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    The Fappening

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    Fappening Remember Remember.png

    Bryan Hamade claims he was just trying to scam you out of bitcoins.

    The Fappening, also known as CelebGate 2014, was an event that occurred on 4chan's /b/ in which a hacker exploited Apple's iCloud (claims denied by Apple), stole hundreds of unreleased celebrity nudes and videos, and proceeded to post them when his bitcoin demands were met (lol jk, actually posting on AnonIB).

    Of course, anybody who is dumb enough to leave butt-naked pics of themselves laying around on iCloud - a service run by a company more interested in different ways of promoting the iPad, and ensuring Johnny Ive has his mental suppressants up - is pretty much asking for it anyway.

    Like all internet sensations, Reddit has once again stolen the fappening and put their name on it. As seen [Here], Reddit states that they were the first website where the nudes were leaked on and said that 4chan came in second.

    Based iCloud Hacker Anon & immediate Streisand after-effects

    A man named Bryan Hamade has been targeted by e-detectives as being the person responsible for leaking the photos. The 27-year-old dude accidentally exposed his network drives in a screencap. According to his story however, he was just trying to scam people out of BTC, which seems pretty reasonable considering how he got doxed by making such an amateur mistake.

    New theories are surfacing that Apple's iCloud was never compromised to begin with, and what we are seeing is a picture dump brought to us by a celeb nude trading ring that populates AnonIB.

    Really, though, it was probably some bitch that blew a couple of dudes because she was tired of everyone talking about how she raped people after she made her love letter to Robin Williams. What better way to get everyone to stop talking about how much of a whore you are than to get the entire internet fapping over Fattits Neverpeen?

    Fappening iCloud Hoax.jpg

    Despite this, further e-investigation has revealed that Bryan Hamade had went to extensive lengths to prove that he was the original poster of Jennifer Lawrence's nudes, and had posted timestamped evidence that he posted the nudes before they appeared on 4chan. More information regarding these discoveries can be found here: http://pastebin.com/cwAz9Y2r

    As of 07:55 Monday, Based iCloud Hacker Anon (OriginalGuy) is still on the loose, and recently posted to AnonIB promising more nudes. Also, he didn't get nearly as much BTC as he had hoped because of certain dickheads trying to scam everyone with fake addresses.

    MTV Australia has revealed that the hacker's name is 4Chan.

    As of Tuesday, Apple still hasn't said much about iCloud - but promises that the iPhone 6 - which they released to conveniently cover up the fact they hire incompetent mental patients - is perfect in every way - as long as you don't bend it. We aren't sure why they're still trying to convert people to homosexuality either - after all it's Apple who has all that celeb pr0n on their servers to begin with...

    The List

    How the sickest website on the internet is exploiting those naked selfies of celebs: Inside 4chan "the ninth circle of hell"


    The Daily Fail fills in its salivating but internet-incompetent readers

    To have those moments stolen and broadcast to the world is an egregious act of psychic violence which constitutes a form of assault.


    —Feminist Clementine Ford, inventing new types of rape.

    It seems that the horrible person that hacked Jennifer Lawrence and a bunch of other celebrities bragged about having access to their nude photos last week.


    JustJaredJr.'s sycophantic writers

    Psychic rape is best rape

    The following is a list of celebrities and models who have been hacked. The names in bold have had photos of them posted already. Note that only a small portion of the celebrities listed have been released thus far.

