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    The Russian LJ Abuse Conspiracy

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    Round One

    In April 2005, File:Lj-favicon.png suck_my_nya was suspended from LiveJournal for posting artsy kiddie porn pictures. A bunch of Bolsheviks posted the same pictures as a show of (what else from a bunch of communists?) solidarity, and were all promptly banned, which led Russian crazy File:Lj-favicon.png hojja_nusreddin to follow in the footsteps of all good revolutionaries by making a post in File:Lj-favicon.png abuse_lj_abuse.

    When said post failed to achieve the results that Russian crazies somehow think abuse_lj_abuse will bring about, another Russian crazy made a (sadly now deleted) post in the form of a petition seeking the reinstatement of the Russian pedos to which approximately nine million Russians promptly posted "Agree".

    It was then that Elgorgo uncovered the first evidence of the Russian plot to destroy LiveJournal and perhaps even life as we know it.

    In the end, the Russians succeeded in bringing about change: like a good Klan rally, abuse_lj_abuse is now an English only zone, meaning that crazy Russians can succeed where Pat Buchanon has failed.

    Round Two

    Sometime last Thursday, LJ Abuse allegedly suspended a series of journals from Russia. With Russians being a large contingent of LJ users, many got very upset, and people began speaking out about Russia, as a country, leaving LiveJournal forever.

    It started in mid-June, with a post in File:Lj-favicon.png abuse_lj_abuse, where the Russian spokescommunist said LJ was important for free Russian expression. This started a chain reaction of posts and bad Yakov Smirnov jokes:

    Round Three

    The conspiracy theorists were abruptly proven right, some two and a half years later, when Russia arrested LJ and sent it to the gulag. Unfortunately, they've all either gone elsewhere or been banned, and File:Lj-favicon.png abuse_lj_abuse can no longer defend us against the Cossacks.

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    The Russian LJ Abuse Conspiracy
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