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    The Great FurAffinity Exodus of 2006

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    The Great FurAffinity Exodus of 2006 is characterized by artists leaving FurAffinity due their not enforcing a ban on the posting of pedofur porn. It was a creation of massive lulz when people sat down and started fetish bashing without realizing how fucking retarded the whole discussion was.

    File:Otterland fa comment.png


    The origins of The Great FurAffinity Exodus of 2006 arose when File:Lj-favicon.png chrissawyer, a known horse-fucker, took the admins to Internet court, using this section of the FurAffinity Terms of Service:

    "Depictions of sexually immature characters in any sexual situation are not permitted on FurAffinity"

    As is common with drama on the Internets, people pulled a TL;DR. The bitching started because there wasn't enough pre-nubile cub flesh displayed for everyone's viewing pleasure. Thus, artists began to leave.

    Early Leavers

    h-longtail commentary




    Official Poll

    In an attempt to settle the issue, Dragoneer created an official poll on the FurAffinity forums. This brought the issue to the forefront of current furry drama, and the thread as of November 4th was over 100 pages long. It was a close race, even after over 1000 voters had cast their e-ballots, showing that it was serious business. Regardless, no matter who wins, we lose. Subsequent lulz were generated when people started making fake accounts so that one side could wave it's e-dick over the other, failing miserably to prove any point other than most of them are sick fucks, but half of them possibly rate higher as sick fucks because they like to spank the baby meat. The thread involved with the poll proved the drama generation power of furries by inciting an EPIC flame war, with many young children and animals caught in the crossfire(MY BABY!). Dragoneer eventually locked all threads involved, right before Godwin's Law was invoked and the stupidity on this forum hit an all time high. Remember kids, BANNING PEDO ART IS LIKE BEING HITLER.


    File:Ediskrad edis vote.jpg
    File:Cybercat cybercatsaysno.jpg

    The drama continued while the exodus was on hold pending the outcome of the poll. Some FurAffinity users are threatened to leave if the ban were removed, while some threatened to leave if the ban was upheld. Unfortunately, with the advent of many a child-with-bunny-ears molestation allowed, sick fucks everywhere will rejoice in their win, before Uncle Sam decides that a site like that holds far too much lulz-generation potential and will be shut down so it won't reach critical mass.

    FurAffinity Forums

    Several threads and additional polls have been created on the FurAffinity Forums discussion area. Note that it's possible to see a list of voters in some polls. Unfortunately, since almost all of these journals contain like-thinking individuals, all it proved is that everyone loves a circle jerk.









    FurAffinity Submissions

    (Warning: Art here may be shit.)

    pro-pedofurs (contains underage nudity)

    pro-pedofurs (contains cocks)








    FurAffinity's mascot Fender after hearing the devastating news. IT'S OKAY FENDER MANSEX WILL MAKE YOU FORGET THE BABYFUCKING

    Dragoneer recently announced that the FurAffinity admins have decided to remove the restriction on "cub" art. With this sudden and SURPRISING event, the world is once again safe for those who choose to violate the ass of a newborn with cat ears. HOORAY.

    Log of the Decision

    On November 6, the now former FurAffinity admin Myr leaked a log of the decision(ROFL PEDO) being made. It is currently hosted here. As you can clearly see, the intelligence level of this discussion over the ban of infant intrusion is far beyond comprehension. "Pinkuh: BUSH HATS PEDOS & BLCK PEOPLE!!!1111one"

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    Fur series.jpg

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