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The Young Ones

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The Faces of Meth

The Young Ones was an awesome British comedy show in the 1980s about four college university students who never go to class (just like American college students) and have surreal adventures in their house (which American college students don't). The show was actually very good, and was somehow able to pull off madcap absurdism and non-sequiturs. This can be attributed to it being British and made during a time when everyone was coked up and had really big hair, so basically anything from then is funny.


An hero

Rick and Neil have attempted to become an hero on several occasions. Various methods include:

Vyvyan appeared to try to become an hero on several occasions, but was actually being a hardxcore punk when he stuck his head out of a moving train window and survived, and tried to cause a nuculear holocaust by attacking an atom bomb.

I told you I was hardcore

The fangirls ruin it


Unfortunatly, in the age of DVD, it's fallen in the hands of 16 year old girls, who believe that since the entire main cast has a cock, they must all have shitty slash fanfiction written about them.

Bad News

Bad News was essentially the Young Ones without Mike and in a spoof rock band. Might sound familiar, but they did it a year before anyone had ever heard the words 'Spinal Tap'. They wrecked hotel rooms, they beat up the cameramen, they drank too much, they smoked the ganja. They were a shit band and were intended to be a shit band.

Live from Castle Gayington!

Yeah, they played Monsters of Rock.

Drinky drinky drink

Need I say any more?


You can't keep lulzy shit down. After the Young Ones (it finished when they drove a bus over a cliff) came Bottom in which Rik and Vyvyan, now called Richard Richard and Edward Elizabeth Hitler, share a flat. It's a fangirl's dream.

Rik also did an awful movie called "Drop Dead Fred". Coincidentally, he dropped dead 23 years later of a heart attack.



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