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    The Magic School Bus

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    Just an ordinary episode. Seriously.

    The Magic School Bus is an educational cartoon and book series about a batshit crazy woman kidnapping a class of students and making them wear fursuits because they don't want to do homework. None of this would be possible without her school bus though, which is TOTALLY MAGIC and can transform into anything of any size, allowing the class to travel into your clitoris, among other things. There's also a kike seaserpent that hangs around as a class pet but never seems to be locked up in a cage.

    Believe it or not this is some of the best Vore/Full Tour I've ever seen.




    The man ruining a generation

    The Magic School Bus was created back in the day by Scholastic to push leftard propaganda, effectively turning Generation Y into over-sensitive, consumerist pigs. This motive was achieved by:

    • Making the protagonist of the series, Ms. Frizzle, a lesbian
    • Introducing and normalizing witchcraft to children

    You might find it interesting to note that Scholastic- the company which publishes and owns the rights to The Magic School Bus- also has exclusive publishing rights to Harry Potter in the United States. Coincidence?

    The Jewish president and CEO of Scholastic, Richard Robinson, wants massive profits from degenerate young minds. He is trying to set up a virtual army of an entire generation of brain dead morons to go out and do the bidding of Zion. This isn't a future that is confined to the already-doomed shores of the USA, Britain, Canada, and Australia, as Scholastic publishes The Magic School Bus in several different languages.

    The Magic School Bus and it's role in degenerating society

    Would you let this thing near you?

    As mentioned before, The Magic School Bus has a pretty sinister agenda, but there is much more to this. So we know that The Magic School Bus promotes and supports witchcraft, but the real kicker comes from the protagonist of the series who is a disheveled redhead, appears to be slightly retarded and owns what appears to be the worlds smartest lizard. This is not fucking real life and we shouldn't be teaching our kids this. Instead of showing kids an episode of The Magic School Bus we should show them 30mins of war footage from Iraq and tell them if they fuck up in school that's where they will be going. Shows like this are creating a rounded corner, soft, Fisher-Price generation of kids who are told constantly by a big purple dinosaur that everyone is special and feeling mustn't be hurt.

    Everyone is a unique snowflake, in a fucking blizzard.


    This isn't survival of the fittest anymore. Survival of the fittest doesn't exist because we spend time and effort looking after people that should by all rights be dead for being such sensitive morons. It's fact that all the problems in the world can be traced back to The Magic School Bus. Summed up, anyone with any balls should stop reading ED and should instead be stringing up these fuckers who are getting fat over the degeneration of our children.

    The Kids

    Arnold: Total wuss and enemy of the lulz who hates field trips on account of all the rape he endures on them. Also a Jew.

    Wanda: Annoying bitch who thinks she's tough.

    Ralphie: Dumb shit responsible for everything wrong in this shitty show.

    Keesha: Skeptical about every little thing, yet doesn't question a fucking magic bus.

    Carlos: Won't fucking shut up with his unfunny jokes.

    Dorothy Ann: All those books she reads won't keep her from getting punched in the face.

    Tim: Doesn't do shit.

    Pheobe: Always talking about how much she loves baby animals. Stfu and join Peta already.

    Some of their many adventures...


    Since kids these days are too busy with pr0nz to watch gay mediocre shit like this show anymore, scholastic has suggested that the magic school bus, like many other shows, include guest stars to unshitify the show. It has been rumored that 50 cent is to be featured in a future story arc in which the kids visit a crack factory run by a bunch of niggers and professional hurdlers. Sources say that the kids get to watch fiddy pop a cap in a honkey's ass.


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