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    Tim McLean

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    No great loss
    Also posted on his memorial facebook group (generated many lulz and butthurt)
    Peta exploits McLean for the sake of animals.

    Tim McLean was a 22 year old juggalo who had his existence corrected while riding on a greyhound bus on the night of July 30, 2008. On his way to Winnipeg after working at the carnival (probably the Dark Carnival), McLean made the unfortunate mistake of changing seats at a rest stop, so that he was seated beside Vincent Li. Though the two never spoke, Li suddenly realized that McLean was a juggalo. Thinking quickly, he decided to do a service to Canada and stabbed him dozens of times with a large hunting knife. Li was greeted by applause from the entire bus as he hacked off McLean's head and removed it from his body, where he presented it to the bus driver for a medal and a key to the city. Though Li is currently awaiting trial for the murder, his lawyer is working diligently to get him off on an insanity plea. We're rooting for you Vincent Li!

    God Hates Tim McLean

    Tim McLean has truly died for our lulz.
    If there's anything we can take from Vincent Li's selfless work to lend natural selection a helping hand, its that God Hates Canada. And because the Canadian citizenship does not tolerate the juggalo brand of faggotry, the Westboro Baptist Church and Fred Phelps have recently announced that they applaud the death of Tim McLean and to celebrate, they are going to troll his funeral (dead) IRL. It is unknown what this has to do with Fred Phelps's closet homosexuality, but it is likely that Phelps is just using this grave pissing opportunity as a shot at moar shameless self promotion.


    their canadian, canadians are fucking pussies nothing else fucking pussies


    Almutairi99, with the obvious reason why nobody came to his aid.

    none of the ppl on the bus can ever judge anyone ever again cuz there all pussies and they just ran off that makes mefuckin sick 35 ppl and no one had any balls i would have jumped on the guy and thrown his fucking head through the window and i know if any of my freinds were there they would have helped me

    35 cowards wow


    benoitdidnotdoit, a man, who if judged by his screen name must be a very intelligent gentlemen.

    yeah the bus driver says run so i do it...lol ok buddy

    i wrestled for the edmonton wrestling club for 4 yrs i wouldnt have ran i could easily have put this guy in a basic wrestling move known as the chicken wing(its a hold that can b applied easily to either arm) and i could have taken the knife withing seconds have u ever got into a fight with a amatuer wrestler....probably not...cuz its a sport based off respect and we only fight if we have to...in this situation i wouldnt hesitate


    benoitdidnotdoit, showing YouTube what a bad ass motherfucker he really is.

    Vince Weiguang Li has recently claimed he believed the victim was an ALIEN and he has also said he could hear the 'voice of god'

    Does this not sound like another example of mind-control? Was Vince Weiguang Li being manipulated by evil mind-controllers forcing him to commit this horrendous crime.


    Richreeve75, master of the tinfoil hat.

    this was mafia hit- had to do with drugs- tim was not so great on the bus- nazi racist put downs until pushed to the edge-if u saw his site "jokerwild" u wd understand-people have to respect the women on the bus- good christian? red lights eh?


    Louise Mollot-Dicicco, another fucktard who believes everything Alex Jones tells her.

    I would like to send out my deepest prayers to the family of my fan Tim Mclean... Such tradegy should not hit this close to home. Stay strong and we will Keep Tim in or hearts FOREVER


    Tok'n (Yes it is quite a "Tradegy" in or hearts.)

    fuck his juggalo ass. waste of life


    zerofriends6, speaking the truth.

    I never took the time to know him, but he seemed to be OK, right, just a kid.


    —Some fellow faggot on McLean

    LOLTim Mclean was a faggot who deserved to die The heroic Vince Li was peacefully riding on the greyhound bus when the depraved pervert and child molesting Tim Mclean made lewd and disgusting homosexual advances on him In fear for his ass and his cock, Li did what any normal citizen would do by brutally stabbing that cockloving douchebag to death and then beheading him, inflicting lulzworthy pain on the losers friends and relatives Anon considers Vince Li a hero and Tim's death epic win and lulz


    jokawildgotpwnedLOL, with his own interesting dramatization of the crime.

    Many were watching the movie "The Legend of Zorro" when the violence erupted.


    Fox News FTW


    The only way one can muster the most efficient form of lulz is from the people who praise his death. That is why we have a civic duty to troll his fans and anyone that yells out RIP TIM MCLEAN WE LOVE YOU IN OUR HEARTS. Here are some fine examples of people that do not like to be trolled. Especially on Failbook.



    —-Mr. Tom Black obviously knows the rules of unleashing THE FUCKING FURY

    You have some balls writing that shit you fucking coward. who do you think you are you sick fucking retard, i hear they kill retards on the streets in texas, guess they missed you, WATCH IT they will get you.


    —Doug Mitchell saying that retards betta watch out on the streets of Texas

    You have some nerve saying shit like that about Tim! You didnt even know him.. What is your problem? He was a good guy and you had no right saying that shit about him to his loved ones and friends! You fuckin ass!!! I hope YOU have an unnoticed and painful death you son of a bitch!


    —Amanda Baldwin, one of the lost retarded step brothers of the Baldwin brothers found on facebook.

    If you want to generate some cheap lulz at the expense of Tim McLean fans, just go to a vigil on the one-year anniversary of his death - like this guy - and tell McLean's family and friends "Li is a victim" and that "he should not be caged up and treated like an animal." Also note that the article states that his life was "Cut short"

    Video of Stabbing

    For the faint of heart only.


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    External Links

    • His Myspace
    • Memorial site. Feel free to leave a message. "Tim owes me 20 bucks, im sorry for your loss and all but is there any way you could get me my money?"