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The original 17th Century Ranters were also retarded and got B&

The Ranting Community is one of the most autistic and drama-filled communities on YouTube. It's mostly a sausage fest of pseudo-intellectuals who bitch about everything under the sun, and think they're smarter than everyone else because of it. In actuality, ranters are some of the most uninspired, socially awkward people you'll ever come across, and the community has only gotten worse the more it has grown. In fact, The Ranting Community has gotten so bad, most people within the community now refuse to identify as ranters. If you label them as one, they will begin to argue semantics.

Top 10 Worst YouTubers Lists

These videos consist of ranters bitching for over 10 minutes about which bigger YouTubers they think are the worst. All of their complaints are on petty shit like someone being offensive, using custom thumbnails, or having too many jumpcuts. The ranters who make these kinds of videos are usually guilty of half the stuff they complain about others doing.

Even though MuesProductions was the first to make a top 10 worst YouTubers video, PMRants popularized it. Now every unoriginal ranter on YouTube will rehash the exact same points PMRants brought up in his video.

Dramatic Readings

Ranters love exploiting bigger YouTubers for views, so eventually they thought, "Why not exploit their fanbases too?" A dramatic reading is essentially when a ranter reads out hate comments in a hilarious voice. Thanks to people like NateTalksToYou, TheArchfiend, and PMRants, dramatic readings have become one of the most overdone trends in the ranting community. Most people will just copy the NateTalksToYou style of dramatic readings. Cover half the screen with a picture of some child you found on Google images, and cover the other half of the screen with the comment. Then get a bunch of your internet buddies to read the comments with you. Despite the fact that every single dramatic reading is the EXACT SAME THING, fanboys continue to eat these videos up.

YouTube Whores

The phrase "YouTube Whore" was originally coined by TheArchfiend in a video where he screamed at his computer monitor for 5 minutes. [1] It is essentially a blanket term used to label anyone who successfully markets themselves on YouTube. For whatever reason, ranters believe that making money online is evil, so any YouTuber who uses tactics to increase ratings will end up getting a long-winded rant about how they're the devil.

Most of the people who rant about YouTube Whores are fans of TheArchfiend. You can tell they are because they attack the exact same YouTubers and make the same points as him. They do this in an attempt to suck up to the bigger ranters and appear morally superior, despite the fact that nobody outside the ranting community could give a shit less about YouTube Whores. Deep down though, the main reason ranters complain about YouTube Whores is because they can't get views without leeching off others.

Ways To Get Called A YouTube Whore

  • Make a video about a trending topic.
  • Have a catchy title.
  • Have a custom thumbnail. (Bonus points if it includes tits)
  • Ask people to subscribe, like, and/or comment.
  • Use annotations.
  • Make multiple channels. (Bonus points for a gaming channel)
  • Puts advertisements on your videos.
  • Ask for donations. It doesn't matter what they're for. Ranters will always complain.
  • Make vlogs.
  • Be more popular than ranters.

Ranter Groups

For some reason during 2012 and 2013, ranters gained a strange obsession with creating groups for all their friends to circlejerk in. While members of these groups may share information with each other and have live streams together, the primary purpose was just to make them feel superior simply because they're in a group. All of these groups would inevitably fall apart due to stupid disagreements and ranters simply being too incompetent to manage a group.

The Troll Posse

The Troll Posse's memetastic logo.

The Troll Posse was one of the first ranter groups to emerge, and was originally created by and for people who had an unhealthy obsession with UndertakerFreak1127. Members would spend most of their time bashing Undertakerfreak for whatever he did on YouTube. However, after numerous fallouts, it devolved into nothing more than a group that did unfunny prank calls on Skype.

Despite the name, Troll Posse members would insist that they were not trolls. These people fail to grasp that the name of a group is meant to describe what the group is about. Apparently if their group was called The Racist Posse, that doesn't necessarily mean they hate niggers.

A painfully awkward call where Mitch the Bitch, TheFrostReview, and ChickenDoodleSauce tell jjohnsonnccc he's no longer trusted.

YouTube Ranters

A Facebook group made to embody the ranting community. The group fell apart due to spam and everyone fighting.

The Talking Point/The Super Debate Station

A group full of nobodies that would record debates they had on Skype. In these debates, they'd express their ignorant/uninformed opinions on topics such as politics and abortion. The most attention they would ever get was from interviewing YouTubers every now and again.

