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    The Soapbox

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    The Portal to Hell

    The Soapbox (often regarded as the asshole of IMDB) is an IMDB message board that was created for the intention of discussing hot or political issues. However, over a 100 years ago it quickly became a haven for trolls and camwhores to graze the great promised land of IMDB with their lulzy drama and shock images. Since the creation of 100+ new main boards on IMDB, it's now left with nothing but fail and AIDS. At least 100% of the posters think they are very clever, but the majority, like most IMDbtards, are too fucktarded to utilize their real life by doing anything productive other than clicking the reply button and abusing IMDb's search engine.

    Early Days of the Soapbox

    In The Soapbox, everyone is doing it wrong

    During the early days of the interbutt, The Soapbox started out promising, developing a creative crop of trolls doing it for the lulz, however, because most IMDbtards are infected with Asperger's syndrome, these joyous years did not last. It was especially notable for the ability of its lulzy users to reduce anything they don't like into either "liberal" or "conservative".


    From time to time, some stupid Canadians and Australians will run there and post that they know more about American politics than Americans do. They always have some opinion about how Americans ought to work on their Economic system (after insisting that the Euro pwns all, in ALT Caps no less), how European Health Care is way better than American Health Care (Regardless of the hundreds of Eastern Europeans who would disagree), and anything else they can rub in our pimpled ass faces. Then these same people go back to spending their government's welfare checks on their Ecstasy and abortions.

    The Glorious Years

    Some of the best times of the Soapbox would be prior to the most recent board installations. During this time, the board was booming with trolls like Paulus and camwhore's looking to get rated on their looks. While the replies these camwhores received weren't as creative or nearly as lulzy as the catchphrases on /b/, it was entertaining nonetheless to see on a website full of the ghey like IMDB. The Soapbox was also full of IRL racists and bigots, as well as the usual crop of Christian Fundies (Some of which still remain). While a majority of these users has been killed by the Banhammer, some of them, to prove their ultimate faggotry, signed up again and bought a bunch of CP to fap to on Amazon to verify their accounts and lower their posting quotas. However, because IMDB has restrictions similar to that of Gaia Online, most of these people would normally get killed off once again, ultimately crying that they will quit the internets forever, however, not before they making an account once again.

    There are still some cool users today who try to keep the spirit of the Soapbox alive. However, thanks to IMDb's all mighty Banhammer, unfortunately, they are now a dying breed. Here at ED, we will nevar forget.

    The Soapbox Today

    File:Uncyclopedia fan.jpg
    One of the few remaining hotties on The Soapbox today
    This remarkable specimen has half male, half female sprouts.

    Undeniably, the Soapbox sucks teh cock moar than ever. Actually, scratch that, it always did, but now it's just booming with AIDS and Faggotry, much like the cancer that is killing /b/, except The Soapbox is the kid who never gets laid and went to DeVry Institute, while /b/ graduated from Harvard and got all the tits he wanted. In other words, The Soapbox was built of a foundation of fail 100 years ago that is irreversible. When the very support system of this board crumbles, it'll be a tragedy greater than that of Katrina or anything else a /b/tard can fap to or even imagine. Or so we'll hope.

    There are also many he-shes on the Soapbox. Such people as Steve Lake, who according to vegologists is actually an hermaphrodite potato, and also someone by the name of Peter Jackson the filmmaker a.k.a Chocologic - the almost identical reincarnation of The Great Gonzo.

    On November 25th, 2009, a day after Metropolis showed his picture, there was extreme backlash. The teenagers, and even some adults, had many lulz which caused Metro to flip the fuck out. He threatened to kill himself and kill Buttah, who is well known to be more useful than Metro even though he is a useless black person. However, Metro has threatened to kill himself at least 100 times, which lead many to believe that he is full of bullshit.

    Miss Veronica

    Miss Veronica (born December 16, 1991 in Olongapo City, Philippines), currently named Veronica_Vacuous and also known as Miss V is a wannabe American socialite, entertainer, entrepreneur, diva, It-Girl, icon, and queen bee, only in her own mind, and failed actress, singer/songwriter and fashion designer.

