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    The LiveJournal Advisory Board Election

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    The Livejournal Advisory Board is a board of users responsible for giving advice to the Soviets on what makes effective Livejournal policy. Members of the board include File:Lj-favicon.png danahboyd and The Brad, who has been facing public pressure to step down as puppet dictator since the removal of Basic accounts and the following Content Strike.

    In May 2008, SUP announced that they were opening seats on the board to the general userbase.

    The Nominations are Open

    After proving that the duties of the board are completely irrelevant, Livejournal owners SUP decided that creating new seats that John Q. User could run for would be a good P.R. move. This has already proven frighteningly effective, with people of all stripes, black person, orientations and education levels throwing their hats into the ring.

    The nominations were opened in early May, with a brand new community created just for the occasion. The rules for running were as follows:

    DRAMA unfolds

    On May 22nd, the election was opened for anyone who had an account prior to March 11th, and people who use OpenID.

    Legomymalfoy will not resign from LJ Abuse if elected even though it would present a definite conflict of interest.

    In events which shocked no one, active campaigns were launched by the candidates and their supporters, who in some cases marshaled hundreds of sockpuppets to go vote. It became quickly apparent that although there are many candidates, the two primary candidates are File:Lj-favicon.png jameth and File:Lj-favicon.png legomymalfoy. Jameth is of course widely known, legomymalfoy less so -- but is known in fandom as the LJ Abuse member who sold out fandom during the Strikethrough.

    This post from File:Lj-favicon.png jameth about possible ballot-stuffing starts the whole thing off - replete with accusations regarding File:Lj-favicon.png jameth's newest campaign icon triggering seizures in epileptics. Supporters of both candidates being called trolls and accusations of smear campaigns on both sides. The "sleeping giant" of fandom being awake.

    By Monday, May 26th, File:Lj-favicon.png legomymalfoy was in the lead. But this was not enough for File:Lj-favicon.png bookshop, aka Aja, who firmly believes that File:Lj-favicon.png jameth is a tremendous menace to LJ, and encourages everyone to spam the fandom Livejournal communities on File:Lj-favicon.png legomymalfoy's behalf. Eventually there is the requisite deletion of comments and thread freezing once File:Lj-favicon.png jameth shows up. And as predictably, there is a Godwin violation.

    Weev commented that the only way to overcome this lead was to seek the endorsement of ohnotheydidnt, which was successfully sought after on May 26th and a surge was seen in voting as Jameth chipped away at File:Lj-favicon.png legomymalfoy's lead. Accusations of cheating and assorted malfeasance continued to fly back and forth across the entire site, which amused everyone who didn't think the board seat would be anything but a way to placate those users who scream incredibly loudly each time something on the site changes.

    For at least one of those users guy, the election was OMG SERIOUS lol enough to make credible death threats against legomymalfoy, jameth and cambler.

    I didn't think it could get worse
    Seriously, I thought this election couldn't get worse.
    It has.
    I will have an announcement at noon, Pacific time. LJ has asked that I keep something confidential. 
    I have notified them that I am not comfortable with that, and have asked them to provide me with a 
    statement I can share, or I will have to explain myself. I asked them to do this by noon, Pacific 
    time, as I don't feel comfortable waiting longer than that.
    10:50AM - Response from LJ to my request for a statement was, essentially, "no."
    I reiterated that I feel forced to take action on my own by noon.

    Currently, it is only known that LJ Abuse member and staff File:Lj-favicon.png marta sent an email informing Jameth and Cambler that death threats had been made against their persons on or around May 26th. There are no is one known suspect(s) at this time, but it is believed that batshit crazy members of fandom are likely to blame. we're not telling.

    People Who Ran For The Advisory Board

    Other famous people who ran but didn't make the requirements were Mengus and Mediacrat (whose entire platform was getting Jameth banned from Livejournal).

    The Results

    2008: Nevar forget
    One vote to rule them all.

    As of May 30, 2008 the election results were announced. SUP named File:Lj-favicon.png legomymalfoy as the winner with 48.8% of the overall vote.[1] Yes, even with her sockpuppet army she couldn't get a majority of the votes in the election. Jameth fanboys and fangirls screamed fraud, watchers on the sideline bust a gut, fandom pedophiles bust a nut, and everyone else pats themselves on the back for their proud but futile move against censorship by electing someone who screens and bans their opponents.


    Comments from our newly elected by fraud

    on her current lj page


    Based on comments and emails I've been receiving, it seems I've left some questions unanswered.

    I cannot and do not promise to answer everything, nor do I promise to allow myself and my friends to be badgered in comments.

    I was elected to advise LiveJournal on future changes/enhancements to the site and any policy changes; I was not elected to take abuse from anyone, nor will I willingly accept any. You are welcome to comment, but it should be clear to everyone by this point that I don't respond to trolls. If this is what started the 'why is she so quiet?!' questions, I do apologize. I just did not see how any good could come of me playing troll hockey.

    That said, feel free to leave any questions you may have. All comments are screened, and questions will be answered in a post to come in a few days.

    Legomymalfoy will ban anyone who calls her out on her numerous ethical and conflict of interest issues.

    • the cunt made her el jay all private and shit, some leader eh?