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    The Great Chan Death of January 2007

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    Around late-January 2007, a sudden AIDS epidemic overwhelmed many popular 'chan' communities causing many of them to go offline and leaving many /b/tards bewildered and lost among the mass of internet.


    Yotsuba Channel (as of 27th January) was offline
    due to a power failure:

    [1/27 14:55:28] * moots changes topic to '4chan | oh no power failure | everybody dies'

    Status: Up.


    420 was already under massive scrutiny by its host as it was the same host used by 12chan. A CP image was posted on the lolicon board and the host decided that this was a valid enough reason to kick them off their servers. It came back relatively quickly, but with only two boards fully operational (/b/ and /i/)


    LOL 12chan FBI LOL

    12chan was investigated and taken down by Interlol and subsequently, k0w was raped by bubba in a French prison.
    Status: Up.


    Moderately popular Russian-language imageboard. Down for unknown reasons.
    Status: Downski Upski


    Nobody cares

    After the death of its /i/ board, 7chan's userbase had shrunk a little and as such was unprepared for the wave of 4channers upon 4chan's downtime.
    Status: 7chan is now officially back up, though no one cares still. WRONG! 7chan is down. hahaha disregard that I suck cocks down indefinitely until their users donate enough money to buy a new server


    WikiChan, that repository of Aids infested failure is also down. Of course, it's been down for a while, but we have to sensationalize this shit, don't we?

    Status: Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside Down

    So...What Now?

    To monitor the events of the Great Chan Death, stare at the train wreck surrounded by the corpses of thousands of nameless, faceless /b/tards, and find alternatives to the major chans, go to http://www.2ch.us/.


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    The Great Chan Death of January 2007
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