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    His opinions are well founded in fact

    File:Lj-favicon.png tigerwolf is an LJ furry faggot who became internet-famous after being featured on a couple of websites for some anti-vagina comments.

    Anal sex is cleanliness

    Bold statements:

    • If you want to fuck females, then fucking leave me alone and don't be around me.
    • I don't share my males with disgusting filthy females.
    • I fucking hate females, I wish they'd all fucking die.
    • Vaginas are disgusting and disease ridden.
    • The anal passage is self cleaning.
    He also hates immigrants


    When asked afterwards why he made such ludicrous statements, his only response was, "I did it for the lulz! *growls and pads off*"

    Nobody understands why tigerwolf caused so much of a fuss, since everyone knows that vaginas are scary.

    He Knows Kung-fu and Hates Azn Kids

    Tigerwolf is an avid participator in the LJ group Childfree Hardcore. He is best known for his exploit for standing up to the Azn father whose spawn dared to trip him on his way to the movies [1].

    Yeah. I mean, quite frankly, I'm a nasty bitch. I took 12 years of kung fu in my childhood and teen years, and my first instinct is to hit someone when they grab me. Why? This isn't the playground anymore. You need to think that when someone attacks you, they have the intent to kill you, and act accordingly.

    If it wasn't in the mall? He'd have had a serious problem on his hands, cuz I'd have beat him down right in front of his wife and spawns.



    Reaction to his Dramouting

    On August 9th, 2006, he blanked this article and replaced it with this message:

    Deleted due to unauthorized linking to livejournal account, unauthorized use of art, and misquoting.
    Further restoration of this page will result in potential legal action against this site. Thank you.

    Of course this kind of behavior results in a ban, followed with heavy lulz.

    Recurring Guest

    Tigerwolf has been featured prominently on stupid_free, File:Lj-favicon.png drama_awesome and even chastised by the sick fucks on File:Lj-favicon.png cf_hardcore. He was most recently dramouted for claiming Steve Irwin dying has something to do with being childfree. He also is now responsible for the demise of cf_hardcore.

    See also

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