    Notoriously dull and hideous and mentally unstable, Veronica was raised in an wretched, conservative city in Olongapo City, Philippines but moved to Southern California (lived in both Orange County and Los Angeles) when she was 7 and became a social pariah. She currently lives in Los Angeles and ruins it. When Veronica was merely 14, stumbled into the IMDb scene (both The Soapbox and the Sandbox) and immediately become a huge nuisance, which she became known for her infantile, obnoxious and deranged personality. From making up her own calculated vocabulary to her dramatic clashes and elementary school outbursts towards other members. Her boring personality covering many different dimensions along with her tantrum ways made a lot of Soapboxers ignore her, but Veronica is Veronica and everyone can forget her. Veronica has been described by her one and only friend as quirky, witty and extremely spontaneous, an easy person to get to know, and as well as a great and true friend once she lets you inside. She is the epitome of boring, but don't mess with her, because she will throw a tantrum and threaten suicide. She's what your evil step-mother was supposed to be. She's erratic.

    She is also a terrifying role model for the younger audience.

    If you want your girls to feel like whores and dimwits and fight for what they think is right, but is actually stupid, then I want to be that type of role model.


    —Queen Veronica

    Miss Veronica answers fan mails and questions on her official Formspring.

    Notable Soapboxers

    ED does NOT need a huge list of absolute nobodies, nor does it give a shit about your petty forum feud with that bitch who doesn't agree with your Zutara OTP. Rather than spreading your butthurt vendetta over to this site, how about you read ED:101 and ED:A User's Guide to Article Building. And while you're at it, how about contributing to some actual drama you fucking idiot?

