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    User:Hipcrime/The 1000 Titles of Hipcrime

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    The Thousand Titles Of Hipcrime

    All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts...


    — William Shakespeare

    1. Duke of Dongs
    2. Emir of Erections
    3. Viscount of the Vas Deferens
    4. Reeve of Reacharounds
    5. Prince of Penii
    6. Baron of Balls
    7. Master of Members
    8. Sultan of Semen
    9. Squire of Scrotums
    10. Bishop of Barebacking
    11. Friar of Fisting
    12. Despot of Dicks
    13. Archangel of Anallingus
    14. Reclusiarch of Rectums
    15. Saint of Santorum
    16. Shogun of Shafts
    17. Deacon of Dicklicking
    18. Kaiser of Cockgobbling
    19. Earl of Ejaculate
    20. Captain of Cum
    21. Boyar of Buttsex
    22. Regent of Rimjobs
    23. President-Elect of Penises-Erect
    24. Pharaoh of Phallus
    25. Golden God of Gloryholes
    26. Chief of Chodes
    27. Owner of Orgies
    28. Aristocrat of Anal Sex
    29. Autocrat of AIDS
    30. Padre of Penetration
    31. Lieutenant of Lechery
    32. Overlord of Orgasm
    33. Tycoon of Testicles
    34. Father of Felching
    35. Count of Copulation
    36. Head of Harems
    37. Almighty of Assplay
    38. Potentate of the Prostate
    39. Reverend of Rent Boys
    40. Hierarch of Handjobs
    41. Holy Lord of Hairy Leatherboys
    42. Missionary of Masturbation
    43. Saviour of Sperm
    44. Brigadier of Bumholes
    45. Field Martial of Fapping
    46. General of GRIDS
    47. Hero of Homosexuals
    48. Sheikh of Scat
    49. Crown Prince of Cockteasing
    50. Professor of Piss-Play
    51. Doge of Debauchery
    52. Colonel of Cock-Worship
    53. Ba'al of Bears
    54. Emperor of Escorts
    55. Comte of Crackwhores
    56. Palatine of Prostitutes
    57. Sergeant of Saladtossing
    58. Wizard of Watersports
    59. Fraujaz of Fetishes
    60. Defender of Docking
    61. Fürst of Felines
    62. Hersir of Queer
    63. Marquis of Mating
    64. Gallant of Gayness
    65. Baig of Blowjobs
    66. Sawai of Sextoys
    67. Princeps of Prolapse
    68. Olympian of Oral
    69. Pope of Posteriors
    70. Dame of Dildos
    71. Bishop of Bath Houses
    72. Baroness of Bellends
    73. Daula of Deepthroat
    74. Prince-Bishop of Precum
    75. Secretary of Sex
    76. Demigod of Domination
    77. Duchess of Deviance
    78. Shah of Streetworking
    79. Vice-President of Vagina-Fear
    80. Totalitarian of Twinks
    81. Martyr of Menstrual-Crack
    82. Scion of Sucking
    83. Lord of Ladymen
    84. Allamah of AIDS
    85. Negus of Necrophilia
    86. Paramount of Penetration
    87. Principal of Pornography
    88. Jester of Jizzdrinking
    89. Commander of Condoms
    90. Bey of Buttfucking
    91. Detu of Dicktickling
    92. Vanquisher of Virginity
    93. High King of Hipness
    94. Burgher of Blumpkins
    95. Abolitionist of Abstinence
    96. Romancer of Rachel Maddow
    97. Caesar of Cleveland Steamers
    98. Terror to Teetotalers
    99. Vidame of Vices
    100. Seeker of Sin
    101. Grand Baron of Ball-Cupping
    102. Fellator of Filipino Ladyboys
    103. Hoarder of HIV
    104. Librarian of Licentiousness
    105. Buggerer of Boys
    106. Sifu of Spermatozoon
    107. Lapper of Love-juice
    108. Deputy of Dogging
    109. Enticer of Eunuchs
    110. Spirit of Seduction
    111. Chieftain of Cruising
    112. Manipulator of Meatus
    113. Despoiler of Diaperfurs
    114. Supplicant of Sodomy
    115. Ravager of Rectums
    116. Svengali of Smegma
    117. Antagoniser of Anal-passages
    118. Practitioner of Penis-Puppetry
    119. Advocate of Amyl-NitrateTemplate:Tm
    120. Bringer of Buttplugs
    121. Ambassador of Autofellatio
    122. Head-honcho of Head
    123. Pastor of Pillow-biting
    124. Scholar of Spunk
    125. Bachelor of Bestiality
    126. Viceroy of Vaseline
    127. High Mage of Hirsute Males
    128. Warrior of Willies
    129. Fondler of Firemen
    130. Archmagus of Assfucking
    131. Prophet of Penetration
    132. Rider of Ramrods
    133. Mangler of Manhoods
    134. Beadle of Breath-Play
    135. Justicar of Jap's-eyes
    136. Tsar of Tops
    137. Broker of Bottoms
    138. Master of Monglers
    139. Boss of Boners
    140. Dictator of Dicksucking
    141. Don of Dicktown
    142. Ace of Anal
    143. Consul of Cocks
    144. Praetor of Prolapse
    145. Minister of Meat
    146. Cardinal of Cornholing
    147. Pharaoh of Pozzing
    148. Bailiff of Ballsacks
    149. Arbiter of Assrammers
    150. Duke of Disease
    151. Assistant-Director of Anal-Dilation
    152. Sheriff of Shitstabbing
    153. Maharaja of the Money Shot
    154. Conqueror of the Clunge
    155. Ayatollah of Eye Doctors
    156. High Priest of Hard-ons
    157. Mayor of Munchcock
    158. Patriarch of Poop
    159. Fuhrer of Fartknocking
    160. Dean of Dirtboxes
    161. Guardian of the Holy Gonads
    162. Sovereign of Soggy Biscuits
    163. Dauphin of Daisychains
    164. Hierophant of the Hershey Highway
    165. Nabob of Knob-jockeys
    166. Grand Caliph of Hand-relief
    167. Mogul of Mudlove
    168. Commandant of the Coal-hole
    169. Pasha of the Pink Oboe
    170. Imam of Immorality
    171. Chancellor of the Chocolate Speedway
    172. CEO of Fellatio
    173. Shaman of the Shaft
    174. Curator of Cavities
    175. First Lady of Baby Gravy
    176. Governor of Buggery
    177. Knight of the Brown Cable
    178. Guru of the Glue Gun
    179. Monarch of Munging
    180. Doyen of Diphallia
    181. Godfather of the Gooch
    182. Tycoon of Teledildonics
    183. Warden of Whoredom
    184. Custodian of the Custard Cannon
    185. Leader of Licking
    186. Buccaneer of Bondage
    187. First Duke of Foreskin
    188. Pirate of Pubic hair
    189. Fellator of Feet
    190. Ruler of Rectums

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