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    Theo IRL, posing with his favorite musician ever; someone no one's ever heard about.

    TheoTheFox (often just called "Theo" for short, and also known as "WildTheory" on DevianTART) is your local neighborhood sick fuck and artist, offering lots of cool stuff to the interbutts such as horribly drawn vore, horrifying furry porn, and dog dicks for the whole family. He's a self-proclaimed "furry celebrity" and is a master of being an absolute fucking child. It's amazing that he and Chasethehedgehog aren't best friends. His daily diet consists of alcohol, other furries, otter dicks, otter vaginas, otter anuses, and otters.

    Theo is notable in part due to the terrible treatment he graciously bestows upon his "friends," usually ditching them right away when they call him out on his bullshit. Though he used to talk to people of all audiences, nowadays he refuses to associate himself with anyone but "popular" furries. If you aren't a "popufur" (as furries like to refer to themselves), you are pretty much worthless to the dude, 'cus you can't provide him with copious amounts of poorly drawn porn.

    Scumbaggery Spawns

    So sexy!!! !1!11 YIFF!1!!!
    Theo waiting for a dick to fly into his mouth.

    Theo created his terrible FurAffinity page in late 2008, posting his horribly drawn traditional art for all the yiffers to get off to. It wasn't too long before he received large amounts of fantards sucking his dog dick (or fox, whatever), quickly leading to a horribly inflated ego simply because he draws furry porn and has basic competence with colored pencils. After moving on to digital art and disgracing the genre with his terribly pixelated vore, his fanbase grew twice as huge, stroking their knots violently in approval.

    Aside from drawing frightening furry porn, Theo also has an unholy obsession with otters, and are the main subject of his artwork (since he got bored of milking Pokemon for watchers, most likely). Showing a picture of an otter to Theo will give him a massive erection, and he will most likely talk about how hot it is. In spite of raping baby seals and killing them thusly, otters are the only animal in the world that matter to him, although furfags rank a very close second.

    Despite his disgusting amount of fans on the wonderful FurAffinity filled with a large variety of art, a large amount of people are quite familiar with his bullshit. After his latest stunt involving his "best friend," they grew tired of said bullshit and unwatched him immediately for being a total scumbag. Wow, even some furries have standards! Incredible!

    Despite his ridiculous ego Theo has, on multiple occasions, attempted to become an hero, but most unfortunately never pulled through with it. If he had, it'd be pretty radical and the first beneficial thing the retard has contributed to society. But he's a furry and furries never do the right thing, and would rather continue being useless pieces of shit who take up lanes on the freeway. Template:Greentext

    All the lulz

    Theo has two extremely notable dramatic incidents that have spawned countless inside jokes among spectators. If you were to look up "white people problems," these two scenarios would be the definition, because it's absolutely fucking mindblowing how people can be upset over this shit.

    The Stolen Color Caper:

    Source: [1]

    Because his fursona's design is so fucking original, Theo decided that this random furry no one gives a shit about stole his colors, despite foxes all generally having the same colors. However the laws of reality mean nothing to Theo. This person was simply a thief for having fox colors, and Theo was just the boon of originality for having a fox as his fursona! Wow! Luckily for the world, even a majority of his fantards weren't dumb enough to fall for this, even telling him that foxes GENERALLY HAVE THE SAME FUCKING COLORS. Crazy, right?

    The Dildo Strikes Back:

    Source: [2] [3]

    Feeling artistically inspired; Theo decided it would be a great idea to create his own Bad Dragon dildo off of his terrible otter character (if you can even call it that)! After wasting his time drawing up the design for all his yifftards to see, he is soon enough put down by the fact that some OTHER otter dildo got accepted over his, and procedes to throw a tantrum, even treating his "friends" like shit all because he didn't achieve his dildo dreams. Remember kids, if you don't get what you want, it's everyone else's fault!

