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    The Great Meme Furbomination of 2010

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    Atomic.gif Warning!
    It's over! Xenofur deleted it in a fit of BAWWW!
    Screencapped for posterity.
    We'll never go in that pool again.

    One day, whilst surfing the world wide web, A young EDiot stumbled upon a place called fchan. Now, he wasn't a furry or anything, but his curiosity was piqued when his eye caught a subject he saw in the /c/ board in which the OP had requested furry versions of non furry memes. He slowly scrolled down to the bottom of the page, growing steadily more offended as he did so. Thus after seeing the abominations laid before him so shamelessly by the yiffing rapscalions, he reported straight to IRC, that his soul may, somehow, be saved.


    /c/ is the clean board of fchan. This is, of course, bullshit because furry is a dirty word and a dirty lifestyle, and don't let those dirty bastards tell you otherwise. fchan prides itself on being the furry equivalent of 4chan, however due to poor organisation and constantly changing rules, it is nothing but a steaming pile of yiffing basement dwellers who could not quite handle their own at furaffinity. Note to fchanners: 4chan does not need a furry equivalent.

    See Also: Going to Hell

    The Memes

    Oh what have they done to you.

    On that fateful thread, it seemed that nothing was safe. The first beloved meme to be bastardised was, as always, anonymous. His suit crumpled, tail wagging and ears pricked up at the sound of furry penis, the poor little fella didn't know the shitstorm he was potentially about to be caught up in. The hits just kept on coming. All of a sudden:

    • Slowpoke looked like he wanted cock
    • The pool was closed by a remarkably pale leopard type thing
    • Advice Dog was a plushie (we know what furries do with plush toys)
    • A Fox from a Disney film had it's come face on.
    • Kanye West was some kind of fucking Elk..

    Death to Furries

    How ironic then, that I will never come again.

    Come forth, all you sweet defenders of the internet, come forth and halt this madness. Do not avoid innocuosly titled links for fear that there may be a dog fucker in full swing lurking behind that filename. Do not stand idly by whilst your memes, the internet treasures every one of you helped to create are reduced to disgusting fur fodder. ED is not asking you to be our personal army, we are asking if this is something you deem acceptable. If it is, please go on and let the likes of Dracoguard and Prince Jeremy inspire fear in your pets, and your hearts. If this is something you will no longer tolerate, then you need to rise up and show these faggots what's what.

    TL;DR - Fuck FurFags


    Oh my God, what the fuck have they done now.


    —Every last one of you should be thinking this, if you're not, then you're a furry

    Gallery of FurFail

    Gallery of Furry Memes About missing Pics
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