The Intelligent Ranting Perspective

A group made by some child named DeclanRants. It was apparently made to stop drama and help the ranting community. Nobody gave a shit about this group, and it never accomplished anything.

The Kewl Kidz Klub

Kewl Kidz Klub.png

Get it? The abbreviation is KKK. Edgy, right? This group was created by Razorath for all the reject ranters to join. Yes, even in a community full of rejects, these people were disowned. The group eventually broke apart due to fighting and because their YouTube channels kept getting terminated.

The Aggressive Platoon

Mitch and Doodle go at it.

During one of The Troll Posse's nightly Skype calls, SilverShank2013/Mitch the Bitch had a disagreement with EternalCapriSunnyD over which group call they should circlejerk in. This somehow grew into a heated argument that resulted in half the group, including Mitch, leaving The Troll Posse. Mitch no longer being in a group was a huge dent to his ego, so he made The Aggressive Platoon to compensate. All this group would really do is broadcast live Skype calls, but it eventually fell apart due to MOAR DRAMA!

Reactionary Ranter Reformation/R3

During 2013, as the ranting community was beginning to flood itself with more cancer than usual, Mitch the Bitch decided to create the Reactionary Ranter Reformation (R3). He made a long winded video about how the ranting community was dying, and invited all the ranters he deemed good to join R3. This started a massive shitstorm in the community, with a bunch of ranters whining about how they weren't invited. Mitch set up a Facebook group for all the R3 members to hold discussions and vote on which ranters could join the group next. Much to Mitch's dismay, the majority of the group voted for CawubTV to join R3. Since Mitch only likes democracy when it works in his favor, he decided to kick out any dissenters who wanted CawubTV to join. This resulted in, big shock, another group fallout.

The Respectable Ranting Community

After Mitch went ban happy, CawubTV and others retaliated by creating a Facebook group named The Respectable Ranting Community. This caused the remaining R3 members to throw a fit, since they now had competition. Next to The Troll Posse, The Respectable Ranting Community was one of the longest lasting ranter groups. However, much like other Facebook groups, it turned into nothing more than a place to spam videos instead of hold discussion.

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Moar info: TheArchfiend.

Jamie Birkett used to be one of the most popular ranters on YouTube. He became well known for bashing TheIrateGamer, Shane Dawson, RayWilliamJohnson, and any other bigger YouTubers he could find an excuse to make a video on. Most of his grievances with people were for petty reasons (changing the title of a video or asking for likes) or using YouTube in a way that didn't line up with his moral code. However, his channel was eventually passed up by other YouTubers. Nowadays , TheArchfiend is a washed up has-been who's drifting on the last bit of internet fame he has. Most of his newer videos are about football and other shit nobody cares about.

TheArchfiend is also known for being a massive hypocrite. He'll ridicule YouTubers for blocking criticizm, yet he regularly blocks people who criticize him. He also complained when bigger YouTubers started making gaming channels, then he and Undertakerfreak made a gaming channel of their own. Not only that, but Jamie bitched about PMRants not acknowledging a video he made about him, yet when people make a video about Jamie, he rarely responds.

TheArchfiend's Hypocrisy


Asa playing hide the snake in the tuna cave with his daughter
Moar info: asalieri.

Asa (powerword Eric Gaede) comes from a long line of mentally ill attention whores like his Dad Bill Gaede. Asa got his start from riffing on the Irate Gamer (now they are close buds). Eric is most well known for being an hypocrite and just failing at life in general. He wrote a book about his dad and justified the fact that even though he sold technological secrets to the Cubans, Chinese, etc. that he is a swell guy. Speaking of swell guy he used his facebook page to verbally abuse his wife because she was acting emo. He also used his youtube fame to e-beg his fans for crap including a computer when he made many videos before that claiming that asking for money and crap from fans was immoral (e.g. his video about AVGN scamming his fans for money.) A few years ago he got pwned hard when someone pranked him by posting a ad on craigslist claiming he was giving out free games.

Since the prank, he doesn't have his kids or wife in the videos anymore due to extreme butthurt. Now he shoots all of his videos in his dining room where we see the same green wall with all the holes in it.