    On a related note, his girlfriend had a bad dragon, used it, and then tried selling it (yes, selling a USED DILDO) to other furries because it was "too big" for her, which is odd considering the fact that she's a complete and utter whore and could fit an entire grocery store in her snatch. Knowing how terrible furries are, she probably sold it successfully.

    Other notable lulz:

    Theo is extremely notable for being a huge fucking faggot incapable of providing anything interesting to add to a conversation unless it's about furries, vore, or dog dicks. He also claims he's straight, yet about 90% of his art involves dicks or gay porn in general. When he's not drawing gay otters fucking, he draws female otters with disproportionate boobs doing SUPER HOT!!1! stuff such as reaching their hand into an orca's vagina, or just standing around waiting for the bukake to start. Either way, the countless amounts of generic furfaggotry spawns equally as countless amounts of stupid bullshit to make fun of. He's also known for being a spiteful brat, removing all the art he does for people from his gallery over 1 fucking argument, and then re-uploading it later on, which in turn floods his watchers' inboxes. However his watchers are too stupid to even realize its a re-upload, because they're furries and splooge at the first sight of hairy boobs and wolf penis, regardless of how crudely drawn it is. Theo also has an obsession with terrible metal and hardcore music and labels himself as a total badass for liking said music. Despite having a girlfriend, Theo will most likely die alone, because not even bottom of the barrel whores would want anything to do with him for more than 5 minutes.

    Theo is also a brony in denial, claiming to hate bronies and My Little Pony: Friendship is Autism, meanwhile he is obsessed with one of the characters; Spike, and has done multiple pieces of fanart of him.

    Theo also is an airsoft enthusiast, which is obviously compensation and an attempt at covering up the fact that he's a total pussy as well as his desire for the D. He's also made it known that he wears a fox tail on his ass when he plays, for absolutely no fucking reason other than going "HEY I'M A FURRY." None of his teammates or colleagues give a shit that he wants to fuck animals, yet he just has to make it known. Knowing how furries are incapable of anything other than yiffing; he probably gets shot up every game. He then goes home and gets drunk because he's a raging alcoholic and claims he has a hard life.

    Due to Theo's unholy obsession with otters and horrible addiction to PokePorn; he believes that a Pokemon called "Buizel" is the only Pokemon that matters and you will never get a watch from him unless you draw one. He is also equally obsessed with Buizel's evolved form, Floatzel, and had wet dreams about the both of them fucking and eating eachother every night. When he's not being an original fox; his "PokeSona" is a Buizel/Floatzel, which is usually seen stuffing its face like a fat fuck. According to him, Buizel is the master race of Pokemon, despite Snivy already assuming that role and having a type advantage too.

    More fucking bullshit (TEXTWALL AHOY)

    Theo had a notable "best friend" that went by the name of FutureDiarist (or just "Diarist" on some sites) who was an aspiring artist who mainly drew Pokemon art. After submitting some of his art to a group, Diarist's art was quickly faved by Theo, to which he thanked him. Ironically, Diarist liked Theo's Pokemon art although it's no secret anymore that Diarist liked his Pokemon vore art but what the fuck ever and the two wound up talking to each other. In what seemed like no time, the two became very close. In fact, Theo's fantards became envious of Diarist for being their lord and savior's best friend despite not even being a furfag. As such the two would draw art for each other and circlejerk.

    However talking every day and having a really awesome and functional friendship wasn't good enough for Theo. You see, Diarist never actually had a "FurAffinity" account because he probably didn't want to deal with a site full of fucking pedophiles and sick fucks wasn't a furry and didn't like the atmosphere given off overall (and who can even fucking blame him). Despite this, Theo wound up pressuring him into making one on the guise that "People would like his art! ! !" (which is bullshit since his work gets no attention regardless since furries can't jerk off to it). Diarist quickly gained a handful of watchers, but nothing notable compared to the holy TheoTheFox! After all, artists don't matter unless they draw dog dicks on FurAffinity!