    • Bob Lynch: Stammerman, aka StammerPedo,"famous" british doodle drawer (read: doodle his daughter), a mentally retarded pedo, a proud father, anal (receives anal from Gameboy) stammerer with multiple disabilities. He thinks he is famous and his drawings are so good that he created a wikipedia article on himself! Claims to have a close relationship with all the hags of the soapbox, including Ivy Meer (a fat nerdy jew who left because of raping her kids anally with olive oil).
    • Ben Caesar: Faggot stalker paki troll who has 180 million accounts which he switches and deletes daily. It is known for harassing other soapboxers and replying to himself with his own socks. His incessant trolling has single handedly ruined the soapbox. Has a blog full of sadistic porn, people's personal info/noodz and screenshots of soapbox conversations with his commentary like a play by play running cuz he has NO FUCKING LIFE whatsoever! When he is not busy harassing other people and journaling everything on the soapbox for fun he spams the board with pages and pages of ghey music or ptls noodz. He will probably delete any entry here about himself due to massive amounts of butthurt. He also claims to be "Oprah rich" it's more like Jerry Springer. Oh wait and he fucks his mom.
    • PushTheLimits: Is the most famous soapbox retard who hails from Canada. This retard is known to seduce virgin-lames into falling lurve with her as if shes the only broad within a 500 mile radius. Her threads consist of what she ate that day, the joys of taking a crap, or her dildo collection. She's a class act. Like her boyfriend Ben, she ain't leaving the soapbox till she dies.
    • ebonydarkness: Bonnie hu is a chink who lives in Canada. In a desperate plea for attention she colors her hair stupid colors every fucking week and does a good bozo the clown impression. She is openly asexual, I guess, not like I paid attention.... she has a lame sense of humor, and like every other chink is a mortal enemy of AZN2 who tells us we should love chinks but hates them all herself, and she constantly whines about getting date raped by some dood who was probably her boyfriend and she's so frigid she calls regular sex rape, acts like its the most traumatizing shit in the world and talks about killing herself all the time like an emo fag. She's actually so boring she's the only one who asked to be added on here.
    • KevinologyReturns: Is a well known unemployed British stalker/narcissist trying to prove that a user called SophiasDoll, (formerly known as Sophias_Guardian_An gel, Valensiya_S, Rapunzel_Knows_Best , Al_ice, Wanda_Nevada, Brookes_Biggest_Fan , Bellocq, Humbert_Humberts, Valensiya_Forever and Taylor_belongs_with _me) is a paedophile, all his evidence is based of his own opinion or screenshots which he has gathered over the years (no seriously this guy has been at this for years now and has got nowhere apart from annoying other members of the community) people used to take him seriously though he is now the laughing stock of The Soapbox. Kevin also has a loyal crew of deluded fuck buddies whom he calls upon when he needs help fighting against someone with a different opinion, so trolling him is rather easy. He has also threatened in the past to call upon the police and to get his "hacking friends" to take out SophiasDoll. Fianlly, Kevin has been known in the past to photoshop images of SophiasDoll to incriminate him. Feel free to troll him for lulz here: http://www.imdb.com/user/ur24701918/boards/profile/
    • Angel_of_Metropolis: Sry guise, he now posts under the name of DigbyChickenCaeser.
    • JDoobie: The loser of the Soapbox and a loser of humanity in general; a closet faggot, he trolls the Soapbox bitching about his life and family even though he lives off his mother and smokes weed everyday.
    • Suki/Suki_The_Great/QueenSuki: The asspie on and off user of the Soapbox; obviously retarded, naive and antisocial, she will post stupid threads trying too hard in seeming intelligent and important even though nobody there gives a shit about her whatsoever. Typical American bimbo with an IQ of a chicken, she expresses her fetish for British and Australian cock.
    • Dr. Rockso: Oh hail to the most fucking stupid teen on the Sopabox! Fun fact: is a fucking faggot. Rockso is a well-liked teenage boy who gets lots of pussy and is also the most attractive person on The Soapbox today. Got b&, lol! After being butthurt and b&, Rockso came to ED to whine about Metro. In a massive outpouring of AIDS, fail, and butthurt, Rockso hurled anti-Semitic slurs at Metro, despite the fact that Metro isn't even Jewish. Like the average teenage fucktard, Rockso's insults typically consist of "LOL UR UGLY", "LOL UR TEH FAG", and "LOL UR DUM" (Whatever you say Metro, I've never said any of that. Lol at the hypocrisy though). When editing ED, Rockso does not attempt to be clever, funny, or even remotely amusing (he couldn't be any of those things even if he wanted to, but he doesn't even try). Instead, he simply posts his epic fail insults and assorted faggotry at random places in this article. He fucked his mom in the ass to satisfy her curiosity regarding how it felt.
    • Buttah: A nigger who loves fapping to Tabby and Dr. Rockso. Fun fact: he's a nigger who is also a /b/tard.....OH SHI- His dick looks like a broken-off piece of a Kit-Kat bar with some parmesan sprinkled on it. Wears skinny jeans, watches young men dancing on youtube and tries to imitate them to live through them vicariously. Claims to have been grounded for a year for smoking pot; in reality, his mother keeps him at home to wean him off teh cawk.
    • Stevelake: See faggot and Potato. Has been proven to be the goatse guy.
    • veronicaADDICTION: A cunt-faced bitch American (surprise surprise) attention whore.