    AJ Michalka • Ali Michael • Aly Michalka • Allegra Carpenter • Allison Brie • Abigail Spencer • Alana Blanchard • Alexa Jane • Angelina McCoy • Anna O'Neill • Ashley Blankenship • Aubrey Plaza • Abby Elliot • Annalynn McCord • Avril Lavigne • Amber Heard • Arianna GrandeBecca TobinBrie Larson • Brittany Booker • Candance Smith • Candice Swanepoel • Care Delevigne • Carley Pope • Carmella Carcia • Carrie Michalka • Cat Deely • Carly Foulkes • Chloe Dykstra • Clare Bowen • Dove Cameron • Elena Satine • Elle Evans • Ellenore Scott • Emily Browning • Emily Didonato • Emily Ratjkowski • Erin Cummins • Erin Bubley Heatherton • Farrah Abraham • Gabrielle Union • Gabi Grecko • Heyden Panettiere • Hope Solo • Heather Marks • Hillary Duff • Jacqueline Dunford • Janelle Ginestra • Jennifer Lawrence • Jessica Dunford • Jessica Brown Findlay • Jessica Pace • Jesse Golden • Jojo • Joana Krupa • Jenny Mcarthy • Josie Loren • Joy Corrigan • Kaley Cuoco • Kaime Oteter • Kate Upton • Kate Bosworth • Kelly Brook • Keke Palmer • Kim KardashianKirsten DunstKrysten Ritter • Lake Bell • Larua Ramsey • Lea Michele • Leelee Sobieski • Leven Rambin • Lisa Kelly • Lisalla Montenegro • Lindsay Clubine • Lizzy Caplan • Mary Kate Olsen • Mary Elizabeth WinsteadMcKayla Maroney • Melissa Benoist • Megan Boone • Michelle Keegan • Mikayla Pierce • Misry Treanor • Nina Stavris • Racel Nichols • Rhianria • Sarah Shahi • Sahara Ray • Sarag Schneider • Scarjo • Selena Gomez • Shagnon McNally • Tameka Jacobs • Teresa Palmer • Uldouz • Vanessa Hudgens • Victoria Justice • Wailana Geisen • Wynona Ryder • Yvonne Strahovski


    4chan Jlaw Solidarity.png

    A message from Kate Upton.
    Another message from Kate Upton.
    Kaley Cuoco's thoughts on this.
    The authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence.


    —Publicist for Jennifer Lawrence.

    Jennifer Lawrence's first brush with the Streisand Effect came when she threatened to press charges on everyone posting her nudes on the internet. Shortly after, 4chan responded and the hashtag #leakforjlaw started trending, where people would post the hashtag along with their own nudes. This helped spread the word that Jennifer Lawrence's nudes are available for all, and Imgur albums quickly racked up over one million hits before being deleted within the hour. Truly a great day for fappers worldwide.

    At around 5 PM EDT on September 1st, people who tried posting the Jennifer Lawrence photos on 4 Chan got the following message whenever they tried posting it: "Error: This image cannot be uploaded because it is the subject of a copyright claim by Jennifer Lawrence. Please refrain from posting it." What jewt and Jennifer Lawrence didn't take into account though is that the pictures can still be posted as long as at least one pixel is changed.


    Deny Fucking Everything

    Victoria Justice, best known for her role on Nickelodian's iCarly, was one of the first to have her nudes leaked on /b/. News quickly spread to her and she issued a Twitter Press Release:

    File:Victoria Justice Theyre Fake.png

    Which if true, means that there is someone who looks just like her posting nudes and also happens to own the exact same striped bathrobe:


    And same color-patterned shirt:


    And the same purple long-sleeved shirt as well:

    Victoria justice real proof 3.jpg

    It is a mystery.

    Update September 2nd - Victoria Justice Responds

    File:Victoria Justice Responds.png

    The Fappening 2 : Rise of the Leaks

    Livin' in the sunlight, lovin' in the moonlight. Having a wonderful time.



    Just when we thought the leaks were over, on the last day of summer and after failing to sell his stolen goods, the hacker known as 4chan released a second shot of pictures into the wild. This sequel became was known as "The Fappening 2: Rise of the Leaks". A second edition with moar celebrities, moar videos, moar Kanye and moar JLaw. The poor thing can't catch a break.

    The Fappening 3 : Return of the Fap

    The psychic rapist hacker known as 4chan had not yet given up on his selfless acts of charity. On September 26, a third batch of leaks were made available to the public, dubbed "The Fappening 3: Return of the Fap", featuring such old media stars as Cara Delevingne, Misty May-Treanor and Anna Kendrick who was unfortunately fully clothed in her "noodz" as well as the customary additional pics of JLaw.



    Does she just take nude selfies all day? Is that all she ever does during her downtime?


    Assorted Images About missing Pics
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