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    The Gibson

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    "Hacking the Gibson" is usually the naked, sticky sheets wet dream of 13-year-old haXX0rZ everywhere. After watching "Hackers" at least 100 times and seeing Angelina Jolie's tits beckoning them over the keyboard, they usually go batshit insane with hormones and try to hack/crack anything on teh Internets. Luckily for most everyone else they don't know how to do jack except talk shit on IRC, hit themselves with viruses from Russian websites and then whine about it...on IRC.

    Anyway, this movie is so old it doesn't even have teh Internet on it. Dialup?! Pu-leaze.

    A typical session of Gibson hacking

    towers of haXXor power!
    If hacking Teh Gibson were this easy.
    [[email protected]] # aol
    aol$ login ebelford
    Password: ********
    Updating art
    aol$ channels
    Description                   | name
    Kids Only Online              | kool
    News                          | news
    Email                         | email
    Local Nigeria                 | niger
    FBI Confidential Database     | FBI
    Steve Case's gay porn archive | snax
    aol$ channel snax
    Updating art
    There are 2 new files since your last visit.
    aol$ list newfiles
    s | filename        | size
    ! | hello.jpg       | 43k
    ! | largecocke.png  | 475k
    aol$ download hello.jpg largecocke.png
    Queueing download of hello.jpg as id 20721
    Queueing download of largecocke.png as id 20722
    aol$ channel FBI
    Updating art
    Welcome to the FBI private database!
    aol$ lookup Zero Cool
    Zero Cool:
        * Alias Crash Override
        * Is fucking Acid Burn (lucky bastard)
        * Also gay lover of Fantom Freak 
    You've got mail
    aol$ read mail
    Segmentation fault. Core dumped
    [[email protected]] #

    Hackin' The Motherfuckin' Gibson

    Once you've hacked The Gibson, you can chill out in Walled City.
    The Gibson
    is part of a series on Web 1.0


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    The Gibson is part of a series on Security Faggots

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