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    Thomas Donato

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    Thomas Donato is was a seven year /b/ lurker and first time poster who is going to die tonight in the most horrible way possible. Plus he just split with his girlfriend. This is a page in his memory. He will be missed. lol.

    Thomas, you will always be remembered not for how you lived, but how you went out. In a blaze of glory. On the internet. With a pickle in your prick.

    His name is Thomas Donato.



    His Story

    Thomas Donato was a raging homosexual who pretended to have a girlfriend on /b/. He is now dead due to letting aforementioned woman stick a pickle down his japs eye and her fist up his ass, getting both stuck and needing both removed. Somewhere in all of this his imaginary girlfriend broke up with him and ripped his ass open removing her fist AND his penis removing the pickle. Too embarrassed to phone the police, he lay there and died, not even able to masturbate due to his broken cock.

    tl;dr On Tuesday February 23rd, 2010: boy meets girls. Girl shoves pickle in boy's urethra. Girl puts fist up boy's arse. Boy cries HALP /b/!!!


    See also: 404'd

    Shorty after 6:30pm PST, Thomas Donato coded and was pronounced dead at the scene. With toxicology reports pending, a preliminary autopsy found a cat and a computer mouse in his rectum. It appears that when the cat caught up to the mouse, it tried to OM NOM NOM it and the resulting electrical discharge, shorted Thomas Donato's pacemaker.

    He was a veteran lurker. He was a novice poster. A sexual entrepreneur. A loner. A Maverick. His legend lives on. His name is Thomas Donato.

    Drawfags were so upset, this is all they could come up with.

    Hey you bastard that article has nothing to do with my dilemma please put my story and let people know.

    Only recommended if you like bloody asses, torn dicks, fists in ass, extreme EXTREME pain


    —Thomas Donato

    External Links

    Looks like a faggot who'd let a girl put a pickle down his dick.



    OP IS THIS YOU?! You sure walk like you had a fist shoved up you ass.