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Time paradox, caused by dividing by zero
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A time paradox in Naruto.
Because of this time paradox, niggas rioted.
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It's a time paradox in the afternoon here.

A Time Paradox, also recently known as Pime Taradox by those who like to perpetuate it as a forced meme, describes something that could never happen, ever, but if it DOES happen, the amount of AIDS, Epicness, Winrar and lulz grows into epic and dangerous proportions that can make you piss yourself or even kill you or someone else.

/b/ gets concerned every time a Time Paradox happens, because it can kill /b/ itself. Cant happen as it's impossible.

Time paradox was created at least 100 years ago and the probabilities of happening are from over 9000 to one.

How to create a Time Paradox

1.- Do something so fucking impossibly epic, for the lulz.

2.- Wait for users crying "PIME TARADOX!"

3.- ?????


Examples of time paradoxes

Dividing by zero

Not as epic as others, but dividing by zero in an original way can create a Time Paradox.

Normal division by zero: 1/0

Epic division by zero, and Time paradox: 1/-0

Guessing a GET

Usually done by modfaggotry, but sometimes is proved that not. Guessing a get or failing at it causes so much lulz that makes an unbelievable Time Paradox.

Best example of failing at a get.

Menstrual Painting of a Minstrel

If you paint a Minstrel using Menstrual Blood, it will create a time paradox that will open once a month.

Killing Ocelot

If you kill Ocelot in 1964, Colonel tells you that you've created a time paradox. So seriously, don't do it. Not even the Revival Pill will help you.

Simutaneous Falcon Punch

Scientists at the University of /b/ have discovered a new way to create a time paradox; play Super Smash Bros. (any version) with two Captain Falcons, and use Falcon Punch at EXACTLY the same time. Doing this via N64 emulator has been proven to destroy hard drives and operating systems, as shown below.

They're currently investigating the true power of the simultaneous at CERN, using the Large Falcon Punch Collider, it's said that it caused the big bang, which made the entire fucking universe.


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if: a=1

and: b=1

thus: a=b

then: ab=b^2

then we: ab -a^2= b^2 -a^2

so we: a^2 -ab=a^2 -b^2

now we: a(a-b)=(a+b)(a-b)

lets remove the (a-b)´s: a=(a+b)

replace with their real value: 1=(1+1)

result: 1=2

You can fool retards who haven't discovered the wonders of dividing by zero and cause butthurt on mathematicians with this equation.

Getting a fusion combo

When two people attempt to do a combo on the same thread, and both of them attempt to break each other's combos out, you can create a fusion. If done correctly, a big Time paradox will occur.


An epic failget produces so much lulz that creates a Paradox.

Mixing Coke and Pepsi

Due to the extremely competitive nature of the Coca-Cola and Pepsi companies, if you mix Coke and Pepsi, the extreme angst generated will create a Time Paradox, as well as a possible lawlsuit.

Larry Bird

He's white, and is good at basketball. Wait, what?

German Jews

Oh wait, they just become an hero.

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