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The writer of the Black Sentinel.

The Black Sentinel is a racist blog written by a racist black woman who hates white people. Of course, since she is black, it's OK for her to be a racist because her ancestors had to pick cotton 200 years ago.

About The Black Sentinel

I am all over the place, being a black woman first and foremost, a mother of two boys and a damn good woman for my man. I have had to wade through a lot of poisonous waters to get to the point I’m at now. Finding a voice that I am just starting to use and be comfortable with and this is the forum I chose to exercise that voice. So bear with me as I explore all the different experiences, pains, and triumphs that make me who I am today.

I would like to write about whatever catches my fancy at the time, trying to concentrate on motherhood, blackness and spirituality (since I am learning about Orisa and my culture.) Hopefully as you read my raving and ranting you will find something here that you might be able to relate to as well.

Obviously, this niggerbitch has a serious case of unwarranted self-importance and needs to shut the fuck up.

Refuses to sing the Star Spangled Banner; Claims that black people are a Hitler-like superior race and should be handed everything.

Resident Evil 5

This game portrays the Africans as diseased, when we know that there is Aids which is a real problem there and the world seems to be ignoring the situation.

The game portrays a Caucasian in army fatigues as the so called hero or “savior” who is let loose to run roughshod over those diseased Africans. We know that there are people in the U.S. who are touting that in order to stave off AIDS we should start “exterminating” those with the disease in Africa.

The fact that they don’t give you any other choices for a hero except that of a white man. This is a very sensitive issue since the fact is that whites raped Africa of its people, land and natural resources. In fact they continue to rape and pillage Africa as we speak.

It doesn’t matter that they had already used whites and Spaniards as the zombies. There is no stigmatism in using white on white crime in a game. There is a sense of propaganda when young white children are exposed to the wonton killing of blacks or Africans for fun. The problem is that there is already a sense of privilege and the “I’m better than them” attitude that is instilled from early on by seeing the abhorrent treatment of blacks on television, movies, news and life in general.

So, basically the writer of the Black Sentinel believes that the zombies in Resident Evil have AIDS, and the game is propaganda that encourages kids to go to Africa and kill people with AIDS. And apparently, it's also okay to kill white people and Spaniards, but not niggers, because they are superior. Also, the only reason a white would kill darkies is because of ancestor rivalry and not because they're mutated man eating freaks.

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