Moar info: TakeShotAction.
TakeShotAction Face.jpg

A delusional attention whore who attempted to an hero during a live stream.

TakeShotAction About missing Pics
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For a homo, Spiro sucks at applying makeup.
Moar info: SpizzTrizz.

Spiro Fonda is an overweight faggot with a severe case of Unwarranted Self-Importance. He can never shut up about his YouTube channel, and regularly checks VidStatsX to see how many views/subscribers he's getting. If one of his videos reaches 1,000 views, he'll start boasting about how well his channel is doing. If his viewership goes down the next month, he'll begin to whine about how nobody is watching his content.

Like his idol, Chris Crocker, SpizzTrizz has to make sure everyone knows that he loves cocks. As if it wasn't obvious enough already by his mannerisms, Spiro constantly talks about homosexuality on his Facebook and YouTube. Don't you dare criticize him though, or else he'll accuse you of being a homophobe. Back before TakeShotAction disowned him, Spiro would regularly make posts about his love for TSA. This was especially creepy since TakeShot was straight and Spiro knew this. The truth is that nobody cares whether or not SpizzTrizz is gay. He's annoying regardless.

Despite being an egomaniac, SpizzTrizz is clearly neglectful of his health. You can tell he has a weight problem due to his manboobs, chubby arms, and the second chin he's beginning to develop. This isn't helped by his nicotine addiction. He also has crooked beaver teeth which most people would have gotten braces for during childhood. Plus, no matter what stupid haircut he tries, Spiro always looks like he just got out of bed.

SpizzTrizz sporting the Chris Chan rape stare.
SpizzTrizz can't even handle dislikes.

Spiro called out on more of his bullshit.

A commentary on SpizzTrizz.
I would tie him up, fuckin BDSM the shit out of him, and *snort* do a lot of kinky shit to him.


—SpizzTrizz talks about raping TakeShotAction.


Moar info: NateTalksToYou.

There's really nothing that special about Nate. He loves jumping on bandwagons, and only made it to 100,000 subscribers because he put a vagina in one of his thumbnails. Nowadays Nate makes "Logic Fails" about any group of people he can exploit.

Nate An Heroes For You.


Moar info: TheTruthHurtsNetwork.
David Markowski

A manipulative sociopath who caused so much drama in The Ranting Community that he had to ragequit the internet. He's betrayed friends, dropped DOX, leaked images, distributed child porn, and more.


The reason Michael wears sunglasses.
He's single, ladies.
Shades fanboys out over MrRepzion.
Michael's fantasy.

Michael Gordon is a spineless coward with the personality of a manilla envelope. He'll always take the least controversial position on any topic he talks about, and will remain neutral whenever two of his friends are in an argument, no matter how much someone is in the wrong. Michael does this because he is terrified of confrontations, but ironically, his on the fence attitute gets him into trouble more than it helps him. He once said he'd lose respect for MrRepzion if he dropped iMustDestroyAll's DOX, and when MrRepzion did just that, Michael continued to remain neutral. This is why nobody truly has respect for Shades. Even when among friends, he's always at the bottom of the pecking order, and is usually the butt of jokes.

Shades is one of the most robotic ranters you will ever watch. Imagine Ben Stein wearing aviators while lecturing you about metal elitists, and you've got a typical RanterInShades video. Even his hand gestures look robotic and unnatural, which is probably due to his autism. Oh yeah, you can easily troll Shades by making fun of the fact that he's a sperg.


Stevie Wolfe is a bipolar trainwreck of a human being. He's extremely delusional, abuses his girlfriend, and always blames others for his own problems. Despite his obvious mental instability, he has managed to amass a loyal following of over 16,000 people. Stevie is best known for stalking the YouTuber Onision. He's made video after video about this one guy for years on end, and whenever Stevie says he's done talking about Onision, he inevitably starts making videos about him again.


James Mastropiero is a bucktoothed brony with a shitty webcam and less screen presence than RanterInShades. He's mostly known for his videos jumping on the anti-Onision bandwagon, but ironically enough, he's worse at handling criticism than Greg is. James is also a toady who loves kissing the asses of Someguy827 and TakeShotAction, and usually covers the same topics as them.

How Frogger Handles Criticism About missing Pics
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Fingerless gloves.