    Good guy Diarist explains what values are.
    Theo pretty much shows off what a scumbag he is.

    Diarist wound up warming up to the place due to the surprisingly positive reception (although people were probably only being nice to him so they could look good to Theo, who was giving his "friend" shoutouts) despite how he sticks out like a sore fucking thumb compared to the rest of the crowd. As time went on though, this friendship would crumble. This started with Theo posting a vore commission involving the two on FaceBook for everyone to see, which would be sort of fine, provided Theo didn't fucking TAG him in it, resulting in s lot of Diarist's family and friends seeing. Diarist always kept his vore fetish pretty secret (because it's fucking weird and he acknowledges this), but that doesn't matter to Theo! What the fuck is the real world anyway, right? Despite Diarist's grief, Theo didn't really seem to care, and it took heavy convincing from multiple sources for him to take it down. Either way it was too fucking late. Dick move Theo, dick move.

    Ontop of all kinds of other bullshit, Theo turned out to also be a pathological liar (who would have thought! Woah!), claiming to be in a financial pickle. Despite needing books for college, good guy Diarist decided he'd help who he thought was his best friend by giving him over $200 of his hard earned money. What was shitty was that Theo after BAWWWWing for about 5 minutes, pretty much forgot about it right away, and didn't even bother saying anything about it until a few people said he should give a shoutout. Despite Diarist constantly watching out for the loser's ass (and getting fed up with his shit), Theo threatened to ditch him multiple times. A lot of Diarist's other friends warned him that popularity was getting to Theo's head, and he was losing value to the furfag simply for not being a 'popufur,' but Diarist foolishly didn't listen, ultimately getting hurt in the end when the scumbag ditched him after a final confrontation. You see, Theo, claiming to be Diarist's "best friend," completely forgot about him on his own birthday, and didn't even bother to do anything to help celebrate it. What a pal! What's even worse is the fact that Diarist learned that despite claiming to have financial problems; Theo spends all of his money, including the money Diarist gave him to help him out of debt; on furry porn and Auction characters. What a great guy!

    Nowadays, people message the pair about what happened and if they'd ever get back together. While Diarist typically responds with thoughtful replies, Theo comes back at you like a fucking douchebag, and claims the subject is a "Waste of his time." Again, what a pal!

    Diarist's reaction journal: [4]

    2014 starts off great!

    Although not exactly as of 2014 (but close enough so who gives a shit), Theo's super classy girlfriend broke up with him! Turns out even slut furries who resell bad dragon dildos have standards! Wow!

    As of, Theo created a journal announcing this to the world. In the same journal, Theo decided to announce that his shitty fursona is up for whoring in commissions as well. Pretty much rectifying that he has no shame or no idea what class is. At this point, Theo is expected to be in a fedora and a trenchcoat within the next few months.

    Breakup journal: [5]

    Ontop of this, Theo seems to be cycling through "best friends" monthly. Which means either people are constantly getting fed up with him (which is no real surprise) or he's just discarding people for not being "popufur" enough (which again, is no real surprise). IT's no real secret that he's only remotely popular because of the content he draws, no matter how crude it may be (furries have no standards, at all, so long as they can initiate the fucking yiffstorm), as opposed to the kind of person he is. While he may have lots of "fans," he's going to continue being a very very lonely stupid son of a bitch.

    Gallery of Autism Theo

    YIFF YIFF YIFF About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    How to troll Theo

    • Tell him how Otters rape baby seals.
    • Tell him otters suck.
    • Tell him Buizel and Floatzel are useless.
    • Tell him his taste in music sucks.
    • Talk about My Little Ponies.
    • Call him a Brony.
    • Tell him Diarist is a better artist than him.
    • Talk about Diarist and what a great guy he is right in front of him.
    • Talk about your dreams for a Bad Dragon dildo.
    • Talk about using the colors brown, white, and black.
    • Talk about both his ex-girlfriends right in front of him.
    •  ????
    • Profit

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