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    The Chan Top List

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    Recognize any of them? Me neither.

    The Chan Top List was a list of the Internet's best shit-imageboards. Larger chans such as 4chan, 7chan or 420chan were excluded. In lieu, some of the slowest websites on the Internet populated the list, including but not limited to: Konatachan,101chan, Maruchannel and Junkuchan.


    The list calculated its members' unique hits daily (when it didn't delete all of the stats first) and thus ranked the cooperative imageboards upon such. An imageboard's rank on the list was not only reflected on The Chan Top List, but also on the site-specific tracking badge (an image that goes onto the subscriber's website). Nevertheless, most chan operators are morons and you are practically guaranteed to find a thread on each site's /b/ exclaiming "CLICK THE LINK UP TOP SO WE CAN GET HIGHER ON TEH LIST". Suggesting that none of the subscribed admins paid any attention to what they signed up for.

    Latest Discussions

    Upon the left of the website there was a panel equipped with testimonials and general discussion per subscribed imageboard. IMG! was formerly listed, but when tahko became butthurt due to the vast majority of discussion topics centering around how he is a faggot and a spammer, tahko straightaway withdrew IMG! from the listing. Not long after, Tahko rejoined chantoplist, upon realizing his membership was the only reason his site got any views at all. Since then however, he bawwwed like the little faggot he is and left it again, proving once and for all, him and his shitty website are fail.

    More recent conversation topics included the ongoing who is cheating debacle, endless CP threads, and something about a pixel board.

    ED Joins The Chan Top List

    On August 31st, 2009, ED joined The Chan Top List. Within an hours time ED was up in the ranks pageview-wise of the #1 site (1024chan) on the list's pageview amount for the whole day. However the ranking is an average of the week, so ED didn't get the coveted top spot until it's second day as a member of the list. Boo hoo.

    Death and Rebirth

    Since the people they used for host had gay sex with the owner of another company, they suspended The Chan Top List because the new homosexual doesn't allow "chan shit". BAWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!1111oneone Since they found new hosting, everything is back to normal, so gb2talking about cp


    • Inter*CHANtoplist was founded by some ausfag several years back, and serves the same purpose of The Chan Top List
    • Ranking Chan Other good and trusted imageboard chan top list with different categories
    • The Chan List Closest thing to The Chan Top List minus a pointless discussion board.

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