Despite this guy's frequent attempts at ranter stardom, Ian Williams ultimately failed because he has about as much charisma as a substitute teacher. None of Ian's videos had anything new to bring to the table, so to compensate, he'd try to leech off bigger ranters as well as view bot his videos. Whenever another ranter made a reaction or dramatic reading, the little sycophant would be there with his own lower grade version. Thankfully, Ian has deleted most of his videos, and his channel has been dead for months.

Ian Loves Botting His Videos About missing Pics
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Robert Frost is one of the most generic and useless ranters if you can call him that, we just call him that autistic guy wearing a sock larpng and thinking he's a superhero. Frost likes to show off to everybody of his steroid infusions but we all know he still is beating up women and kids somewhere, he also likes to fight and scream at kids online because thats how superheroes act. He spends most of his time online masturbating to sock porn. Frost also complains about his dead girlfriend in almost every instance seriously dude get a life find some pussy that isn't rotting in the ground.

Vanilla Hodge

Edgy as fuck!

Hodge is a fat Lebanese neckbeard who works at McDonald's. He used to be part of the equally cringeworthy commentary community, but was eventually kicked out since everyone was tired of his bullshit. The ranting community unwittingly welcomed him with open arms. Now he's known for getting butthurt at the smallest insult, and making veiled threats towards people.

Hodge is a sane and rational human being.
More of Hodge's insanity.


Jason wearing his pussy deflector.

Jason McCarthy is another guy who originated from the commentary community, but later branched off into the ranting community. MrDiablolord is a fat ginger brony who could easily pass as CopperCab's Irish cousin. His videos are mostly filmed in his mom's house, something you can really tell not only because of all the old lady furniture, but also because of the beautiful, framed oil paintings of Jesus and the Virgin Mary that often appear in the background.

With all the fail there is in the ranting community, it only makes sense that My Little Pony would be involved in it somewhere. Most of MrDiablolord's videos consist of him rambling on for over 8 minutes in broken English about whatever topic is trending at the moment on YouTube.

Aside from that, he's pretty irrelevant.

Jason fapping to his favorite show.


Trina looks more like a burnt out drug addict with every video she uploads.

Trina Herzberg Fehr is a batshit insane yokel from Canada. She's best known for a video she made about TheAmazingAtheist[3], which he thoroughly pwned[4]. After realizing how many views she could get from bashing TheAmazingAtheist, Trina went on to make numerous other videos about him. She is also known for screaming at her camera like a banshee, and doing dances that would make anyone flaccid. When not acting like a fucking lunatic on camera, she's making videos about conspiracies or ghost footage.


While most ranters can get their point across in about 5 minutes, Andrew Stout somehow manages to make his videos a 10+ minute long borefest of him rambling on with a stupid grin on his face. As a result, his videos have terrible audience retention.

While Andrew usually makes videos about whatever trendy news story he sees on his Facebook feed, he's best known for his obsession with Blood On The Dance Floor. Remember that teeny bopper band that most people stopped caring about in 2011? Andrew's hate boner for them is still as strong as ever. He's made dozens of videos about these two guys over the years, most of which are over 20 minutes long. The worst, however, was when he made a 2 1/2 hour long video nitpicking EVERY SINGLE SONG from one of BOTDF's albums [5]. Even Someguy827 couldn't talk about Onision that long in one sitting.

Even though he's been posting content since 2010, and has made hundreds of videos, Andrew has little to show for it compared to other ranters. His most viewed video [6] is of some bandwagon topic he covered in 2012, and none of his content since then has gotten close to receiving that much attention. His newest uploads get a petty number of views, and the number of subs/views he gets per day is about the same as it was 2 years ago. This is because, besides his intro, Andrews content has shown little improvement.


File:Bluemagus Workout.jpg
Danny showing off his lack of gains after 1 year of working out.

Danny Harris is an awkward pale greasy nerd who wears fingerless gloves. His original "claim to fame" was responding to 12 year old Blood On The Dance Floor fans. Now he's jumped on the GamerGate bandwagon, yet even when it comes to easy targets like Anita Sarkeesian, Danny still fails. He once banged his head against a wall while arguing with trolls on Skype, which pissed off his grandmother.

Danny's equally greasy girlfriend, DarkAngelTheLight. Note the Sonic plushie in the background.

Bluemagus complains about a children's show he wouldn't even give a shit about had he not watched the 2003 version growing up.

