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The Greatest Story Ever Told

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20:44 <@killhamster> i want to get a big white baphomet decal for my rear windshield
20:44 < ajt> YES
20:44 < ajt> YES
20:44 <@killhamster> and park in church parking lots to loiter
20:45 < eppigy> park in your anal cavity
20:45 <@killhamster> no
20:45 <@killhamster> i'm going to walk right up to their front door
20:46 <@killhamster> drop my pants
20:46 <@killhamster> and spray shit all over
20:46 <@killhamster> shouting FUCK YOUR GOD
20:46 < eppigy> naturaly
20:46 <@killhamster> this is a great idea

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