The Internet Is For Porn

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O RLY? Is The Internet Is For Porn?

The Internet Is For Porn is one of the songs from Avenue Q, which is a musical about furries, puppet furries and other dumb shit. It is devoid of lulz.

Using the same homosexual technology Big Brother uses for the mass rape of small animals, someone created this piece of shit video using World of Warcraft. The idea behind this was: unfunny song + ghey meme = big lulz. It is believed anti-freeze and mothballs are largely responsible for this idea. Pedophiles, please click here.

How the Internet was Made for Porn

The jews who wrote this.
The internet includes Wikia, hence it is also for porn, as one editor demonstrates.
What happens when the Wiki main page isnt protected.....again.

At least 100 years ago several Jews wrote this musical about buttsecks in order to draw attention to teh interwebs, which they owned. They made money out the ass.

Many lulz were had on the Jew side. The peoples of the internets were oppressed by the evil jews; someone from the internets needed to rise up and fight for everyone's right to post bad furry fanart and loli pix.

The Leader Emerges

At least 100 years later, from the dark and frightening depths of the 4chan message board, a leader emerged. The leader's name was Hitler and he was going to free the internets, all four of them. He hated the jews because they had raped his father and killed his mother when he was very little; it was his personal hatred for them that lead him and his followers to kill all the jews by making them take showers until they died or something gay.

Many lulz were had on both sides. However, the lulz did not last; a bunch fags from England did not realize how lulz-worthy killing jews was. They got all like "OMFG HITLAR U R A NOOB ZOMG BANNED!!11" What Hitler did is now appreciated for the lulz it deserves. Hitler claimed "IDIFTL noobz". We owe our free internets of loli pr0n to his courage.