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Breakingnews.gif Breaking news!
Theft is now legal in Italy. As long as you're poor, you have the right to steal whatever you want. No point in getting a job now. Anyone who says otherwise is an oppressor who hates poor people.
Furries haet art theft.
Niggas have been stealing since At least 100 years ago. NOTE: This bindle is made from the same cotton he picked last week. How ironic...
People can steal stuff and sell it for money, or skip the middle man and go straight for the goods.

Theft can refer to:

  1. Jews
  2. Niggers
  3. Icon theft - Stealing your precious LJ icon.
  4. Leeching
  5. Holding up drug dealers.
  6. Jews They want your kids piggy bank.
  7. Tracing - Art theft.
  8. Carding - Using illegally obtained credit card numbers to buy shitloads of free merch; a prerequisite to claiming haxor.
  9. Ebaumsworld - Steal flash content and making ad revenue off of it.
  10. Todd Goldman - Like ebaumsworld, only they make shirts with stolen content.
  11. Quentin Tarantino - Steals entire parts from obscure Hong-Kong action flicks.
  12. Jews
  13. Looting - IS RACIST
  14. Demanding that niggers stop looting is even more racist.
  15. Bike theft - Practiced primarily, but not exclusively, by niggas
  16. Nigger got your bike for his birthday.
  17. Identity theft - You're fucked.
  18. Plagiarism - Copy & paste from Wikipedia to gain that degree!
  19. GoldenJude Jew that stole from Jews during the Holocaust.
  20. Lolcats - Stealing from imbeciles is the lowest form of theft.
  21. Fraudulant sales on because you think your a master criminal but it's you getting the ass fuck.
  22. Jews - Jews.
  23. surprise sex you done stole her virginity.
  24. Welfare and Social Security/Disability Payments (cf. Fibromyalgia, Asperger's Syndrome and various mental disorders)
  25. Pyramid Schemes - Exactly like Multi-Level Marketing, except without the hassle of marking up near-worthless trinkets. Also made by Jews.
  26. Jews
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