terms of violation". Although he created another channel, Shaysboiisback, claiming to repost her videos. Unfortunately, he forgot about the lulz.

    Shaysboi's lulzy video.


    Oh no! Tina is back on youtube and now her videos are available to her deaf fans and other Jewtube users.

    Since Tina came back, she has added two more videos that brought lulz again. BTW, since when did any rumors or lies about Kristina and Perez going out and fucking spread? She is indeed hiding something here...

    you are a lesbian with perez's mom?!



    Tina Shows Her Tits

    At some point during 2008, in an ill advised attempt to do god knows what (she says thank her fans but is seems more like punishment), Tina decided to flash her tits. Thankfully or sadly, depending who you ask, either no nipples were seen or no nu-parodied version of the video remains. This is the only version that does not require logging in to youtube and varifying your age. Although two more exists that do and might contain something else.

    After everyone told her to put those gross things away she posted another video apologizing for the pain she had inflicted on people by showing them her saggy udders and saying she wants to kill herself.

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