Learn about Danny's random humor.

You can smell the BO and autism a mile away.

File:Bluemagus Homestuck.jpg
Shocker! Bluemagus is a Homestuck fan.

CammehYaBams/ElectricUnicycleCrew/Libertarian Socialist Rants

Cameron Watt used to be another Archfiend/Undertakerfreak ripoff, a gifted youth living in Scotland who used to spend every waking second of his time coming up with rage filled essays to present to YouTube; bitching about "YouTube Whores" and jumpcuts. He would later follow up bitching at his fanbase for being cruel, as if he's some sort of fucking idiot who doesn't realize a pattern when he sees one. However, last thursday, Cameron turned into a social activist. Nowadays, he can't shut up about anarchism and social justice, and will disown anyone whose views don't align with his. A good chunk of his fanbase has left him, and the remainder of it is beginning to resemble a cult.

Cameron attempts to rationalize his radical pro-censorship mentality with some weak rhetoric.


As soon as this guy joined the ranting community, it seemed like he suddenly left it. There really wasn't anything worthwhile about his rants. They were just of him talking in his college dorm room about whatever topic was on his mind. However, once his parents found out he was using bad words in his videos, they threatened to pull him out of college unless he left the internet. Since he's a brony, it should come as no surprise he was a passive coward. The entire ranting community wept at his departure.

Danny The Metalhead

An angsty teen with a bucket of speech impediments and a compulsion to flail his arms around while talking.


Moar info: Brian Mueller.
A face not even his mother could love.

Brian Mueller is one of the most depressing human beings to ever set foot in the ranting community. He's a morbidly obese high school dropout who still lives at home with his mother. He has a smoking habit, has an inflated ego, paints his nails black, and even owns a fedora. Brian is currently engaged to the first girl who was willing to touch his dick, and will soon become a father. His children will most likely end up living off welfare for the rest of their lives.

Not only is Brian a failure in the real world. He's a massive failure online as well. Brian has made dozens of YouTube channels and Facebook pages over the years, all of which have gone nowhere. The only people who bother to watch his content are his inner circle of friends. He desperately wants to be the next Amazing Atheist, but unlike TJ, Brian can't even be mildly entertaining. He's been advertising a Patreon page for over a year now, yet not a single person has bothered to donate him money. What's most depressing is that Brian could probably turn his life around if he put in the effort to improve himself, but he gets tired and ends up falling alseep while in Skype calls.

Brian is also known for being a sick fuck, much like his inspiration. He gets off to torture porn, and has been known to shove objects up his ass. This includes but is not limited to: spoons and straws. Be careful if you're ever in a Skype call with him.

Brian's prize pig.
The story of Brian's failed relationship.
The victim of abuse from spoons and straws.

Ranter Hypocrisies

Most, if not all ranters are guilty of doing at least one of these things.

  • Bitch about censorship, then block anyone who pwns them in YouTube comments.
  • Say they hate false flagging, yet have used the flagging button to try and take someone's video down.
  • Call other YouTubers unoriginal, yet regurgitate the same points as other ranters, and usually say them the same way too.
  • Call other YouTubers untalented, yet can't edit for shit and have horrible speech impediments.
  • Call other YouTubers unfunny, yet use the same toilet humor as AVGN.
  • Complain when a YouTuber is being an asshole, yet regularly insult people in their videos and comments.
  • Make fun of other YouTubers for having dumb fanbases, yet most of their fans blindly follow anything they say.
  • Complain when a YouTuber puts ads on a video about someone dying, yet they put ads on their video complaining about someone else putting ads on their video.
  • Say you shouldn't make videos for money, yet they put ads on their videos and regularly diss people by telling them, "Thank$ for Wat¢hing!"
  • Complain when they think someone has too many YouTube channels, yet have multiple channels of their own.

Common Ranter Topics

Overall, however, the one thing ranters love to rant about the most is the ranting community itself.

The Ranting Community's Reaction To This Article

Sure enough, like flies to honey, The Ranting Community has begun reacting to this article. Some members are getting paranoid about who the author is, and they're all circlejerking each other about it on Facebook. Ironically, the same community that's based around criticizing people becomes really passive-aggressive once the tables are turned on them.

The Troll Posse disses Shades.

The Ranting Community's Reaction

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