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Because shiftless leftard niggers can do so much more.

Not every black person is a nigger. We're talking 80... 95 percent tops.


Huey Freeman

Huey, the main character, doing what weaboos love to see.

The Boondocks was originally a comic series created by black person Aaron McGruder, and evolved into a nigger show. Surprisingly, this show doesn't suck, unlike the rest of Adult Swim. Which is why it takes until the season is over before it comes on with any type of regularity. It is a double combo of animu and niggers which should suck like your mom on a Friday night but, it doesn't, most times anyway.

Commonly trying to be socially conscientious with out being too preachy it basically becomes a set formula:

it will start: Climax: then will end:
If the episode is about Huey Him being moralistic and preachy Animu-style fighting Him being moralistic and preachy
If the episode is about Riley with him being a nigger with him being a nigger with him being a nigger
If the episode is about Grandad. him whining about being old gets a girl, fucks her Loses her, starts over
If the episode is about Uncle Ruckus lulzy racism lulzy racism lulzy racism


Boondocks Drama

As with all things good there are numerous forces that try to change it into something more wholesome and less derisive. Between BET, Al Sharpton, and the Washington Post all complaining about the content of the show to the point that any lulz that came for the show should have been drained and replaced with anti-lulz, but the show managed to successfully troll IRL for 3 seasons. The crowning achievements being :

Most people who haven't seen the show see it as:

care about Black people: don't care about Black people:
If White people... they're stupid they're racist
If Black people... they're going to die they're Uncle Toms/Niggaz

And they are sort of right.

Main Characters

Clearly this show is progressive, as the most militant darkie is packing heat
  • Lulz Rating: 2/10, he makes a good joke here and there but he's a moralfag so it usually gets lost in his preaching.
  • Lulz Rating: 10/10, 1st episode he shot someone through a window. 10 episodes later he tried to kidnap Oprah. 'nuff said.
  • Action Rating: 5/10, While he is the /b/ of the show that is double edged as he tends to stay out of most violent situations when it looks like he might get his ass whooped. He didn't win a fight until season 3.
The old man from the "Friday" movies, in animu form
  • Weapon: Belt
  • Lulz Rating: 5/10 Most of his lulz come from him beating Riley or arguing with Ruckus or any one else, but it didn't take long for it to become boring.
  • Action Rating: 9/10 He's the admin of the show. Hell, in the stinkmeaner trilogy, he killed a black person, sent him back to hell, and then sent his friends to jail.
"The problem with the word "nigger" is that they've gotten used to it; they like it now. The next time you're gunna call a darkie a nigger, call that coon a jungle bunny instead."
  • Weapon: Racist Trolling
  • Lulz Rating: 10/10 The most hated character on the show and IRL. Good Job
  • Action Rating: 2/10 had 1 episode where he fought Huey and that ended in a draw. The next time he was brought up in a fight he was jumped by 3 old niggas.
Yep that's... pretty much it.
  • Tom Dubois The nigga named Tom, with a white wife and his mixed daughter named Jasmine and relatively normal except for his fear of prison. The most boring character in the show. His daughter is constantly shipped with the Freeman boys and his wife... well just assume the worst. In the Season three opener Tom was dubbed a lamer version of Barack Obama.
  • Action Rating: See previous rating.
  • Colonel H. Stinkmeaner a.k.a the most lulzy thing about the series. Riley mixed with Uncle Ruckus is not as lulzy as this one character. He was the only character to take on the entire Freeman family and almost win. Yes, that's right! Huey, Riley, and Grandad combined couldn't beat him until Riley smashed him in the head 3 times with lamps.
  • Weapons: Whatever he wants Bitch NIGCKAH
  • Lulz Rating: 10/1 (Logarithmic scale)
  • Action Rating: 9001/10
  • Thugnificent or you can call him by his government name: Otis Jenkins, is a former rapper who grew up in Georgia's WORST city: Terra-Belle. He was once rich enough to have multiple statues of him and a swimming pool with slides and 400 hoes but his career was ruined by Auto-tune and rap beef with a 15 year old nigga that "sounds like he got a nipple in 'is mouth".
  • Weapons: The Lethal Interjections
  • Lulz Rating: 9/11
  • Action Rating: 2/10

The Boondocks and The White Man

While the show started off as a preachy nigger loving circle jerk it quickly became an effective trolling effort against just about everyone , but especially blacks. The show while painting whites with a broad brush, shows nigger as overly indulgent, idiotic, false intellectuals, booty chasing, homophobic, closet-faggots who honestly shouldn't be able to function in daily life.White people have become the surrogate for black people as they are seen as relatively ignorant to the world around them and just wanting whats best for them. In fact the show rarely has a white antagonist and even then, they act like niggers.

The nigger behind the making of the show


Code Black
No Homo/Pause rules
Dick Ridin' Obama
Nigga Moments - Explained
Uncle Ruckus on Tiger Woods
LOL Fuck Britain

Rule 34

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