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    The Gay Pimp

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    The gay pimp, enjoying some faggotry

    The Gay Pimp (Powerword: Jonny McGovern) is an internet lulz all-star from Jew York City. He is also a colossal faggot, and exceedingly proud of the fact, having risen from viral video internet star to respected homo about town.

    Soccer Practice and e-fame

    The gay pimp started out as just an ordinary faggot party planner, whose days were spent procuring plenty of crystal meth and desensitizing lube for his clients. He soon invented the character of "the gay pimp" and used the Jew gold from his ill-gotten sodomite gains to produce his internet video hit "Soccer Practice," which was intended to both troll jocks and frat douchebags, and to advertise the gay pimp's availability for a cocksucking rampage. With its simulated anal sex and trap cheerleaders, it was for many the gayest music video on the internets, although some argue that Samwell's "What What (In the Butt)" has outdone the Gay Pimp in terms of sheer faggotry. However, the gay pimp is a better dancer than Samwell, despite Samwell's nigra status.

    After "Soccer Practice" hit the tubes, McGovern became an internet celebrity, largely thanks to the overuse of his songs by his fellow faggots at YTMND. The gay pimp was awarded several internets which he then used to purchase male hookers and blow. He then used his 1337 cocksucking skills to become gay royalty, as can be seen from his appearances on those typical cable television haunts of homosexuality, Logo, VH1 and Comedy Central, including becoming a regular guest on "The Unfunniest Week Evar"

    hookers and blow, faggot version

    Musical Career

    After attaining e-fame, the gay pimp shat several more viral videos out of his distended asshole including one ominously entitled Gays Gone Wild. Not surprisingly, all of the videos are borderline gay porn. But none of the mundanes gave a shit anymore. However, all the internet twinks still think that the gay pimp is super kawaii.

    In one of his videos, "Lookin Cute, Feelin Cute", the gay pimp attempts to boost the self-esteem of fags everywhere and take up the fight for gay rights by making a video that reinforces the stereotypes of the very worst aspects of gay culture, to the delight of fundamentalists everywhere, who then use the video to make breeders run in terror. The gay pimp also deserves credit for introducing and using the word "mussy" in one of his videos, as well as having his song "The Wrong Fag to Fuck With" being used by Penis Pump in their trolling.

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