    • Chocologic: A schizophrenic 300 lb Elvis impersonator who can't even post a real picture of himself. See fat and This Looks Shopped.
    • Cunning_Stuntz: See dick and 1guy1jar.
    • Malbororedx: A raging faggot who likes to smoke cigarettes and boast about how many balls he has.
    • Nozebleed: A wannabe faggot who suffers from pig syndrome and ass-burgers syndrome.
    • Miss_Yum_yum[1][2]: See DO NOT WANT; She is epitome of faggotry. She is a raging schitzo-douche who believes she has a husband, and has adopted poor black kids. She hates poor people, but hopefully she will die from breast cancer. She lives for your sympathy; do not give it to her. Phone number: 281-252-4454. Address: 27210 Stetson Cir Magnolia, TX 77355-2249
    • ryan_lee-hilton: The ultimate faggot of the Soapbox. See human fleshlight
    • Bree-OchoUno: Bree was born when a deformed sewer-monster defecated into the vagina of a giant sow and was vomited out of her mother's anus at the ripe young age of 26
    • Adorably_Obnoxious: See fugly. As her name states, she likes little girls and has a basement full of dead bodies and half-eaten heads. Hailing from Iceland, she tends to eat wolves raw and rape kittens. She also likes to have chocologic over for child raping sessions. Spreads lettuce on her rancid genitals and has her innocent turtles eat it off.
    • ChrisScript2: IDK, some fucking guy. If you look closely, you can see that he is a cunt. If you look even closer you can see his dick is slightly bigger than his nipples.
    • DrTokyo: NOT ANOTHER INSULT TROLL with a little penis!! Always crying about other posters crying. Claims to be a doctor. Is actually a janitor at Chuck E. Cheese. All it does is copy paste his insults.
    • DuCalme: See FGAS. Left the Soapbox because she was pregnant with a half chocologic half nigger-horse baby. Silly Canadian bitch who makes a bunch of secks threads - she does this because she has a giant, hungry vagina that resembles a Sarlacc Pit. It's thought that, much like a python's mouth, her vagina can expand to swallow an entire adult male. Uses maple syrup as gravy, thirst-quenching beverages, makeup foundation, hair product, and lube (even though her vagina secretes more than enough maple syrup). Has huge bewbs that weigh 20 pounds each and dat ass.
    • JediNG: Wiry AZN who mainly posts picture links for responses and faps over Battlestar Galactica. See also: fail.
    • CocaineNightmares: An Irish Brit who is sometimes mistaken for a typical insult troll but in all fairness, the people he attacks are complete douchebags anyway.
    • Clockwork-Banana: A trap who like to put bananas in its ass. Enjoys listening to Shakira while fapping to Lady Gaga.
    • bingedrinkingisamazing: Welsh. 'Nuff said.
    • Head_Banging_Brunette: A raging dyke who posts about Cher, The L Word, and other shit nobody cares about. She can also kick your ass if you fuck with her.
    • Pinky: Annoying senior citizen wannabe with delusions of expertise in cookery which she will post every five seconds, and will give advice on anything that no one wants or cares about, but is self-righteous and "EXPERT" in everything. A bench is waiting for her in a Boca Alzheimer's home.
    • Mic: Fugly British pedophile who uses random big words to make himself sound smart. Also known for stalking underage blacks (we're not even kidding). Hopefully, he does the world a favor and kills himself soon.
    • Gameboy Ganymede: a gay troll who thinks he's so controversial and edgy. Conservative estimates suggest that he has logged nearly 500,000 hours on the board. His posts consist of impotent attempts to troll or shock, talking about shit, and bitching about not getting enough attention. Pines for a "Golden Age" of the Soapbox that no one seems to have any proof existed. Fact: His morning routine starts with him laying down under a clear glass coffee table and forcing a kidnapped 18 year old boy to squat over the table and poop on it. He likes to feed his boy a variety of things the previous day to give the poop different consistencies, smells, and colors.
    • jellytick: Often compared to Buttah because they're both nigger high school boys. But unlike Buttah, he dates ugly chicks instead of just fapping to them. It is speculated that his ex-girlfriend has a penis. Has a strong hate for Miss Yum yum and juggalos.
    • CaptainKangarooPimp: Resident canadian hillbilly who allegedly smokes 7 whole marijuanas every day.
    • Sirius_Quest: A brit who desperatley wishes he was an American instead of a britfag.
    • JustSomeMinorBrokenBones: WHO? Created a fap-worthy video for the Soapybox and- WHO? srsly, who is this chick? Now goes by Doom_Kitty.
    • WayneOrrell: Troll who frequently tries to get accounts deleted for various offenses that he/she/it also commits against others. Wayne fapps to pictures of StKildan.
    • Mauricio: Inventor of Pizza Fridaaaaaaaaaaay. Currently in prison for diddling a donkey.
    • ChristinaAnnJBarrett: I'm not being cheeky when I call her retarded, she actually is retarded, and she's a nazi that got kicked out of Stormfront for being retarded, a real insult to nazis. Has a lesbian love affair with Ellen Degnerate. If you want to be her friend, just say you like Ellen, but good luck trying to get a coherent sentence out of her.
    • MileyRCyrus: an ugly brit hambeast with horse-teeth who has actually been to mental asylums plenty of times. oh god, all she does is post selfies all day and photoshops her images, stalks prettier girls, and gets called ugly because she is. then she threatens to kill herself and goes off meds to try to become thin, like thats gonna happen. back to the mental asylum!


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